The test

This is supposedly the "test" to tell what you are that is written in one of the books by a very popular I/A author.
It is supposed to tell you what you are.. or could possibly be.. but it seems awfully vague to me..

1. I tend to easily put on extra weight, or I'm currently overweight.
(Hmm .. Nope.. Im actually pretty fit. Go to the gym every day)

2. My past or current love partners are addicts or alcoholics.
(None of your business)

3. I rarely break a rule.
(Depends on whose rules you are referring to)

4. I have a hard time saying no.
(Depends on who I am talking to)

5. I highlight, color, or bleach my hair.
(NO... Never.. I would set my head on FIRE first)

6. I would prefer to help someone one-on-one, rather than in a group setting.
(Actually.. I prefer them getting off their backside and doing it for themselves... But I don't mind guiding them a little bit)

7. Truth to be told, I like animals or plants much better than I like people.
(Very true)

8. I have Celtic origins, or I look Celtic (that is, I have reddish hair, or a ruddy complexion).
(I'm Irish... but then.. who isn't nowadays?)

9. I constantly play practical jokes.
(Do I seem like the practical joke type?)

10.I'm quite the mischief maker, and seem to have a persistent twinkle in my eyes.
(This could apply...You would have to ask my friends)

11.I'm fiercely independent and don't like following rules or authority.
(Again.. depends on whose rules or authority)

12.My finances seem to be either feast or famine.
(I'm comfortable)

13.I don't like being the center of attention, and I'm usually a wallflower at social functions.
(Hahaha.. No)

14.I've always believed in, or been interested in ET's or UFO's.
(A little..)

15.I'm compulsively thoughtful toward people, whether they express appreciation or not.
(No.. not always)

16.I conduct Reiki or other forms of energy or hands-on-healing.
(No I dont)

17.My life's mission is more important than getting married and having children.
(Nope. I would love to have a family.)

18.I really would like to go home now, because I know that Earth isn't my home.
(Depends on when you ask me, sometimes I am very happy where I am. Other times, I am DESPERATE to go back)

19.I had a life-changing experience, such as a serious accident or near-death experience.

20.In the past, I was so miserable that I wanted to die and seriously considered (or attempted) suicide.
(None of your business)

21.I have changed my first name, or I am strongly considering doing so.

22.My family and friends remark, "You're different now.There's something about you that's not the same."
(They have been saying that my whole life. So what exactly am I different from?)

23.I have made, or am making, drastic changes to many areas of my life simultaneously (such as moving, changingjobs, and divorcing) all at once.
(I have)

24.I have deep spiritual knowledge that didn't come from any books or teachers.
(True too.. but I have a lot form books as well)

25.Even though I know I'm different from other people, I still enjoy the company of others and get along pretty well with most people.
(Depends on the people)

26.I know that I have magical abilities,which are untapped right now.
(Who said they were untapped?)

27.I have strong past-life memories or interests concerning Arthurian or Atlantean times.
( I have memories going back before that)

28.I believe that I was burned at the stake, or killed in some other way, during the witch hunts or Inquisition.
(I have thought that)

29.I have studied Tarot cards or astrology.

30.I'm very drawn toward Earth-based spirituality, such as shamanism or full-moon ceremonies.

According to these answers.. including the ones I didn't tell you... I could easily fit into MOST of these groups.. As would most people ..

I could be wrong.. But I'm of the opinion that this "test" is nothing more than a ploy to sell books...

You want to know if you are an I/A?

Im not going to tell you how the scoring works on this thing.. but youre more than welcome to look it up for yourself...

My opinion?

This test can't tell you... Only inner searching and research can..
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the site u got this off of includes characteristics for incarnated angels, incarnated elementals, and starseeds.

God's Spirit flows through all,<br />
in my opinion we are all messengers,<br />
no matter what we believe we are,<br />
and these buying books thing to tell people they are special,<br />
well that just throws a shadow over other people and things GOD created with a purpose as well,<br />
if stuck to these books and new age labels,<br />
then we cannot see GOD'S PURPOSE behind other things...<br />
because we get too stuck on "indigo/starseed/IA" to see other things as valuable too....<br />
because in people who do not know of such things there lies something SPECIAL and worth much too.........

Hello Abbadon,<br />
<br />
You're right. The "IA" test you wrote about has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not you're an Incarnated Angel. It is an incorrect and meaningless test. I know this because I am the Angel Reader / Angel Medium that Archangel Michael first revealed the concept of Incarnated Angels to, and I was commissioned by him to spread the news to individuals who he told me were Incarnated Angels. When I first wrote about this in 1998 and published my article, "Victory of the Angels" in a metaphysical magazine called The Higher Source, the publisher was so amazed by the topic, she applauded me for my bravery in publicly revealing this highly controversial concept. The article has been published many times since in numerous metaphysical publications.<br />
<br />
Since my article, "Victory of the Angels" was published, another author took the concept and ran with it. The problem, however, was that she invented things that simply were not true, and thus twisted the truth--resulting in a great deal of confusion. If you would like to read my original article, just Google "Victory of the Angels"<br />
<br />

There is nothing to apologize for.<br />
<br />
You made some valid points and said things that needed to be said.<br />
<br />
No matter what your beliefs at the ba<x>se of it we are all still human beings and hiding behind the veil of being "special" will not take away from you still just being human.<br />
<br />
I appreciate your input.

I am sorry, but I am rather appalled at these claims/proofs of "being an angel incarnate." Looking celtic?? Trying to commit suicide?? COME ON now.... really??? I mean, really??? .....<br />
<br />
I do not think there is ANY sort of proof if you are or aren't something. There may be certain traits (higher spirituality, spiritual POWERS, etc, that a norman person would not have)... <br />
<br />
And also, I dislike the idea that most people or people who see themselves as these "sentient beings" whether it is an angel, vampire, were, etc. often disassociate themselves with "humans." YOU ARE STILL HUMAN, but you have a gift..... that is all. That gift, whether it is lycanthropy, being a vampire, or angel incarnated as a human... you ARE still typically HUMAN.<br />
<br />
-sighs- I do apologize for this, but some of these matters upset me. I at one point thought maybe I had angelic wings. I just thought I was disillusioned and ignored it. -shrugs- Also, I have been plagued in the past by constant demonic attacks. I actually prayed to god to take some of my POWERS AWAY if it meant getting rid of the demons. And HE did, and it helped. I also peformed an exorcism on my home and myself, and that got rid of most of my demons. But I also have a wolf side to my personality... go figure. I do not believe I am a werewolf or incarnated angel, or anything of the like, however. I have a wolf side, I embrace her, and I have some divine gifts (closeness to God, and I can perform exorcisms... and I seem to be able to cast demons away easily. Dunno why??) Also demons hate me. I used to get attacked frequently when my powers first awakened. But I am not bragging... far from it.<br />
<br />
Anyway.... enough ranting. May God Bless you all, and please, never think of anything of yourself other than what you are. BE PROUD of it. Be proud to be here on Earth, as a human being, created in HIS IMAGE... and just enjoy life, love, and give unconditionally. That is the best gift you can do to yourself. I figure, if I am an angel, were, or whatever... God will show it to me. I am not going to go SEEKING it out. That could just lead me into the ACCULT and away from the TRUTH. If I am something special, let GOD himself show me.<br />
<br />
Amen to you all. And peace be with you.

I agree with you Abbadon. It is a marketing ploy. There is more than good research and meditation that can tell you what you really are

I know which author it is you mean. I can only say that I have not read her work, nor taken any of these tests. I do not particularily believe things such as these should be taken as an accurate assessment of what a person is or isn't.<br />
<br />
Having said that, I am glad this information is out there in a way. Very, very little about the subject of incarnate angels has been available. Back when I began to awaken, I searched for answers. Everything I got my hands on would only say it was all an impossiblity. Mostly it wasn't discussed at all, even.<br />
<br />
And it may be that some might be mislead into thinking they may be something they are not. But I say whatever... let them think whatever they wish to think... no skin off my back. I also tend to think that anyone who takes such a test might probably have an inkling to begin with. For instance, maybe there is something inside telling them the truth of what they are already, and then they locate something that says it is possible, maybe even likely. <br />
<br />
True, I agree that the questions are rather vague and should be taken with a grain of salt. But maybe people take these tests because they already have reason to suspect what they are. And if a few people wonder if they are something they are not.. well I don't see the harm to me personally as a result of that. If someone is going to blindly follow a vague test like that without seriously questioning the truth of what they are, well, I suppose that's a shame. People ought to listen to and follow their own heart before a book or a test. But I'm still greatful that at least someone is talking about the subject. <br />
<br />
So even though I don't consider myself a fan of the work you are talking of (but maybe if I actually read it I could find more value in it, to be honest,) I still applaud her.