Brokenness and Junk

That's what I call my issues the things that make me imperfect and things that I want to change so I can be better. I don't believe I will ever look in the mirror and see a perfect person but  I know that as  I go through life I am getting better and I can understand others better.  

So I am okay not being 100% and I like that

Starbuck82 Starbuck82
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3 Responses Mar 3, 2009

perfection is a matter of perspective...<br />
<br />
In my shop (i am a florist) , people are always looking for the "perfect flower". <br />
<br />
As example..many clients belive that the more closed a rose, to fresher it is... <br />
<br />
i see perfection in a rose as it opens, blooms, ages and dies... in each step is perfect...

you'll die trying to be perfect if you do, i tell you.

I'm with seductivejoey! <br />
Personally being w/ a perfect woman would be exasperating. And where would the challenge be? LOL<br />
I like the women I am with to be just a bit crazy, (like me!)& no where near being perfect.