No Fear!

I have many imperfections ... but it's our quirks and little bits of damage and impurity that make us interesting surely?  Who wants perfect?  Perfect means don't dare touch ... and I've never wanted to be on a pedestal for anyone!!

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I totally agree...

thanks ladee!! everyone is being so nice to me today - must be my birthday lol!!

That's such a lovely compliment Josie - thank you.

Imperfect, we all are.<br />
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You my friend are still a role model for some of us. Your friendship and your example are heart-warming.

so am I polly!! we can just be ourselves!

Thanks polly and mizz. I think often women put a lot of pressure on themselves too though which doesn't help the situation. I have been guilty of that myself in the past.

I agree with much of what has been written. We are all imperfect, female and male. Our imperfections, our contradictions,the different facets of our inner and our outer, it makes us what we are. I agree with Blondevixen, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and beauty is inextricably bound up by the psyche. I also agree that there is too much pressureon women to aim for some sort of unattainable 'perfection'.<br />
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Definitely LV.

I totally agree with you, imperfection makes the difference

haha ... no fun at all sylph .. that's why I don't wish for classic perfection ... happy the way I am. I agree with Lilly on that one ... it does make absolute sense!

Lilly once said to me, "It's the imperfections that makes you perfect". I like what she said and holds real bearing. You are as perfect as any Bliss can be. :)<br />
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"Perfect means don't dare touch".........uhm, that's not fun at all. haha ;)

thanks txwoman and polly ... better with age ... definitely ... haha

You're probably right pix ... a lot of women have insecurities stemming from the way they look compared to someone else for instance - I have to say that I don't really do that any more, I think when you reach a "certain age" you can relax and hopefully be more confident about the way you look - that's why I say that if people don't like my imperfections, then tough! I have no desire to look like a 25 year old ... there's no point trying to achieve the impossible! I just try to look the best I can - I'll be 54 next week ... I put no pressure on myself to be anything other than what I am!

I think women are much harder on themselves about trying to reach perfection and men simply don't even think that way. I have to constantly remind myself of this fact and I know it stems from insecurity and comparing myself to someone who I've placed on a pedestal.

thanks ladyA ... haha ... yes, just have to keep taking the meds and I'll be fine (joking!). Ooh you have me intrigued as to who you might think has me on a pedestal ... what a lovely thought (what a hypocrite I am! - haha ... you see - told you I was imperfect!)

True enough bv... it would be hard to get agreement on what is perfect anyway! I just know I'm not it! But, I'm happy enough with the way I am and if anyone else isn't then that's tough really isn't it?!

haha ... thanks wg ... yes, balance is always good.

But ive thought about this so many times befor, what is perfection? I am a firm beliver that beauty IS in the eye of the beyolder. Whats beautiful to one aint to the other, i do however agree that some women are undoubtedly pretty like for instance Cheryl Cole who could possibly argue she isnt attractive? But i agree the imperfections give us character. I wanted my nose doing and my partner was dead against it saying he loved my cute ski slope nose, while i hate it.

Imperfections are good for making us unique but Bliss, I don't think it's the imperfections that make you interesting. And I guess there needs to be a balance between good vs bad traits if people are to accept our imperfections :)