Hi =)

My english isn´t good.
Well, I´m an incarnated angel too.
Always I felt so diferent to most people.I don´t understand the cruel acts.
Actually I´m vegetarian since  seven years ago, I love the life, and I think  all life deserves respect, no matter how large, big or small is it.
We can all be differents but have the same value ( worth the same).
For a long time I felt alone about human relations,
trying to find someone like me, but during the process,
I have had good companies with whom to share beautiful experiences in this life.
knowing the great variety of life, really interesting.
some difficulties with my ego too. The thing is I understand everything better now.
I know  the reasons for I´m here, my mission.
Peace, love and freedom for everyone...

I´m mexican , 22 years old
Thank for all.

angelick angelick
Aug 7, 2010