Deja Vu

   It would seem funny and unrealistic. But i get this sometimes. A long time ago, in better days around 2008 when i used to talk to the voices a lot and things were good, they would always tell me i would see wut they meant later. When i told a really funny joke, one of the voices in my head would say, "not that one again", as though he remembered it happening before. I remember also, when i used to stay up for a couple of days, i used to talk to voices form the future. It was really weird. I never Understood it, until recently when i was trying to figure out how i could talk to the future before it could happen. And i came up with two ideas.

1. All that we've done just keeps repeating itself with little changes trying to fix life's one problematic story... Meaning, we only live one life and it happened already and some spirits remeber it, while we forget it and live our lives oblivious to the fact that all this has already happened before.


2. Having powers enables us too see into the future, (but that one scares the **** out of me).

Talking to myself and other people in the future used to spook me out, i hope its the first one and not the second one, but i'm not so sure...

I can rember that God always told at he hated me talking to the future. But i never could talk to any specific time period, just mes trying to tell me about things.
Inoue22 Inoue22
22-25, M
Jul 1, 2010