Purely Imperfect

I am imperfect because  I am a woman.

My hair doesnt always stay in a fashionable style.

My lips dont always have a coat of shimmer nor shine.

My measurements do not line up in the image of a hour glass. 

My ideal of a nice dinner is not a salad. 

My temper isnt always nice. 

My laugh isnt cute. 

My smile dont always show on my face. 

My eyes arent big and brown. 

My  legs arent made for a ******** pole. 

My  soul is not simple.

My heart is caring, not cold.

The imperfect woman I am is the only pureness I have come to know.


ThaLonelyStoner ThaLonelyStoner
22-25, F
3 Responses Mar 19, 2009

you really have a gift. putting the truth into a way that is not harsh. people respond to it, to you.

Sounds pretty good to me................ A perfect woman just as a prefect man would be impossible to be around

Actually, you sound like the perfect woman!