My Message For August 2010 :)

Hello! I am Archangel Raphael the angel of Healing.
If you feel all alone i remind you in this minute that YOU ARE NEVER ALONE!
Let me into your life when you need healing,and i will comfort you the best i can :)
You can also call upon my highest self by saying "Raphael please assist me in my healing."
And my highest self will come and heal you,I have been through some pretty hard times in my life as well and i understand you,I understand the way you feel.Deep inside you is a Christ consciousness which is YOUR highest self and in your soul's heart,you have a deep love and caring for everyone on earth you just haven't noticed it yet.Shine your divine light on the whole world for eternity beloveds,Even on those who turn there backs from God.I care for you all very much and would hate to see you get hurt,I'll stand by you and i won't let anyone hurt you at all...

Love from~Rebekah Also Known As Archangel Raphael :)
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Aug 10, 2010