My Limited Sex Life

My sex life is a more pedestrian affair with highlights provided by humiliation or domination by a suitably scornful female. Usually my sex life involves quiet lovemaking and tender moments... Women don't want me to grab their hair and **** them doggy style. From me they seek oral pleasure and return it in kind or with manual relief. This is a turn on for me as their hands are usually bigger than my penis and I can fantasize that they are simultaneously being ****** by a stud from behind... The juxtaposition of this large penis fantasy and my small penis reality is delicious at times...

For the most part my sex life with my girlfriend is ok though not focussed on penetration. I usually bring her off with my fingers or Tongue. She then either wanks or sucks me. She does allow me to penetrate her and come inside her but is relatively passive and quiet when I do so. I get the impression it does nothing for her and she is just patiently waiting for me to finish.

When we make love we sometimes try out new positions but in most cases are restricted by my penis size. Tricia likes to be penetrated from behind but she needs to be on her knees at exactly the right height for me to be able to reach her ***** and penetrate it. I cannot penetrate her from behind if she lies on her belly and opens her legs, my penis is simply to short to reach, just teasingly touching her labia... I also cannot penetrate her side by side as again I cannot reach. Missionary only works if she draws up her knees and in some cases when she tires and lets her legs fall, it immediately makes my penis fall out of her *****.
We once tried the sitting position with me in a chair and Tricia straddling me but again the tip of my penis would not reach inside her only barely touching her labia.
Pretty much the only manageable position is when she lies on her side and lifts her uppermost leg allowing me to straddle her lowermost leg and penetrate her. This aligns my groin perfectly and allows me to penetrate her with about three inches of penis.
andydu andydu
Jul 18, 2010