Live and Learn.

or in my case, just live.

i make the same mistakes over and over and over again.
it's like you know eating taco bell is going to give you the *****, but you do it anyways. why? because it's delicious.

it's the little things like that that get me all the time.

i know i should check my pants pockets before i put them in the wash, but i don't and run another thing of chapstick through the wash, ruining at least 5 things.

i know i don't want my car to get **** on, but why do i park under the damn tree every single ******* time. then, blame it on the stupid birds.

i know i shouldn't trow my phone, cause it'll break, but what do i do at least once a month? throw the stupid phone.

who knows. maybe someday, i won't be such an idiot.

and, i'm with a guy that's cheated on me hella times and gets mad when i just talk to other guys. yeah, i know. i'm an idiot.
lazyker lazyker
22-25, F
Jun 22, 2007