My First Monthly Human Form!

My Message:Dear ones,Remember what you came here to do.Before you incarnated you signed the contract and you worked with your guardian angels.Remember to give love to humanity even though they might get on your nerves sometimes,still love them and treat them how you would want to be treated.Look up into the nights sky beloveds and think to yourself how you could make this lifetime worth living,think about it beautiful angels,allow the power of love to flow inside of you and light you up bright.Show others you're divine light and love,shine through them and awaken.The end of days are near beloveds,the end will come soon dear angels of god and we will fight against evil and we WILL win! Good always wins and evil always loses...Have faith and believe in yourself when you are feeling down,Have faith in your angels,guides and god.

In Love & Light~I AM Archangel Raphael/Rebekah <3333

Also,What do you think of this video what I made on youtube yesterday
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Baby Archangel Raphael lol
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Jul 14, 2010