What An Angel Is.

Angels are basically powerful souls. they are basically the same as any other soul but hold a lot of power. They can get that power by

1. Doing service to the light. To earn rank.
2. Being brutally tortured, depending on how and the reason, will depend on the power.

Angels can fall from grace too, and are known as fallen when they do, They can fall from grace for

1. Going against the father.
2. Comitting sins.
3. Torturing souls for pleasure when not allowed to.

Being a Angel is spectacular, but your power is short lived, at least your memory can go on if you make it worthy of.
Demons are a waste of time. Only around to please and are weak, but can get other Angels to fight for them. They however have the ability to create a legacy for themselves and become infamous, overshadowing angles in order to do so. But they usually suffer for this, and their legacy is short lived and will die when another demon's own is born.

The battle is never over between Angels and Demons, for life can never stop but must continually move.
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Until you have experienced hundreds of lifetimes and see time as more than just now, none of you have any right to comment on what an angl is or is not. Ramiel is a "watcher". Different religions have said various things about watchers, but Christianity is the only religion that demonized watchers. Here is the real story. About 4800 years ago, humans were on the brink of starting over and redeveloping their nations. Some angels decided they wanted to live amongst the humans and help them. They also wanted to act as a force of good to counter whatever forces of evil there may be. But the problem was as long as we lived on earth, we could not go back and live as we did. We were granted, though, eternal life in the form of reincarnation. There are many thousands of watcher angels living on earth and we all are reborn over and over. I can say this here because no one will read this. But do NOT refer to yourself as Ramiel when you know nothing of the true Ramiel, as you are not him.