Im An Idiot

Am an idiot in everything i do. Simple as that.
Smilz2012 Smilz2012
22-25, F
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<p>Idiot can't write poems and songs.<br />
I'm better idiot! Better than you! :)</P>


You are not an idiot :)

Ya i am!

Why you say that?

Bcuz..... I just know i am. I get mostly Fs in math. The rest i get As but i am very slow at figuring things out. And just everything

I was lousy at that stuff in school to, and I'm not an idiot! I never got A's in anything

But still i am

Trust me, you are not an idiot! I don't want to hear that again ok :)

But i am! Thank u though

You said it again! If you're an idiot? then I'm a complete moron! I was happy if I got a passing grade in school!

Same here in math!

Well.... Sorta.....

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