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I Am An Incarnated Angel / My Story As An Angel Reader

I am an Angel-Reader, one who is in close contact with angels of light, and who passes these messages along to the people who come to me for readings. All of my life, I have received messages for family, friends, and others from the angels. But, although I could not resist the push I felt to give the messages I received in dreams and meditation, I did not fully understand who these messages were from. Perhaps I should have known, because whenever the messages were given to their intended recipients, they produced so much love and healing. That was one of the reason I was willing to be the medium for the messages. The other reason was because, as the angels have shown me over time, I am one of them and I came here to help.

In 1996,when ARCHANGEL MICHAEL came through and identified himself during a reading, I was blown away. He is so kind, so personable, and has such a loving way. He is amazing love and unyielding force of light all in one. He also enjoys playing with words, and has a delightful sense of humor.

Once, around the time that ARCHANGEL MICHAEL made his first personal appearance, a client who was with me received the message that she was created as an angel before she was a human!

She said, “I thought that I was an angel when I was a little girl, but later I thought that it couldn’t be true. But now I realize that it is true. I am an angel! …but how could it be? I’m not perfect.”

The response to her question that was given from the angels through my mediumship was, “Angels-incarnate are not perfect. They are full of love, but they usually do not even remember who they are…that they were created as angels before they were born. They are loving and kind. They are curious, mischievous, and carry so much energy within their bodies that they are often highly sexual. They are never mean to anyone on purpose. They may make mistakes, and they might hurt others unintentionally, but as soon as they realize they have caused this hurt, they are sorry, and do whatever needs to be done to make amends.”

“They are the teachers, the healers, the philosophers, the ones who brought in all harmonious art and music for the world to enjoy.”

“The angels who were born on the planet earth chose to come here for a specific purpose. When this earth experiment first began, thousands of angels volunteered to be born as humans so they could help and guide the ones who were created as humans originally. They came to heal and to inspire.”

Later, another client came my way who was told by ARCHANGEL GABRIEL that she was originally an angel. She also concurred, saying that she had noticed important differences between her responses to stimuli, and the responses she observed in others. As an example, she said she could not allow herself to manipulate and deceive. When she was a child, she knew she was an angel, but eventually she changed her mind due to the influence of others. How could she believe anything so seemingly impossible, so different from anything she had ever been taught?

With the assistance of ARCHANGEL GABRIEL, we cleared her energy blocks, and released her from her old mental/emotional programs, allowing her to move forward in her life with the understanding of her true angelic nature.

More and more people that came to me turned out to be angels incarnate as humans. I thought, “How could so many people who come to me be angels?” Then I received the answer. These wonderful angels-Incarnate have not received the best of treatment in their lives. Many have low self-esteem. Angels have one specific quality that can be a bit of a handicap. They are very sincere.

Others, who are not angels, can lie. Angels are completely honest and straightforward, and go through their lives erroneously assuming that others are as forthright as they are. Because they have so much light, many people love them. But also, because they tend to be highly intelligent and possess many talents, some tend to be jealous, and wish to do them harm. These same people find the angels to be very easy targets, because angels-incarnate usually accept others’ words at face value. Angels tend to be naïve, and often easy for deceivers to manipulate.

When I became completely aware of the fact that the work I do is exactly the work I signed up to do before I came into this life, I entered a very peaceful awareness that allowed me to enjoy giving Readings. With the assistance of the angels, clients move forward in their lives with a whole new insight. As they realize they are angels-incarnate, their faces change from confusion and perplexity into the light of true understanding. As they receive their messages concerning their specific purpose for being in this life, their attitude concerning the pain they suffered earlier in their lives starts to vanish. Their lives are transformed.

After their reading, they look very different from the way they looked before. They are happier, more confident, more self-assured, and it shows. They tell me that their old beliefs concerning their supposed limitations are gone, which allows them to be more open to their intuition and their psychic abilities.

As the angels are learning who they are, and are allowing themselves to be fully empowered, they are no longer allowing themselves to be manipulated, nor are they accepting deceit. With their angelic awareness of their connection to source, it is easy for them to stay focused and to fulfill their true purpose. Victory is ours. The time of the victory of angels is now.

If you'd like to find me in other places besides EP, just google ZARA ANGEL, or Angel Reader,
or Incarnated Angels and you will find me very easily.  (

       Blessings,  ZARA ANGEL
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My name is Michael and I need to speak with someone about a connection or a feeling of something that has grown stronger in the last year.Im not sure whats going on but I have a sense of urgency that something is coming.

I am arch angel sandalphon. I just found out a couple days ago. I'm reaching out to my angel family. I know my mission, but I am stuck. Please help me. I have no time to myself to meditate and get answers, as I am a single mother of 3.

It's better to think of yourself as simply an incarnated angel, here as a servant of God to do God's work. Then you will get the picture, and will experience yourself living a meaningful life.

I guess i believe now i am one.. Since all the characteristics of incarnated angels.. Almost reflects me.. Even childhood i always wondered why i am in this body lol which was so weird.. And then god maybe leaded me some site which is about some test and the result was i am more of an incarnated angel.. Thank you so much i feel so enlightened

Thank you so much ... I know I am an incarnated Angel. I remember many of my past lives as human on Earth. Recently I found my wings and my light is getting even brighter. I am finding more of my fellow Angels also.

I'm glad. That sounds wonderful, Andenerra!
If you want more information that I teach on the topic, please go to my site! angelreadingsbyzara

Love and Blessings,


Zara, I enjoy reading you blogs and posts, but there are a few things that concern me. You characterize incarnated angels to often be highly sexual which is a rather odd claim. Its actually the opposite. I feel incarnated angels should not be characterized like this. Unfortunately the highly sexual trait is prevelant in the 97 percent of Americans who engage in premarital sex. I don't think Lucifer is all bad either. The one thing I want above all else everlasting peace for all including those who have fallen. That is what many angels and fallen angels long for as well
I know Michael in particular suffers a lot from the sadness caused by the war. I keep trying to prevent myself from thinking about how I was an angel but i ant stop it. I dont want to offend God by such a claim if I'm wrong but the thought just keeps coming back and the dreams of me being an angel wont stop. I hope I am wrong because i see a very dark future for people throughout my dreams. I feel like I am going to assist in the punishment if mankind. I hate people's actions so much but i cant bring myself to hate them. The only thing i ever wanted was peace, not war.

Hello Zara,

I think it's wonderful, all the work you do for and with incarnated angels! I just had a two year journey in my discovery of my past self; I came to the realization that I am an incarnated angel here to live the human experience. I am an angelic ambassador, so learning about humanity by living in the shoes of a human is key to my duties.

There are a lot of conflicts that I face as an angelic human, some of which being the insatiable desire to go home. But, I was lucky to have that quelled with a near-death experience. I've come to understand the beauty of human life. A lot of your articles have also helped me to see this.

I've heard a lot about your work and really admire your insight and lessons, and I have a few questions, if you'd be so obliged to answer. I was wondering about your opinion on Lucifer and the 'dark/fallen angels.' I know that I, as an angel, am very close to Lucifer, although I have no bad opinion of him. He is a rebel and not always faithful to God, but I believe that even he does work for the better. I suppose I could be labeled as being 'on his side,' although my goal is to do light-work. I love and praise God, yet I do take after Lucifer in the independence standpoint. Basically, my questions are about your opinion about angels like me, Lucifer, and what do you believe will happen to us--either as angels or humans?

Thank you so much for the experience to talk with you, and I wish you luck in both the spiritual and physical planes!


Go to angelreadingsbyzara/demons Hopefully, what I've already written on the topic will show up.


Also, go to Handbook for Incarnated Angels/ Part 1 / ZARA ANGEL

Thank you for the link. After reading, I have a few more questions--if you don't mind. My personal story involves me being close to Lucifer--I probably stood with him during the rebellion, but my heart is certainly not filled with hate or envy. It was more a...equal rights standing. Like we believed that since everyone is God (Elohim/the Universal Higher Power), everyone should also be equal to God the Father. Of course, you can disagree, but I'm just sharing my opinion. :)

Also, I've come to understand that, although Lucifer is keen on manipulation, he does it for the betterment of humanity. His name does mean "bringer of light" and I believe that "enlightenment" is in his preaching. But, again, just an opinion.

Thanks again for the reply!


Anna, I share many of your views about Lucifer. He is not the absolute evil people make him out to be. I think people give Lucifer a lot of bad press so they can blame him for the world's troubles. Lucifer did want to have a say in creation. Like you said, all of the angels and humans are a part of God in a sense.I think Lucifer rebelled more out of love for god rather than pride.He knew humans were too imperfect and would cause God sadness and wanted to prevent such a thing from happening. Lucifer liked things the way they were before humans were created because there was nothing to cause any kind of sadness or despair. I think the war was meant to protest genesis but since God proceeded as planned, Lucifer felt the need to prove man's imperfection. God found it necessary to stop this protest which eventually led to the war. Everyday I live with the sadness caused by all of this fighting between angels and those who have fallen. This world is in an awfully bad state today. I hate the way everyone acts but i cant bring myself to hate them. I feel the thing all sides want is peace. It is such a shame all this potential is being wasted. I pray for Lucifer and all of the others every night. I feel I may have been an angel in the past, but I prefer to ignore this feeling to prevent myself from offending God if I am wrong. I have had many dreams which seem more like memories to me of how peace was lost and how many horrors await this world in the near future. I remember trying to end the war but could not. I am not sure about myself so don't take anything I say to be the absolute truth because I wouldn't want to lead anyone to believe something if it is incorrect.

Hi Anna. Great to meet one of Lucifer's comrades!

I feel that I am not an angel, but another type of being who took part in the Rebellion. It took place on an interplanetary or intergalactic level, so many more than angels were involved. I agree with you on the motive, Anna. I believe that I'm here on Earth to fight for freedom & equality for all, as a comrade to the Fallen Angels & all other beings who seek liberation.

Question for Zara: If angels can incarnate as humans, can a human transmigrate as an angel after death? That is what I hope for in a future lifetime.


In order to understand what the Luciferians are actually up to, look up "ex-illuminati "svali" speaks out. It's an audio and worth taking the time to listen to. Another good source is to look up David Icke. His website is


... anna way to go thinking zara has all the answers, lmfao, when she is actually herself a luciferian, believing the self is GOD, lucifer is all about worshiping the self, and NOT SEEING THE OTHERS AS GOD TOO, I think you got that part mixed up..... LUCIFER WANTED TO BE HIS OWN GOD, AND NOT WORSHIP ANOTHER AS GOD......................HE DID NOT WANT TO FOLLOW THE DIVINE PLAN that all are special and unique in their own right, he did not want to bow down to humans, and hated their free will, that made them superior to angels themselves meaning to him too, GOD ordered him to bow down to humans as HE WOULD DO TO GOD HIMSELF and he refused..........that is why he is constantly working towards working their destruction....he hates the fact that humans are superior to him and that GOD LOVED THEM MORE THAN HIM.

...actually I think lucifer's main problem is that he wanted GOD'S undivided attention, he wanted all the attention and spotlight on him....but when GOD opened his heart to more people, and made everything about EVERYONE and not just luci, he got mad at GOD................ and that is why I think some new age gurus have all these new age workshops they refuse to acknowledge that they are no more special than others, they want to be the center of attention being the only channelers alive etc................the only special people with a divine message to makes them feel good about themselves when they make people believe that they are more special than they are...............

I was asking for an opinion, not an answer. And, trust me, I understand Lucifer quite well. Extremely well, in fact. I love hearing other's views though.

Banshee, I have a question. Technically, when you accuse others of being prideful, you are taking a position of superiority, making you the prideful one here. Do you believe yourself to be humble or do you agree with a position of superiority? Also, why do you speak with the answers, rather than opinions? I am simply curious and I certainly do not mean to be insulting in any way.

Thank you,

....yeah I AM EXTREMELY PRIDEFUL by pointing out the EGO of others, lmfao, NO I AM NOT, I DESPISE IT,..... I DESPISE PEOPLE'S EGOS, AND WHEN I POINT IT OUT IT DOES NOT MEAN I LOVE MYSELF MORE THAN THEM, IT ONLY MEANS I LOATHE WHAT I SEE OF MYSELF IN THEM AND OTHERS.........sheer arrogance when it comes to things of the divine........and believe me darling you don't know shitttt about lucifer, you only say so because it makes you feel special, so that others may actually look at you for a change....really, is vying for attention so cheap these days....please........... don't come and use your reverse pscyhology on me, when you refuse to look in the mirror to your own conceitedness staring you straight in the face.

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How do i contact you this is crucial on facebook my name is jacob norris im from tucson arizona

I run a group on Facebook called Incarnated Angels and Earth Angels.
I also have a page on Facebook called Incarnated Angels comment Board. I also have a page on FB called ZARA's Psychic Angel Messages and Spiritual Counseling. You can find me in any of these locations. My FB personal page is ZARA ANGEL

... I AM curious what do you think about people claiming to be the twinflame of archangel michael?
i have met many new agers claiming just that?
damnnn how many wives do you get to have in heaven?
i thought angels don't marry and most of all don't have s..e..x,
especially not archangels who would see that as below them,
especially having some HAREM type of cult here on earth,
screwing every young girl that is desperate to be his twinflame WTF???
If anything this behaviour from an archangel sounds like some fallen angel's.

how can you be sure that you are talking to archangel michael?
or should we assume that 'NAMES' do not matter only the personal message shared and received?

The main reason I believe I'm talking to Archangel Michael is because the people I help inside of Readings get very positive results. Their lives improve and they become more loving, kinder, more successful in various ways, and happier.

Can u tell me if i am an incarnated angel?

I'm very careful before I answer such a question.

I suggest you read my blog:

If you'd like, you can go to my site:


My new site is

and thank you Zara for the story those traits and so much more could not be more spot on :)

Thank you for your supportive comment. I appreciate it!
Blessings, ZARA

I think that people do have this misconception, it’s not an easy existence at all and its definitely not an easy secret to keep either but as I get older I’m not afraid as the people I seem to reach out to are on a spiritual path of acceptance or see this “wise beyond your years persona”, the image they have portrayed is of complete sweet and innocence and to a degree we are, we aren’t different though, we endure anger, substance abuse, negativity still lies with us, we look the same, talk the same and not always so sweetly, it’s part of our lessons that we have to overcome, we radiate an inviting aura though that says to people we can be taken advantage of this isn’t true we just have a strong will, underneath there is inner turmoil but be thankful because emerging from that pain is how we get great insight and develop fearless courage – which is where our strength lies. I’m only 22 and it seems amazing that in my master year I have been connected with a spiritual guru and reborn through an initiation, in this vision I got a baby being held and an angel taking my hand picking me back up, allowing me to get back on track. Ever since then my path has become clearer and clearer, insights to provide perceptions and concepts of where this generation has missed the point completely, the need to help on a larger scale is becoming more apparent. The thing that other incarnates don’t always identify with I think talking from experience, is that you must embrace the flow of spirit and realise that you are working under spirit, you must follow where its leading you fighting it will cause you more pain, understanding that you will travel and you will be placed in many situations over and over again until you have learnt the lesson, and understand this pain that you must go through is so you can teach others and experience first hand what they are going through is critical. I have been positioned in many workplaces where I have had to help others find their own strength, and point out to superiors the destruction on a lower level. I have been in many entangled and abusive relationships, people tell me things that sadden me greatly and this is me without asking, they just seem to want to tell you and is if you are their healing board.

I got a lovely vision that I would like to share with you guys:

There was a picture of darkness with a moon, and slowly stars popped up shining brightly, god is the moon, we are the stars. We are the light that shines in the darkness to show others the way of the light, so in essence we must believe at all times that in darkness we will always shine, in darkness others will always have a way to shine, we are that way that guide.

I hope others will start to share their story, I plan to share mine – I’m only young but I can feel the huge difference and now that I am aware I can see and understand all the situations where spirit has led me and the growth developed in it, this gives me the inspiration that everyone has huge potential and this is what enlightens me knowing that the potential and the magnificence that each and every one of us possess. We have the grand visions to make this work, we just need to find the people to implement it.

Good luck for its truly a gift to fill others lives with happiness 

It's a nice story but I would like to know MY purpose.

Hello JayhawkGrl,
I help Incarnated Angels and Earth Angels discover their purpose within the Angel Readings I do.You are welcome to visit my website!

My site is now

i am having conflicting thoughts and signs throughout the past week that i could be a mortal of arc angel michael and im only 17 and im getting really scared... i have been searching up everything i can find about arc angel michael. my friends think i could be crazy but i cant disclaim anything i have been noticing. it is around 130 in the morning and i am at a friends house right now. 24/7 i have been reading the bible and searching and searching and searching on the internet for answers on google and i just wrote down your information so that i can look it up in the morning and try to contact you asap. i need some clearification. tonight i finally found maybe something i can go off of. ive always been religious but i am a VERY (now in the past week or so "former") criminal behaved kid and i really need to talk to you, i will pray tonight because i havent since this has all started. and even though i am religious i have never prayed the way i want to now for whatever crazy reason is going on in my life and i thought i might go crazy because this is all sudden. i am just a weed smoking stealing youth who has always been mildly cocky and is pretty smart but this hit me so fast like its soooooooo crazy i need to talk to someone. im scared to go to to a church official or my mom or sister because for1 im on the run and2 they think im going crazy because i smoked too much k2 since i got out of glen mills juvenile placement facility 2 months ago. i am not too smart when it comes to contacting people but im going to go crazy if i dont talk to someone so i will try my best

First of all I am Archangel Michael's daughter. Second of all you need to quit the K2 stuff because people have died using it. I will help you once you have detoxed from that stuff but I can NOT help a clouded mind which is what K2 does. Okay. You with me on this.

Remember to love one another and be tolerant for one another's viewpoints. ZARA

Brandon,<br />
<br />
I have said it before and I will say it again; practice what you preach before you go on preaching. As much as I appreciate the laughter your comments bring to my sister and I, calling an archangel egotistic is the last straw. Michael is not egotistic, and to be honest, the first time I spoke with him I did not know much about him. I did not know what he has done for humanity or WHO he was in terms of title, and he never mentioned it. EVER. He speaks like he's just another human (except for the vocabulary and eloquence). I had to Google that guy before his importance got to me (at which point I felt very nervous talking to him, and he laughed when he felt it). Laughter is not a sign of egotism, and he did not laugh at the notion of him talking to people. He laughed at the funny idea of him having time to communicate with everyone while he is preparing for a war. It seemed ridiculous to him, as it does to me, and as it will to you if you ever start thinking like a rational human being.<br />
<br />
I understand that you constantly mention there being multiple dimensions. However, you do not know for a fact that what you say is true. You just kinda...spout it. Like a geyser. Please, present your evidence. Mine comes from reasoning and science and very accurate sources that have proven themselves to me. Where does yours come from? There's no point in even asking because I know the next thing you will say is: Ohh, the negativityyyy. Saaaaave meeeee. :( <br />
<br />
As for the fear bullshit, there is no fear. Stop pulling things out of your ***, move your huge ego aside, and don't be a mentor if you still have much to learn. Michael has never said anything like that. EVER. He does not put people on pedestals, but he does give credit where credit is due. Also, I am not channeling him. He comes by himself, of his own free will, once a month.<br />
<br />
By the way, your ego is increasing at an amazing rate. My friend's psychics read you whenever I share another one of your comments with them, and they laugh at the hypocracy. As do I. HAHAHA. PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH. Ghandi once said this amazing thing: be the change you wish to see in the world. You are trying to change everyone else while you are an exception. I will take you seriously once YOUR ego goes away. Believe it or not, you are not all-knowing, and neither is any human. Even Michael doesn't know everything! God is the only all-knowing being, and trying to teach everyone while you still have so much to learn is putting YOURSELF on a pedestal made of "butterflies and rainbows and smiles". <br />
<br />
As for the war, it is better to be scared than unprepared. There WILL be a war, and all the archangels are trying to push it back. At the rate the seals are being broken, I'd say it's about...15 years away now. That's a guesstimate, and it depends on whether those demons find faster ways to break the seals. <br />
<br />
Negative energy does not attract negative entities the way a positive charge attracts a negative one. I know that I have told you this before, but maybe I was not specific enough. Just because somebody feels a little fear or sadness does not mean their house will be overrun with demons. That takes TIME and MISTAKES. Also, did you not notice that the only thing you ever talk about is ego and negative entities? And you basically repeat everything that I told you before you went cuckoo-for-cocopuffs. Brandon, stop taking my words, and twisting them into a new philosophy. What I said really cannot be interpreted like THAT unless your brain is freaky. <br />
<br />
I know words are powerful. Everyone knows that. Buddha: Words are like a well-sharpened dagger; they inflict pain without blood. Or something to that effect; to be honest, I forgot. But nobody is putting fear into anybody's heart. If that is what you are suggesting I am doing, then you are mistaken. I am merely informing. <br />
<br />
Good Day.

Alexa,<br />
<br />
There is a lot illusion when it comes to the spirit world. Archangel michael is a multidimensional being. We have to take our minds away from the 3rd dimension. <br />
<br />
Everything you see, feel, hear, is a in a million places at once. It is in conscious thought that we put one item in one place at one time. Conscious thought although created subconsiously creates time and distance, space. Archangel michael is a master at manipulating the conscious thought to be in a million places at once. <br />
<br />
When you said archangel michael laughed and said he did not have time for humans, you make archangel michael appear to have ego which we all know archangels do not operate with ego.<br />
<br />
Something keeps coming to you and creating fear in your life. Something is coming to you and giving you ego statements and thoughts. If an angel comes to you when your feeling down and says in a nice manner... "don't worry, your so much better then them... your more important than them, these humans".... this is ego and and not angels talking to you. In some religions they say lucifer rebelled because he hated humans and wanted to be better. lucifer or negative energies can be decieving by being charming. So "these humans" is like saying racial people saying "those people." Acting better then someone or lesser then someone is ego. I can't stress it enough that I believe your channeling something that is negative.<br />
<br />
every time you say "war," it puts fear in everyone's hearts who reads it. Fear creates negative energy. the readers who create negative energy, attract negative entities into their space. Inviting this negative entities to influence them to create more fear and ego. <br />
<br />
words are very powerful. more powerful then swords. Anyone or anything that puts fear in your heart is manipulating you.

@Anachel: Well that fact that I believe souls exist really has nothing to do with of information. Also, I figured that an archangel probably has more information than the whole world combined, so I did just go along with his word. However, once I learned about genetic memory, I put two and two together. As for your beliefs about the physical body and soul, that's cool. I can't really counter them or agree because I do not have any solid information regarding that. <br />
<br />
I asked Michael about the people he works with, and he laughed. He said that he has no time to work with humans on a regular basis because he is too busy pushing back a war. He DEFINITELY has no time to help with small matters such as readings, and if he is needed, he comes in his vessel, which nobody has been able to explain accurately. He also said that he knows there are people that claim to be him on the internet, but they are not him because he has not time for technology. Also, when questioned about what he thinks of toilets, he laughs and says "they are an interestingly useless contraption for a .... function". I forgot what word .... was, but he speaks all fancy-like, so I'm just proud of myself for remembering the first part of that sentence. :)

I am not saying that our soul remembers things that happened to an ancestor's soul; I am saying that our body remembers it. In fact, I never even mentioned souls in the explanation. Dreams are a part of the subconsconscious (in the brain) and memories come from the brain, which, as far as I know, is a part of our physical bodies. It could be possible that since our brain is composed of the same genes as our ancestors, memories are passed down. <br />
<br />
I got this information from Michael. The real Michael. The one that only has enough time to talk about once a month for about 40 minutes because he's so busy and when he channels someone he sucks out their life energy, which means he must go before they die.

Hello Alexa,<br />
<br />
Thank you for your comments.<br />
<br />
In regards to reincarnation: I am not going by something I heard. i am going from direct knowledge. <br />
I remember several of my past lives. For me, there is no doubt whatsoever.<br />
<br />
If you go to zarasangels on Google, you can read my site.<br />
<br />
Love and Blessings, ZARA

@Anachel and Zarasangels: I have heard otherwise. Namely, that everybody's soul is entitled to one lifetime, but it is possible for experiences and memories to be passed down through your bloodline. For example, you can get dreams of what life your great-grandfather lived, or you can have an irrational fear of spiders because somebody in your bloodline died from a spider bite. This has also been proved scientifically. Once scientists uncovered the genome, they discovered that our genes are turned on and off because of a code that was named the "epigenome". This epigenome can be passed on from generation to generation. For example, a woman who smokes can liver her whole life without cancer because on her epigenome, the code for cancer prevention is on. However, her granddaughter can get cancer even though she lives a completely healthy life because her epigenome turned off that code as a response to this woman's smoking. You should research it more online. I'm sure they have a lot of better examples. The point of this whole thing is: it has already been proven that what an ancestor has experienced in their life is passed on from generation to generation.

Hello Alexa,<br />
<br />

@TheGuardainAngel10: I am very surprised with your knowledge, except one thing did strike me as odd. By saying that someone had to be an angel in a past life, are you insinuating that reincarnation is real?

I get my information from Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael. They are both close to me since I was born and been watching over and guiding me, along with my guardian and animals spirits. Yes, there are only a few of them, but they are not as what they use to be according to the bible. They blend in as ordinary humans, but have very strong psychics and very athletic and if you know one close you can see the angel inside of them.

TheGuardianAngel10, <br />
<br />
Thank you for your comments. Where do you get your information? I get my information directly from Archangel Michael. I've been his channel for 15 years. <br />
<br />
Blessings, ZARA

Most of what you say is true and very accurate, but for people that are angel they can only be it in three ways. Either there"Soul" is angel or had a past life as an angel. Two in cases they have the ability to channel angel spirits, like Michael, Gabe, Raphael, or other angels. Three is that they are not angels, but actually Nephilim. Nephilim are people that are half human and half angel. One parent is human and the other is angel. It's a very complicated thing, but explainable if people are willing this listen.

You're awesome, Cupcakes. I'll talk with you later!<br />
<br />

Zara I have sent you an email. I hope my father comes around and understands my decision.

Hi Cupcakes,<br />
<br />
Okay. I suggest you become a friend of mine on EP. Then you could give me your phone number and we could arrange a reading. Thank you, ZARA

Hi Cupcakes,<br />
<br />
It may or may not be true. I could help you in a reading. That's when I'm in trance and can get answers to your questions. During a reading we would explore the issues you brought up--and you'd find out what it all means, and would receive important guidance that would help you enormously--with your whole life.<br />
<br />
I'm glad you're interested in finding the truth. <br />
<br />
Have you looked at my website? It's <br />
<br />
Blessings, ZARA