Monozygotic Triplets

Identical triplets occur when a Morula or Blastocyte breaks into 3 Morulas, the resulting babies are all genetically identical. These are called Monozygotic Triplets.

Monozygotic siblings share a Placenta and may share other In-Utero features: Chorion, Amniotic Sacks, Themselves. These are the results of Cleavage at various times.

Cleavage at 0-3 days- separate Chorions and Separate Amniotic sacks.

Cleavage at 4-7 days-shared Chorion but separate Amniotic Sacks

Cleavage at 8-11 days- shared Chorion and shared Amniotic sack but separate selves

Cleavage at 12-15 days- The Embryo has already got a fully formed Embryonic Disk and Cleavage this late will result in Conjoined Babies

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Dec 13, 2012