And the Day Was Going So Well . . .

This is why you start drinking after you go to the bottle shop.

Well actually I'm not going to blame this one on alcohol, I only had a glass or two of red before we went (yes, I know, me and that bloody red wine . . . again). As the topic says, I am an idiot.

We went to the bottleshop last night, my roomates, Liz and Sam my cousin, to get a few bottles of wine for the evening. Now as some justification, those aisles were really really narrow. I was browsing through the Cab Sav section when my rear end, being the terrible bastard that it is, knocks off two bottles of wine from the shelf behind. *smacks forehead*

But . . .

They did not break, they merely bounced a couple of times and then rolled around. So I picked them up and placed them back on the shelf, while the guy behind the counter and I have a bit of a joke and a laugh about it and how lucky I was.

So then I pick out two Cab Savs and a Merlot, take them up to the counter and pay for them. Just as I'm about to pick them up and head back to the car to have a heart attack, my phone rings. It is my cousin (who by the way was sitting not 10 metres away in the car) 'Liz wants a bottle of Shiraz' she tells me. ARRRGGH!

So then I go back into the aisle to grab a bottle of Shiraz (see if you can guess what comes next huh?) while I'm there my treacherous behind knocks another bottle of the shelf, but this time it completely shatters and red wine goes everywhere. I think the guy behind the counter was about explode because he didn't know whether to **** himself laughing or cry. So then I have to fork out anoth $14 for the broken bottle and however much Liz's bloody Shiraz cost and then left cause I wanted to get home as quick as possible so I could drink my hard earnt bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon, while all the way Liz and Sam are just laughing their damn heads off at me.

What's the moral of the story? Simple, DON'T BE AN IDIOT and ***** suck.

Oh the shame.

Deyve Deyve
18-21, M
3 Responses Jul 12, 2006

Yes, good writing. But I'm juuuust wondering about something.... I believe that in most retail stores, in the west at least, there are laws in place that say the merchant assumes the risk and is usually insured for accidental breakage. After all the merchant willfully put the products out on display in a public place and because he/she then taken it upon themselves to invite the public in, is therefore responsible for any damage that happens to the products as a result.

I can hear that shattering sound, and feel the embarrassment...great writing.<br />
Sorry about your bum, it seems to have a mind of its own!

hahaha! your stories are so funny i enjoy readin them! x