I am an incarnated angel...and my name is Desire.  From long before time , I craved the sweet ambrosia of love...and was granted that amazing gift.    I was once more than I am now...I am but a half soul...half an angel. I was given the knowledge of my entire soul, and rejoiced in the glory of Truth. My other half torn from me, cruelly dooming me to an eternity of searching.  Searching the heavens, and the earth....longing to be whole.  My dispair at my loss brought me down to last hope of finding my beloved Truth.  I search tenaciously, trying every soul with whom I come in contact.  My half-soul cries out for my treasure, always disillusioned by the seeming closeness of my imperative....and the realization of  my mistake.  I shall not give up my quest....indeed, I cannot.....I long to be join Desire with Truth....and be , once again, the angel Love.......
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Wonderful story! Yes, finding the other half of a joint soul is what it is all about...<br />

(((((((((((((((((((((Anachel ))))))))))))))))))))))))<br />
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Thank you for your good wishes....and please allow me to wish you the same....<br />
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Thank you...and to you, also!!!!<br />
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Best of luck to ya.

Thank you...and best of wishes to you, too!!! :-D

Thank you so much, Orchid!!!! Me, too!!!<br />
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