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As some of you may or may not have noticed, I have not been posting stories since I returned to EP. I had grown tired of arguing over it, so I simply let it drop.
A friend of mine pointed out last night that, while we all do not agree, we should share our points of view so that new comers might be able to make the decision for themselves.
I decided that they were right. And with that in mind I have decided to post my some of beliefs and let you decide what is right for you…
First, you should know that I do not prescribe to the, much vaunted, beliefs of Doreen Virtue. Yes we agree on some thing, but on others, we do not. If you do agree with her, great for you, but to try and make everyone believe that the world is a great big loving family and that one day we will all come together to give the universe a gigantic group hug is, in my opinion, dangerously naïve.
Everything is NOT peace light and love. There is a Cosmic War going on right now, as we speak.

Why can’t you see it?

Because you are blinded by the Illusion and don’t WANT to see it.
You want to think that, in the end, everyone is going to go back to the same source, they will return to the Father, God, Source, Goddess, Mother, whatever your preference.
But the ancient texts go against this completely. Every one, from many different religions, all say the same thing: Yes there is a time of great peace and happiness, but it is enjoyed by the survivors of the most destructive war that the universe has ever seen.
How do you put so much faith in being, like angels, which were brought to you by the texts of the Ancients, and then choose to ignore everything else they had to say?
Some of you say that truth is internal, and to some extent, that’s right. But there is also a UNIVERSAL truth. What is and isn’t. What can and can’t happen. You can’t CHOOSE to ignore that simply because you don’t like it.
Its like saying that the only reason that Angels carry swords is to cut the lines of Chakra?
Im sorry but that’s a complete and utter load of Chakra…
In every text I have EVER read, the Angel, no matter what the rank, is a messenger and WARRIOR for his or her particular deity. Yes, they have other duties, but THAT I what they are primarily here for.
“No, Abbadon, we’re here to help people.”
That’s fine.. I don’t have the time to put a human out if they were on fire. But if that’s what you want to spend your time doing, then do it. But don’t deny part of what you are.
Don’t turn yourself from a mighty warrior of your Creator, to this mamby pamby nanny for mankind.
“Its all about love Abbadon.”
You are SO rght.. But do you know what one of the best parts of Love is?
Passion for what you believe… Passion for what you want.. Passion for those you love..
You may have all the Love in the world… but I have seen very few that actually show PASSION..
If one of you were one of MY guardian angels? I think I would want a refund…
“A Dark Spirit tried to do me harm… My Guardian Angel wanted to help out by hugging him.. But then the Dark Spirit took my Angel’s chakra cutting sword and shoved it where the sun doesn’t shine.”
Open your eyes… If you have question.. Ill do what I can to answer..
Ill reference the texts so you can check it out for yourself..
But PLEASE..quit following the Path of the Pansy quite so closely…
If you don’t agree… Hey its your right.. You believe how you want to believe…
I was just trying to pass the message.. You don’t have to hear it if you don’t want to

If Im wrong.. I look like a paranoid fool... But at least I was prepared...

If Im right...
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Haha.. Truer words may never have been spoken.

God bless you, Grim.

Friends or enemies, agree or disagree, you have always been true and honest in yourself.

I appreciate that

Thank you

That is entirely possible.

And an interesting theory that has piqued my curiosity.

we were old all along, we just act young sometimes to help the young along......

True, Grimkatze.

But it has to be done in stages.

If all you know is sunshine and flowers, then a thunderstorm really gets your attention.


Sometimes, if that's all you know, you can become numb to the hardest of hits.

And it's that light brush of fingertips on your skin that wakes you.

Let's take you for example.

When you were all thunder and lightning you were just another verbal warrior to fight

But, while you and I still have fire in us, it was when those words softened to have a bit more understanding, from both you and I, that the fight became a discussion.

With actual listening and exchange...

Are we getting old?


I wonder about the seals getting put on us, that we put on ourselves... maybe we did it for a specific time span on our journeys.... knowing we would help this or that kind of people by being this or that kind of way in a specific time gap....

I'm looking back on this story....

Man I was angry back then.

But I'll leave it because, quite frankly, it did strike up a healthy debate.

Some of my beliefs have matured since then...

But at its heart...

Still something to be considered.

Thanks for listening..

we hate injustice of any kind, but sometimes to ward off injustice we have to USE A HARD HAND... being harsh to someone can be seen as an ACT OF LOVE if it serves a challenge to make them a better or stronger person as well... LOVE DOES NOT ALWAYS come in SOFT TOUCHES... Sometimes a severe challenge from GOD is A GREAT ACT OF LOVE on His behalf...

ANGELS have no free will when it comes to protecting someone,

or to give a message...

but they have a choice on how to deliver that message or how to protect...

as long as they do what they must,

it does not matter how,

as long as the end purpose is met.

they always know what they must do,

not necessarily HOW...

thus they will do anything possible to get it done.

I would like to point out to brooklynchick that MILLIONS of people around the world believ the same way or a variation of what we believe. We just happen to be in the minority here.

Judging from what you have written, you seem to think that you are mentally and morally superior to all of us. Since we are simply "pretending to be a band of angels".

Congrats on the enormity of your ego.

You are a sad close minded (in agreement with Touchthysoul) biggot.

wow brooklynchick im impressed. its been a long time since ive seen as big of an arrogant biggotted piece of crap as you. you come into the group for people who believe in incarnated angels and want to start trying to run down their beliefs? if you dont believe it why did you even come in here?

do you go into churches and start stuff with people there too? how about temples? or mosques?

i dont believe the way they believe. but i dont try to pick them apart for it.

its called religious freedom.

abbadon may be too nice to point it out but im not. youre a biggot. just like someone who judges others because of the color of their skin or someone who persecutes others due to religion.

how does it feel to be right up there with a neo nazi?

they come here to talk about the things they believe. not have idiots like you attack them for it.

people like you make me sick

Actually what I have said was that I am open to debate... and that you have the right to believe what you want to believe.

But I mean an open debate.. not just a you trying to convince me of you being right.. you must be open to listen as well

I have always said that.

But coming in and trying to trash me or my beliefs isnt debate.. thats picking a fight.

You have no idea of my theological background either and quite frankly, it is a bit absurd for you to act as if you KNOW everything, unless of course you are trying to state that you are the Creator.

Why would I need to save face?

Im just presenting what I believe..

You cant make me lose face simply because you dont agree with my beliefs...

You may not agree.. but then I have always said you have that right...

I dont assume you are a Christian...

I dont assume youre anything...

I made that statement about sunday school, but actually that was more because , before I started to read and expand my beliefs, that was my personal background. People relate to others from there own personal experiences..

If it didnt aply to you.. so what?

I was making a point.. not an assumption about your beliefs..

So really?

Dont try to twist what I say into what you want it to mean...

You are right... Nothing I say is of any consequence to you.. Nor is anything you say of consequence to me...

Tread lightly?


Because if I dont, you and others like you with try to trash me?

Or is this because, in your beliefs that I will be going to Hell or some other really terrible punishement?

Either way... I dont care

Quite frankly.. your threats mean nothing to me..

And not because Im an I/A but simply because quite frankly Im a grown man who is expressing my beliefs and the last thing that scares me is someone who cant handle someone else having different veiws, so they resort to this kind of tactic.

Its something I have had to deal with for most of my life.

And for as far as what I am ready for... you would be quite amazed at what I have studied, seen, and experienced.

You have no clue what I am "ready" for or have moved past.

You dont know me at all..

So you dont agree with me?

Fine.. you dont have to

You dont agree with my beliefs or the beliefs of those in this group..

Good for you.. Move to a different group

But quite frankly.. if you are trying to intimidate me because you think, simply because I dont agree with you on certain issues, that I am unread and uneducated in theology, religion, mythology, or anything you might want to discuss...

Then it is you who are making a bad assumption...

You say the anger comes from inside me? I do have anger in my heart... but not because of you.. You and your opinions dont mean that much to me

I am not afraid.. of you.. or anyone..

Good save of face but not impressive. It is obvious you and your friends are having fun pretending you are a band of incarnated angels. That is of no conseaquence to me. I simply was interested by the fact you do not use a proper name. It would not be YOUR choice. Angels do not possess freedom of choice. Nor do they possess the ability to herald there OWN opinions. I know exactly who Abaddon is and the function, biblically speaking. You have no idea of where you speak when you say "because you went to Sunday school"... you have no idea who or what I am nor do you know my theological background. As for your friends, no one disputed your right as a human to have an opinion nor did anyone argue it. You assume I am Christian, I did not say what or who I am. Tread lightly my young friends. The game you play is a dangerous one indeed. Where you find anger and inuendo is within your own comments and heart. Fear not, I will not interrupt your little game again with an informed question. It is very apparent you are not ready.

Acutally, I chose to spell it this way.. though I am aware that some spell it Abaddon and some spell it Apollyon...

I am also aware that depending on the book you read the "Angel of the Bottomless Pit" is called such because he is the one responsible for opening the Pit in which Iblis (Or Satan as you probably call him) will be imprisoned for a thousand years... He is also the one who grabs Satan and throws him into this pit..

Very much in line with the commandments of the Father..

If you were the Biblical Scholar that you try to portray yourself to be... you would know that..

If you want to debate Biblical or , for that matter, any type of ancient religious lore.. I welcome the oppurtunity..

But if youre going to come on and try to make it look like you know something because you dont agree with my spelling of my name.. then perhaps you should let this one go...

I will be the first to say that I do not know everything.. But if you want to flame me.... you better have the information to back it up..

And by the way.. just because you went to sunday school doesnt mean you know enough to back it up..

As far as my spelling of Abbadon

Its called a personal choice.. a preference...

Much like your beliefs..

They are your preference..

But it does amaze me that folks who speak of light and love... of turning the cheek and forgiveness... of loving your enemy ..

You seem to be slinging a lot of anger and innuendo...

I made it clear that this was MY beliefs.. MY opinion..

I also made it clear that you dont have to agree...

If I believed, why would I listen to the angel of the bottomless pit? We are directed to never listen to such tripe from the mouth of the evil destroyer. And by the way, you spelled your own name wrong. If you are an incarnated angel you would know that.

You're Welcome...

I have believed in Incarnated Angels for a long time. I read every book I could get my hands on, but it never seemed to 'sit right'. Something always seemed to be missing from the story. This is the first outlook that actually made sense to me.

Thank you for sharing, Abbadon.

Grace unto you.


As I said before.. you are welcome to believe as you will.

But I do not agree that reality rises from only one's self, but there are many things I dont agree with..

For your sake.. I hope your right..

But if your not..

well Abbadon, don't worry, i'm sure you will have your war and fight it with honour if that's what you want. It seems to me like you're looking forward to it. Fortunately for the ones who don't want war, the only universal truth is that everyone creates their own reality. there is no one shared universe "out there", there is only one living consciousness that arises in us as spirit/higher mind and manifests itself in as vibration in physical form as everything around us in what might be parallel universes or timelines. Now you are free to argue against this and point out your own opinion. But so far, this suggestion satisfies me greatly, and it brings me joy. Personally, i can't understand why anyone would want to not experience joy in their life, but i don't think it's even possible for my mind to understand everyone's point of view.

So I say, I'm absolutely sure and happy that great destruction and the war is coming for YOU, if you want it to. I don't believe it, because I'm free to choose my beliefs and i don't want to live in fear cos it sucks. I've done that for way too long, and i'd rather have fun for the rest of my life.

stay blessed,

Syvilla <3