My Best Friend And Twin Brother

I have a twin brother, we have always done everything together. Always able to read
each other with no problems. On september first we tried smoking weed Together for the first time and he had a crazy panic attack and ever since he has been so different, I feel like I lost my twin brother. :( no one will help him and I feel so sick seeing him like he is and we cant get help because he doesnt have health insurance. He lays in bed all day with severe head aches and bad panic attacks and anxiety
All the time. He talks like he is ready to give up after 4 months and I am too. I'm so depressed without my twin brother.
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3 Responses Jan 6, 2013

When one takes a substance that renders you out of control, you may leave yourself open for a spiritual attack, perhaps your brother needs prayer more than medical help. I hope I have been of some assistance and that your brother finds healing soon. I am engaged to an identical twin and they are very close, I know they would be devastated if something like this happened to one of them. Good luck and God Bless

Last night it has started to get bad again, he thinks he is going to die. We were driving and at a red light he started to panic and jumped out of the car...he would have never done something like that before.. We have been to many doctors, hospitals and pretty much everything. He has no insurance so most places or mental hospitals won't take him. My parents won't help so that is not an option. :(

I am "holding my brother's place" while he recovers from illness. Hang in there. Let him know you love him just as he is today and that you believe he can get well again. Then, take him to a doctor. He has had a very unusual response to smoking pot. I'm concerned for him.