The Story Of Twin Souls.

Now this is my first entry on this experience though i have been here awhile. i was told this story by my angel. She showed me what happened also. this was some of my first memories dating back to the creation of angels in Heaven. this is not a creation of mine. I am sorry that i do not remember all of the names but please just read for the main point. 

I will start at the fall of the angels and jump around from there. 
throughout this story when i say partner i mean twin flame, such as Gabriel-Hope, Zadkiel-Holy Amethyst, Jophiel-Christine, except these are the groups before the fall.

The first angel had rebelled in the kingdom and I and a few others were called to the presence of the Lord. We were told that sin had entered the souls of our fellow angels, and sin was spreading. we were to stop it. the AA's were sent out to try and calm the lower worlds and to stop any angels that were going on a rampage at that time. The group split up into teams of two, and we went to do our work. After a time my partner separated from me and so after finishing the work that had been assigned to me i went to speak with God about the current predicament, and reasons why my partner had split away from me. After speaking with Him for awhile we got onto the subject of why my partner had been acting strange. He told me that at least one in each group of angels had succumb to sin, and joined in the rebellion. He then told me that my partner was one of them. I thanked Him for the information and flew off to find her. 

I came to a place that looked like present day Winona, Minnesota and there i found my partner and a fallen AA speaking. the way i knew was because his white wings had turned black and decayed.  It seemed that he was pushing her to take part in the rebellion, At that moment I made my move, I made my presence known he turned to me laughing saying "I wondered when you would show your sorry a**, let me show you the true power of our rebellion!" He stuck the ground with his sword and crawling out of the ground came a giant skeleton with horns, and the structure of wings made from bones on his back. I later found that this was a Skeletal Titan (a creature made when an angel falls and is swallowed completely in sin). after defeating this titan, my left shoulder was broken and my arms were covered in cuts, i was just barely able to defeat the fallen, and speak to my partner. As we started to walk i thought to myself that something was about to go wrong, but i somewhat shook the feeling away. I took two steps and saw a dagger coming through my stomach, i turned and saw that my partner's wings looked like the fallen's and she began to kick me around. in a last resort i wrapped both of us in my wings and kept her confined so i could rest. She asked me this question
"Do you know why i did this?"
"No, would you like to explain yourself?"
"you've forgotten haven't you, Zadkiel. I will have to show you then. 

Everything went black

I was going back through my memories, back to where it all began. back when we were first made. 

I awoke on a small patch of cloud but everywhere around me were grasslands, and meadows. I looked like a 8 year old, and spoke as such. From the cloud there was a path that led to a kingdom like place, it is hard to explain in typing. as i got up i asked myself the usual questions someone would,  where am I, who am i, What am I, and who is that over there. i walked around my little patch of island and found a girl. more beautiful than i had ever seen (which isn't hard seeing as it was the only person i had ever seen). she looked as if she was 16. I woke her up and she asked me the same questions which i couldn't answer. we walked together, and came upon a large tablet in the ground with two pedestals on either side. The tablet read "Here are the fields of purification and plenty.  Birthplace of Zadkiel and Amethyst. the same names were on the pedestals too. so we decided that these were out names. as we walked we came across different tablets each was a different test. the first test was the test of mercy. After this was read animal after animal in  the food chain came out and started trying to eat each other. acting fast we stopped the animals and gave them a substitute food supply. at the end of this area was another tablet, it read "Why didn't you let them eat each other, they all thought they were superior to each other. then it listed the different animals and what they were doing, The fly thought it was superior to the spider because it could fly away, the spider thought it was better than the other animals because it could kill them with poison, the bird could eat the spider, and catch the fly, the snake could catch the bird, so on so for. etc. 
the answer we agreed on was simple. "No created being has more right to live than another." 
words formed at the bottom simply saying "Indeed"
the tablet moved away and we passed through. after quite a journey, we came across a field, surrounded by trees, and all roads that we could see led there. in the center of the field stood a man he didn't look old but he didnt look young. he had a long snow white beard and piercing silver eyes. He looked down at me and smiled saying "hello my boy, it looks like you've made a friend. he picked me up and put me on his shoulder. I looked around and saw all different angels coming from the different paths. This Man spoke to us saying "this is the land of the light it is known as Heaven. This is where we shall make the kingdom. this is where you shall learn. but first we must put you in your groups." A dark haired angel spoke out. "what about the pairs we already have? don't these work?" The Lord said "No, no, this shall not do. We must put you in your correct places for learning." some of the angels started speaking out, while others remained quiet. I didnt understand was i going to be pulled away from my only friend i knew? what was going to happen to me. I started to cry out to her, until i was put with one of the angels that spoke out, I stopped crying and began to grow, I grew to look about 17 years old. I asked God one last question, why were we in the starting pairs if they didn't mean anything. He answered solemly "you will see one day. "

I started going through all my different memories seeing all the different things that happened. at every turn there would be questions, wrong answers and right answers. seeing reason, and impossiblity, learning all there was to know about my position, and why things were the way they were. and i was back to where i was, wrapped in my wings seeing the one that i had once accepted to be my twin flame, the one that had spoken out against the Lord in the beginning, not believing that every being including humans had the same right to live as we did. then it hit me. God knew that the rebellion was going to happen that is why he put each of us with someone that wasnt our original pair. He did it to stop them. he choice an appropriate action, from the beginning. The now fallen angel started yelling at me. "Zadkiel, why don't you join us? We could overthrow him and take this world for our own. get rid of those humans. you could prove yourself to me and forget that other angel."
"I can't do that."
"I said i can't do that. you have gone against everything we have ever stood for since the beginning, and now you insult my first friend. You of all should know i usually show mercy, but you have gone too far."
filled with grief i ripped her to shreds with my wings and put her with the rest of the rebels. 

i returned to God and told him,"you were right, you were always right. she was planning to rebel from the start, she just was waiting for the right time. I also see why you put us as guardians for the future rebels. but there are some things i dont understand," "What is that my boy?" "All this destruction was created because of them, we will have to rebuild certain places, why make them in the first place? and what about our original pairs i never understood that" He stood up and started walking away, "you know the answer to the first question, besides they will serve a purpose one day just you wait. as for the second, follow me." we walked down many corridors, and eventually came to the meeting subrealms. He opened one and in the first room stood Michael. He looked at us with a smile and said "good afternoon, she's in there waiting for you." I asked who, and laughingly he said "your twin soul, the real one." I later found that Michael had known all along, just biding his time so that no one would suspect anything. I walked into the subrealm and saw my first friend, and that is where this memory ends.
True of many stories this one has a happier ending. things just happen for a reason for I am a being of freedom and mercy, I enjoy the freedom of my memories and i enjoy the fact that after having to go through such memories i can have a nice ending. please if you just want to bash me please show the rest of us some mercy and just send me a message. if you would like to debate something about this story go right ahead as long as it doesn't make the rest of us regret ever posting something. Thank you

as i regain more of my memories i will post them here as best as i can
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very interesting indeed. I have never been allowed to see such things only sense feel and hear. Thankyou for sharing this.

Or.. she could just mean... Huh?

Huh: Used to express interrogation, surprise, contempt, or indifference.