The Truth

I am sometimes frustrated by those who say, "There is no truth except for the one we find within ourselves."

I don't know how this can be so.

It is like saying, "Oh just believe whatever you want. You cant be wrong."

I say if you believe in everything.. it is the same as believing in nothing.

You do this so that you cannot be challenged in your own beliefs by those who believe differently. Because you would rather say that everyone is right than to stand up for what YOU think is right.

It is a cowards way out, in my opinion
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I wrote this in the fallen angel group after seeing too much love and lighters speaking of some oneness yet judge the HELL out others and their beliefs, how does that work huh? they should tolerate then everyone's personal truths no?:

"I see too much judging of other people's beliefs in the IA GROUP and not listening really, not taking any of it for themselves, just judging the hell out of people without REALIZING that if all is REALLY ONE then all BELIEFS AND RELIGIONS must be part of the ALL that should be taken into regard, even so the individual beliefs of each person is not without WORTH, if all is truly connected then all beliefs lead to another clue or puzzle piece of the Great Mystery."

abba sorry for hi-jaking your posts but I BELIEVE the earthy person needs to LEARN SOMETHING AND I HOPE SHE SEES THIS TOO:

... lexi and I have been talking:

in order to see the WHOLE one must accept all parts and aspects of a thing,
so in order to see the ONENESS one must be willing to learn from each limb that connects the body of CHRIST,
WITHOUT getting a defective spiritual body yourself,
if you are not willing to see the WHOLE you leave a gaping hole open for yourself,
to keep on judging each part without seeing the bigger picture.

THERE is a zen quote stating: do not look through the doughnut hole forgetting about the whole dougnut.

...she also speaks of a stillness of mind going on,
well you cannot HAVE TRUE PEACE IF YOU just don't let it all go and be as it is,
well I have to say thank you to the "earth person" for teaching me this and at least if she can't practice what she preach,
others can do it for her!!!!
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ARE you a stupid girl or what, really? If you can't read between the lines then you must SUCK AS A PHILOSOPHER, she referred to me in various other stories as "A BULLY" get your facts straight and stop whining around, it is a thing between me and her, you won't understand and if YOU HAVE BEEN REALLY FOLLOWING WHAT she has been writing you would STOP JUDGING ME AND SEE THE ROOT OF TRUE BITTERNESS IN THIS FORUM.

... you are really DAFT VAPPLE, now stay out of my business if you can't follow!!!

CORRESPONDENCE between me and earthhealer, comments which she later deleted but which I posted as a reply on ladyoftheheart's post, if she wants to MAKE OTHERS FACE UP TO THEIR MISTAKES, i think it is time she better start facing up to her own UGLY NATURE:

EarthHealer SAID:

“I did not commit suicide as was suggested by our Messenger of the Truth – I am still here and a pain in her side”
8 minutes ago

mystikBold REPLIED:

yeah earth "healer" I think you are a pain in your own side!!!!
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mystikBold REPLIED:

you wanted me to COMMIT SUICIDE AND MOVE OUT OF THIS GROUP, you bullied me... attacked me, and took it too far just couldn't get enough could you, so much for your love and light, and angel of peace bogus, but thanks for the lessons you taught me.... when it comes to the "wonderful new age", btw the GOLDEN AGE IS NEARING, SINCE THE 60s MIND YOU, how do you feel about the END OF THE WORLD HAPPENING? Yet in spite of the AGE OF PEACE you still ATTACK PEOPLE you claim to LOVE in the name of the great new age. what is up with that?

RE vapple you clearly know nothing about the human nature nor what goes on between people on this forum:<br />
<br />
VenusappleDid you read the story "angel with no limbs"? Its about a guy, nick voinick (something like that) that is born without legs and arms... There is no mention of you... Its an story about a guy that is pursuing is dreams in life, with this hard handicap. It has nothing to do with you...18 minutes ago Reply ..@vapple you are daft, I can read between the lines, she has been doing this thing for over three years now, this is how she conceals her own "bullying of others"... To make it less evident, you clearly don't know how it works in this forum, I've been here longer than you to know better!!!

Well anyway I did not see any link at all with you when I read it...

To bully is to constantly MOCK and harass someone,
To call them names,
And not to initiate any spiritual talk,
Not talk about spiritual matters,
Not to question what is happening,
But just to lash out attacking people.
Before someone calls someone with good intentions to HELP people,
They must first look at what the person is attempting...
What I see from the "earth" person is sheer ignorance and immaturity,
She only attacks and mocks people,
She is incapable to engage in any mature spiritual conversation as to why things are and why they are not,
She would rather think like the rest than to make her own deduction of FACTS,
She would rather believe like the rest to LOOK GOOD to get some attention she otherwise does not get in real life,
To be a mindless groupie to someone else's beliefs without being able to think for yourself means she wants to FIT IN,
And would rather cheer on lies than stand up and fight for what is right as an individual,
I guess when one is so desperate to FIT in or belong somewhere or to be accepted by PEOPLE and not loved by GOD/absolute truth,
You would believe any BS as long as it makes you look good amongst other people,
Yet this is an act of ignorance to seek to blend in and not to stand out as in individual,
It means that you would rather believe as others do than to WALK YOUR OWN SPIRITUAL journey with GOD,
Truth be told you can read the books and experiences of other people denoting their relationship with God but you CANNOT make it your own,
For you have to go on your own journey with God to really understand HIM,
To live off of the experiences of others is not to KNOW HIM,
But a fear to break away from man/people to embrace HIM.
You won't find God amongst a herd of man...
You have to break away from the herd to really KNOW HIM,
As such no one can talk about God or spirituality as some authority when they lack a personal experience with GOD,
The beliefs of others won't bring you closer to God until you experienced Him for yourself.
To be a true prophet is to be an OUTCAST,
Is to break away from the HERD,
And be judged by man to know GOD outside the parameters of man's superficial beliefs!!!!

I find this quote interesting, if someone believes their beliefs to be the only right belief or Truth out there, does that give them the right to harass people?

I honestly don't see how those who say they are here to LOVE and accept all, as in the new age belief, can't accept or tolerate those who think different from them.

Furthermore it is ONE thing to bully and another to help someone in the right direction, when I see two people or more claiming to be the same archangel incarnate, or having the same archangel as a twinflame, then something must be wrong... Yet those who DO NOT wish to help these people right, do more harm than good, it is they who SAY LOVE AND ACCEPT ALL, no matter how wrong it may be... If that is their TRUTH then to see others harmed because of their ignorance they like to see people get lost in, then I want no part of it... Nor is it right to defend a faulty belief like this to DEATH, and harassing those who are trying to correct the obviously wrong beliefs of others in order to help them... In fact it is they would rather see people cry and hurt because of their false beliefs than seeing them on the right path!!!

“1. Bullying is not okay. Period.

2. Freedom of religion does not give you the right to physically or verbally assault people.

3. If your sincerely-held religious beliefs require you to bully children, then your beliefs are f..u..cked up.”
― Jim C. Hines


Yes others can learn from all this... Is my opinion!!!

This is my status for today: "who you calling a bully biaatch? takes one to know one... a case of one troll seeing another! hahaha"...

I am thinking that if SHE wants to make other people so desperately face their mistakes, why can't she face her own? Or is she running away from her problems and mistakes, seeking a scapegoat "mwah, me" to not face herself...

She clearly can't handle looking in the mirror, she has must have drapes all over her mirrors in her house... She goes "Mirror mirror on the wall whose the fugliest of them all, please don't show me for I know" ROFL

Abba and I have been talking about the EGO,

He stated: "Self love can become addictive to the point that it becomes our focus and thus the ego takes control."

I agree, yet if someone calls themselves an angel of peace and absolute love radiating unconditional Love then why do they bully others, why do they attack and harass others... This "earth" person is NOT the first love and lighter I have seen to do this to me and others, and I have to ask why, and came to a conclusion in response to abbadon's take on the ego being addictive:

True that... That "earth" person I wonder how her bullying others is about love, she clearly does NOT love herself nor is happy with herself... And yet is acting like such a child screaming for attention all about EGO, yes, about see the me, myself and I, but the ego can't have anything to do with "love" in this case can it, yes it can if she screams for attention in such wicked ways harassing others... Funny, she calls me a bully just to bully me, to scream for some more attention from me...okay whateva floats her boat!

PS she called me a BULLY again, sporting it under her new story "angel with no limbs"... F..uck how many times does she want to write that about me, she wrote so many stories with the same theme calling me a bully I think I've got the message by now, seriously, I wonder who is the real bully? It takes one to see one no? Point a finger to someone and you have three pointing straight back at you!

Does it matter what she thinks my friend?

You know the truth about yourself.

Don't let the frustration bring you down.

Think about those who you are helping

It's their opinion that matters.

Not those who refuse to listen

Did you read the story "angel with no limbs"? Its about a guy, nick voinick (something like that) that is born without legs and arms... There is no mention of you... Its an story about a guy that is pursuing is dreams in life, with this hard handicap. It has nothing to do with you...

..@vapple you are daft, I can read between the lines, she has been doing this thing for over three years now, this is how she conceals her own "bullying of others"... To make it less evident, you clearly don't know how it works in this forum, I've been here longer than you to know better!!!

@ earth "healer" person

The question of my happiness is irrelevant,
When you try to convince people in this forum that you are some happy love and lighter hiding behind a mask of "angelic peace"
When clearly it is you that is unhappy within yourself,
Having immense unresolved inner turmoil you project unto others!!!

Deal with yourself and your problems first before you try to "help" others!!!


Just one question?

A R E Y O U H A P P Y ? ?

(It is so good to be alive......That is my truth....)

That's All

PS attention earth "healer", for now I am feeding the trool and giving her what she wants, only for a little while now:

Just so you know,
Whenever I fight or "attack" someone at least I don't do it under the label of some "angel of peace"...
Because that would make you look very bad such as in your case very ludicrous and laughable!!!!

@earth "healer"

I just want to know since you are an "angel of peace"
How does that give you the right to attack, hurt and troll other people on EP
Is that not acting contrary to your "angelic mission or protocol" or new age beliefs?

I wrote a response to the BS you write about other people not wanting their beliefs to be challenged by only believing in one right
Well if you vouche for everyone's beliefs as right,
Then you don't have any belief of your own nor like that to be challenged!!!!
Furthermore others could learn from it, or take something from it as jim once said to me "but you don't think about that do you?"
It is not simply about your conflict with me but others may learn from your beliefs and when it gets corrected as I just did!!!!

I think it is very bad or immature behaviour to say you are some angel of peace,
While you are obviously some fake angel,
That likes to hurt people,
And BULLY them.

Lady Gaga Quote #41

"Don't ever fu...cking bully anyone, and just so you know karma has everybody's address and a mother f...ucking stamp. "

-Lady Gaga

@earth "healer"<br />
<br />
Great sarcasm angel of "peace"<br />
<br />
Clearly you can't face up to your mistakes,<br />
<br />
I just want to let you know that I see straight through your peace and love charade,<br />
<br />
And I hope others in this forum can do the same to see you for what you really are,<br />
<br />
Because truth be told you are just a bitter old hag that can't let things go!!!!<br />
<br />
So much for peace, love and forgiveness!!!!


That you spent time to write down stuff – means that you still read what I write and it still has an affect you on. ?????

Ponder The Wonder the affect…..

Funny thing I have noticed in this forum:
people are making OTHER PEOPLE'S personal truths their OWN,
how the hell does that work?
and if they do that do they in fact lose connection with the SPIRIT within,
the true self???
sure everyone has their own path to walk with GOD,
but to do mimic others is not having your own individual relationship with the FATHER...
there is nothing UNIQUE about your relationship with GOD,
or about your personality,
if you DO NOT DARE to be different than the rest,
and to fight for that special light of yours.

just saying...
it seems that by mimicking each other's personal truths,
the new ager is in fact bringing some oneness AMONGST themselves,
but NOT within themselves,
conformism breaks personal wholeness.


You are a hypocrite,
I am not sorry to say this AGAIN for all to hear,
take me for example,
I came with different beliefs into this forum,
to CHALLENGE the beliefs of others,

You are also the one that said something along the lines of
"people would do anything to be right"
well you wanted so desperately for the BELIEFS OF OTHERS TO BE RIGHT,
that you defended them to DEATH,
believing that everyone else was RIGHT,
except the one that came to CHALLENGE THEIR BELIEFS.

Furthermore you are the most eager arse licker I have seen in this forum,
you lick everyone's arses,
as if to cheer their beliefs on even more,
you never say anything TRULY that belongs of your own,
you just cheer on the beliefs of others,
THE voice you DON'T ALLOW me or others like me to have?
really... before you JUDGE abbadon or anyone else in this forum please take a good and hard look at yourself.
thanks - looking forward to you coming to your senses and stop bugging people with your hypocritical talk!!!

note to earhhealer: PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH otherwise you just make yourself look like a fool!!!!

..there should be an "n" for Note... did you TAKE NOTE?

Hello Abbadon,

You do this so that you cannot be challenged in your own beliefs by those who believe differently. Because you would rather say that everyone is right than to stand up for what YOU think is right.

The others side that is when we are seeking the truth, that we live our life and seek the truth in our everyday interactions.

Consider the intellectual will not give us the truth - maybe the day to day physical interaction with our friends and family. So maybe the truth is not a mental finding out, but a physical human to human interaction.

Looking at picture of something never is as good as being there. Reading the menu is not the same as eating the food, the smell, the taste - then is the truth of the menu.


Wow... Did I miss this post in all the wars in this forum? I wrote a similar story a year from this one... About an absolute truth versus a personal truth.

I just feel that if someone indulges in a personal truth, as lexi said that they are in fact in DENIAL...

And I have no problem with personal truths, as long as they don't hurt anybody... Or gets used to harm any individuals in any way... Like some who believe themselves love and lighters, or all knowing beings, yet people cannot fully trust them to LEAD them or to "save them", for they cannot fully place their lives in their hands because the love and lighter has problems of their own, feeling just as lost and confused like the one they desire to help...

Or other new agers telling people they are these powerful creatures or archangels, creating a personal truth and rubbing it off on someone else, and they believe it as an absolute truth, it goes straight to their head and what do you know? We have a fake guru walking around, a fraud... With his lies not only harming others but himself as well... I've seen this too many times already...

And they also make teenagers believe their personal truths that they can be anything like the one that once was here sporting a mother mary/arch raphael persona... She could get hurt believing this lies if she comes out "as this saint/archangel" people may just prop her into some mental institution because she believed the WRONG things getting herself hurt because of other EVIL people telling her things about herself that IS NOT TRUE....

That's just my take on the dangers of the new age movement... Yet there are so many new agers claiming to be aliens/archangels/saints/jesus blah blah that maybe if the NAM works with the NWO then to be this way will be totally permissible, no one would get propped in psychiatric hosptitals for their narcissism and histrionic personality disorders no more... Everyone would be allowed to go crazy and be whatever the hell they want to be...

IMHO doreen virtue is totally certifiable with all the sh!xt she makes herself and others believe not to mention all the money she pockets, she is a f...u..cking thief too, using her MPD and split personality proxies to get what she wants out of people.

Hmnm dont know how that happened... but anyway.<br />
<br />
I dont understand why they would say that either.<br />
<br />
But I have had many in the past quote to me that "truth is only true for the person who sees it as truth."<br />
<br />
Whereas something else might be true for another... I know that this is possible with some things.. but at the same time.. there are UNIVERSAL truths as well.<br />
<br />
Things that are true no matter who you are

I know Little Sister... who was referring to was those who do