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Let Me Set Things Straight Why Humans Are Not Angels

The first beings God created were the angels. Angels are heavenly beings who are pure spirit, intellect, and will but who have no physical body as we do. Each angel is created independently by God, with its own intelligence, knowledge, and free will. However, since each angel is a totally separate creation from every other angel, they are not related in any way and have no way to reproduce themselves.Angels are spirits and are not reincarnated.

Angels cannot create. . . Jesus did not become an angel, Jesus became man and was born of the Virgin Mary. To say when we die, we become angels is a step down for us. This is why Lucifer rebelled against God, because Jesus did not become and angel (like Lucifer), Jesus became a human being and Lucifer could not stand playing second fiddle to human beings. That is why satan hates us. Lucifer was a seraphim, the highest of all the angels and the ones closest to God. But Lucifer rebelled against God because Jesus became a lowly human rather than an angel. Lucifer was one of the highest of angels but refused to worship the human Body of Christ. At that point, Lucifer, which means “light bearer” became “satan” which is the Hebrew word for “the accuser.” For because of Jesus' life, death, resurrection AND ascension, we are called to share in the very life of God. Our human nature sits at the right hand of the Father. This is something that the angels do not share and the devil just could not deal with that. The Archangel Michael, whose name means, “Who is like God?”, even though a lowly Archangel compared to the exalted seraphim, fought satan and cast him out of heaven. As human beings, we are allowed to share in God’s creative power. God has given us a body so that unlike the angels, we can cooperate in God’s creative power.

Angels are spiritual beings,simultaneously yet individually created, who don't have physical relationships and can't form families. They were not created to develop skills or talents or to have dominion over the world. They can't progress from a lower level to a higher level. A human being has a body and a soul; he is born, grows up and dies; angels do not go through the same process. They were complete at their creation. They always remain the same.

Angels are without bodies and hence invisible. Unlike God they are not omnipresent. Yet they seem to be able to be present in more than one place at the same time. They are not restricted or bound by time or space. Although they are pure spirits, they can take on human form whenever it is necessary in the history of salvation. But they often appear to man also in different forms.

Two angels came to Lot in the form of men to tell him to get out of Sodom. (Gen. 19) On the day of resurrection the women who went to the tomb saw two men "in clothes that gleamed like lightening" (Luke 24:4) Matthew records that an angel rolled back the stone and sat on it. "His appearance was like lightening, and h is clothes were white as snow " (Mat. 28:2).Angels are endowed with great intelligence (2 Sam. 14:20). They were given perfect intelligence at their creation.

Since they are in the presence of God they have a far clearer view of and a deeper insight into the meaning of all what happens in our world than we do. Our knowledge is always limited, even in our age of computers, internet and amazing technological advances. But angels do not have an autonomous activity alongside God; they function and intervene in the world only as God commands.Their amazing knowledge and power, like that of all creatures, are dependent and derived.They are capable of great feats of strength,whether it is in slaying over 180. 000 men in an evening, or setting an apostle free from prison (2 Kings 19:35; Acts 12).

I know this will shake many people but most of what you have heard about angels is new age philosphy and is false. I am just stating the cold hard facts if you dont like it tough.
Kohen Kohen 31-35, M 134 Responses Nov 5, 2010

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Imo those who cannot face the light shining on their sins and darkness are not angels....only demonic like people preaching the doctrine of denial and how to deny everything is heaven...... hence they deny the existence of crime.....and deception..........why? They are only here to contribute to the confusion all the more....they are not here to really work on themselves or help anybody....all they can do is flag stories and talk shitttt....they hate anything that makes sense because to them the more the nonsense the more the merrier going deeper down the hole of denial..pathetic.

Everyone is full of shixt in this group, take everything with a grain of salt.

I should have listened to you years ago. I am sorry. Thank you for trying to help me!

I enjoyed your THEORY and the story ... parts I agree with ; parts I don't .... however it was very interesting ....
There is NO way that you can call what you write as FACT unless your were there and you weren't ... so all you have is theory .... still makes for a somewhat interesting story ...

Angels, as a species, are certainly spirits. There are people here, on this earth, that are human-angels, as in they were angels in past lives. It is stated in the Bible that angels can take on human forms, so by your logic it is possible. Granted, incarnated angels are essentially human, but that is the whole point.

Also, in my experience, angels can have 'physical' relationships (basically a physical relationship on the spiritual plane, like with energy exchanges and the like). You are correct in saying that they do not form families though.

Having worked with the arch angelic realm for quite a long time, I must say I am in agreement with Kohen on many points. Barring any Biblical references, I can say from direct experience that the AA's can and do have very human qualities at times which do not match the frilly representations of popular authors etc. Remember that angel means messenger; it is a _ title_. It does not imply 'better than' or 'above' humans.
AA's are both lovely and terrible at times and they will work with you based on your belief system, so be careful about what you believe.

I personally feel that what we call 'earth angels' are those with a particular purity of being that we liken to being 'angelic.' Re: the book of Enoch, perhaps earth angels are descendants of the watchers. One should be careful not to imply negative connotation re: descendants of any one or any thing. If so-called earth angels descended from the watchers as offspring they are innocent and their being should remain free from the labeling of religious zealots. Anyone recall the Inquisition?

Nite mist, we don't tell children that it was 'probably a demon or something'...where is kindness, nite mist?

There is certainly truth in religious writings, but you also have to see that in the Bible it does talk about angels reincarnating or taking on human forms. There are several verses about angels appearing in human form, like to battle Jacob (I believe that is it)--so, if the Bible is 100% accurate, then angels can take on human forms. There is nothing to say that angels cannot reincarnate in human forms for a brief period. Incarnated angels do exist.


I think that there is alot of truth to the old religious writings like the bible but the minute it was rewritten it was changed to account for the times and the writers sense of the world and how it should be and perhaps what the writer thought the author really meant. The changes make it that bit more difficult to gleam the real meanings but they are there.

Ahem. You poor dear souls arguing over religion and religious texts so on and so forth and about the existence of angelic beings stop being so nonsensical. First and foremost I shall be the logical voice of reason here as an ordained interfaith minister and remind you that all religious texts are rather sadly misinterpreted and overtly rewritten variants of man. They were originally word of mouth long before even being written down. Once they were written down the stories had changed so many times by the ones telling them generation after generation that by the time they were written down inconsistencies already existed. Furthermore, when the writers began writing them down if they did not have all the information they needed, they did a little literary device know as ad lib to fill in the blanks to make sense of the "gaps" in the stories they could not make sense of otherwise. This worsened still after the scrolls were found faded, torn, so on and so forth. So we got more additions. This is why there are so many inconsistencies and contradictions in many of the religious texts. Then you get to the middle ages where they try to interpret the Hebrew and the Greek and Aramaic and do a rather poor job at it. Not to mention they omit books and phrases that they do not think fit the times. These are the Judeo-Christian Bibles. The Torah and the Q'uran were very much the same. Also, if you further delve into the matter you will find out that there are hints of ancient Roman, Egyptian and other so called paganistic religions blended and merged into the other religious texts and even into the ceremonies practiced by certain religions of today. Oh like Easter...Christmas. I could go on and on, but I won't. What I do know, is that there are some consistencies across the board in regards to both angelic beings and darker beings across almost all religious ideologies. I also know that angels have been described in the various texts over time as taking various forms. Also Kohen since you are so bent on following the Christian texts then you would know that indeed they can reproduce if they take human form because if you look in the book of Enoch and in the book of Jubilees it talks about how the Nephilim came about where the Watcher angels mated with human females. However, this was rather a condemnation and very much a no no in the laws governing interactions between angels and human kind. All across history though you hear of stories of angelic encounters. Same is true for the opposite and demonic encounters. Such is how the Universe works. There must be a balance of light and dark. The two have always co-existed. So stop the silly and petty arguing over religious texts, simply open your mind to the possibilities ba<x>sed on the knowledge of history and data over time. People have encounters with the unexplained therefore do not discount them with the closed mind of one sided religious thinkings. Indeed if you were truly following the teachings of Christ, you would be more open and accepting, loving and caring regardless, and realize that you do not need to attend a church, pay tithes, confess to a priest, condemn and judge, would not need books and religious texts so on and so forth to be closer to your Creator. That is what Jesus tried to teach everyone during his time. Basically it did not matter who you were, what your background was, what you believed, you could still be close to the Creator. That is all I have to say on this matter.

Yes, Jesus touched us with love and love of our creator. The man of peace.

Dear SmilingTurtle, thank you so much for writing down these words. I honestly appreciate that there are still people out there able to stand back a few steps and SEE a much bigger picture! I thank you kindly.
I wish you all the best.

Thank you for your response here 'smiling turtle'. I think it is sad to see people arguing over religions and basing their arguments on what the Bible says or does not say, instead of 'looking into the times around what was written and 'why' as someone who has experienced death and then came back, I no longer follow any religion but I do follow in the ways of kindness to all.

I am 13 years old and you probably think I'm just a kid making something up when I say I am an angel. This is true. I really don't think its fair with you going around saying I'm not real. Its like walking up to a brunette and saying "Your hair is not brown". Its who I am. God told me that this was me. I actually cried when I read your story. I honestly can't believe you would say this on an advice website, when I'm trying to figure out who other earth angels are. All I want you to know is I am kind of upset that this is how the world views me. );

angels are messengers of god.. god will not present himself directly but through angels.. and it was probably a demon or satan himself who told you... I've witness.. terrible things of what they can do..

I've never actually thought of Satan as a bad creature. He is independent and does not always follow God's will, but the only violence he purposely commits is under God's orders (think of the Book of Job).

let me set you strait now.
1: God only created angels in Christian mythology. There are other religions, learn them, cherish them, accept them.
2: your only shaking people who already agreed with you. your point is moot and invalidated by 1.

your arguing from your beliefs standpoint, since angels and their likings exist in multiple beliefs (though not in name, they usually tend to only be similiar, very rarely do the names match)
Not everyone is Christian, and not everyone believes in your god named God.

christians do not have a named god.. there is only one god.. though angels, i know alot about... and many religions have it backwards and wrong. I have spoken to many angels, though they dislike this arguement of this subject, and i hope truth will come soon for it will soon be our turning point..

I apologize for this late comment, I have not been on in forever.
I never said they had a named god...I just said his name was God, if that makes any sense XD
Backwards and wrong? The same could be said from alternative perspectives in relation to Christianity...that comment has no backing...
Not sure what you mean by "our turning point"

also out of respect for Christianity, please use the term God, not god when refering to him. When refering to a god in general it is okay to use lowercase.

sorry.. I type a bit too fast, and I read just as fast so I may skip some words.. I will leave people be to there own destruction, for now. until I am needed I won't argue, because it's pointless for "our turning point" what I meant be that was there will be a time in the future where there will be major changes, though I do not know what yet. And I don't guarantee it'll happen in my lifetime or yours. I just hope some day soon truth will come to the hearts and minds of all.

No worries, I do the same. Just a pet peave of mine when it comes to titles and names and such, I don't like to be disrespectful to others and their beliefs and so I don't see why anyone else should be any less respectful, by mistake or not. I expect people to correct me in the same way I correct anyone else.
It's not a pointless argument, really there is no such thing. There is no reason not to share your opinions and beliefs, Buddha teaches us the best way to understand eachother is for everyone to explain themselves, and in Christianity the Christian god is roughly the same way. That is why many Christians are Christian in religion and Buddhist in spirit. It's the nice thing about Buddhism not being a religion, anyone can follow it without doubts or worries about casting down their old ways :)
Believe it or not major changes happen everyday. Peoples minds and hearts explode with new knowledge and truths all the time. Certainly not everyone at once, and certainly not all the time for each person, but with so many people in the world, "Truth" and "major changes" are things that are going on all the time. Life is a wonderful thing that is constantly growing and changing. Will there be an ultimate end? Without a doubt, it would be illogical otherwise, everything ends eventually. Will it be major? Anything that has ever ended, did so in a drastic way. Is it major? A person with opened eyes sees everything as major, so of course.
In all beliefs there is some sort of ultimatum styled ending. Religious or not it would be foolish to think otherwise. I myself am Irreligious (Not to be confused with an Atheist, as some religions are Atheistic), but Buddha teaches us to actively search for intellect and wisdom, both of which bring about logic. Logic dictates that there will be an end, though because we don't see the future, we can't see the end. We don't need to see the end, we don't need to know, and we shouldn't worry about how it affects ourselves and OTHERS.

The reason why I said it's a pointless argument.. is because everyone is strongly in their own opinion, though I understand there views of things. And yes I know major things happen alot, but what I'm hoping the change is, is that we all realize that we need to help this world(not being like a tree hugger, though I love nature) this world is kinda the only one we got, unless we wanna live out in space where our bones will shrink(haha I'm so off topic here) but yes I know a lot about Buddha, my brother used to be into it now he's into Muslim, sorry if my whole topic is sloppy kinda (my energy is drained for the day). But instead of an end, I think it's going to be a beginning, well everyday is a beginning, but an ultimate beginning. And it might be possible for there to be teacher's who arent exactly 'angel' 'reincarnations' but those who are here to teach and bring about the new beginning. So I'll leave it at this for now and until later.

I love your example of being a tree hugger, it sounds like something I would say. For example I strongly appose animal rights activists, but I love animals, and even have my own farm.
(I disagree, Our bones would only shrink under certain conditions, which can be avoided...but like you topic XD)
That's strange that he quit being Buddhist to change religions...Buddhism being a spiritual path, not a religion, but to each their own.
Your topic is easy for me to follow because it is not much different than my own way of typing.

The whole help the world thing is an especially large discussion, one which is very complicated. It's one of those things that can only change gradually, otherwise catastrophic things could happen, and it wouldn't matter if we saved the world if we can't even save ourselves. Unfortunantly because life is life, in order for us to have realized we needed to better maintain the safety of the planet, we first had to find out how we hurt it and we had to learn how to hurt it before we could learn of the methods that would not have hurt it. As is I can completely understand why we would leave the topic be.
However before we do so, your major thing has already happened :) it just takes time and must gradually build. The end you are wanting is going to be very anti-climactic.

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This is all nonsense. But understandable from a human being with a closed mind and a bible close by.

its definatly not nonsense.. they shone me everything. "you are all young and not yet ready too understand what is truth, but the time will come again when it will be revealed" from my gaurdian angel sent from the counsel of angels.. i guessu can call it a counsel lol

To start, there was one. One became two, god and the other. They each divided into five parts. And each of those parts divided into two, and so on after that.

What do you mean by God divided into 5 parts ?maybe i am misunderstanding you but i am only aware of the trinity.The Bible teaches there is only one God.Without the need of going into detail, there are three unique persons referred to as God in scripture Father, Son, and Spirit.

To understand this think of water,water can exist in three states liquid, solid, or gas, yet remains the same.

That is the bible.

That is what i am using, and i have stated that.

God was divided into five parts, they are his highest ranking angels.

I meant, that what you said in your last comment is the bible. Not the truth.

What I mean to say is that angels do reproduce, just not in the same way as humans and that an angels spirit is capable of inhabiting a human body. :)

That is an impossibility because the angels were created by God.

Yes the fallen angels can inhabit human bodies, in order to try destroy them what is widely known as possession.The holy Good angels would have no reason for possessing a human being and forcing them to do something against their will.

Yes, the angels are part of god. The angels are not in "possession" of they literally have been reincarnated into human bodies.

That is where you are wrong angels cannot reincarnate into human beings.They are pure spirit and were complete at their creation, they do not reincarnate. Angels are beings created by God (Colossians 1:15-17) and are entirely different from humans. They are God’s special agents to carry out his plan and to minister to the followers of Christ (Hebrews 1:13-14).

I am not wrong. The fallen angels disobeyed god and turned to the other side.Being sent to earth was the punishment, as well as living the life of a human.

You are right that angels came from god and all were supposed to be his pawns, yes.

The fallen angels were spirit to begin with.So they cannot live life as a human being.At their creation they were complete and therefore still retain their spirit form.

A body is a capsule for a spirit.

Yes but they are pure spirit ,they don't have bodies like ours.They don't grow old or die.

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Im sorry to say Kohen, but i am in the state of mind now to were i think nothing is impossible, and who is to say all these so called facts about Angels? The word Fact itself has been proven over and over again through out history to be false, wrong, and well not real. Facts are often lies made up by people who dont want the masses to see the truth. If we allow ourselves to live on this earth believing only things that are considered facts, we will never progress as beings. Believing in facts is merely just a way of limiting your mind. Bless

I go by what the bible states.This new age Movement is very deceptive and has led many people astray 2fatal.That is why i must clear things ,so those who consider themselves Christians(followers of Christ ) are not deceived by it.

That's understandable, but i strongly believe it is not our place to try to prove what is real and what is not. I believe no one truely has the right to try to tell someone what they believe in is wrong. I dont do that. i have love for everyone. I wont sit and argue with a Buddhist cause they dont believe what i believe. I have alot of love an respect for those people. they live very pure lifestyles, well the ones who truely follow it. Just let things happen. let people believe what they want. Its not our jobs to try to prove to them other wise. Hope this helps on your path.

Well i am arguing from a christian point of view nothing else.I cannot sit back when i can clearly see people being mislead by twisted and false doctrine.To do this would be to fail as my duty as a christian.

But still there is a mountain of evidence that the bible and torah really are God's word such as in archaeology, forensics, Out of body experiences, near death experiences, visions and miracles such as the red sea parting and words appearing on the 2 tablets. There is an entire mountain of evidence that the bible and torah really are God's word and you cant just ignore the evidence, maybe you ignore the evidence because its so strong and proves the new age movement is wrong. If I'm asked to receive the mark of the beast on my forehead I will reject it. Leonidas I who fought at the battle of thermopylae in ancient times was also given a chance to surrender and have peace and stuff by Xerxes but he was brave and rejected and would rather die instead. Xerxes' empire was like the new age movement.

In Iran the punishment for drugs is death penalty and yet Iran is highly developed and has no immorality in their generation at all but in my generation all people are in a separate category and when people grow up because of people like you there will be chaos and anarchy. All forms of Satanism(Self worship) need to be banned. As soon as the bible is taken away people start tearing teach other to pieces and it's already happening.

And plus I was just giving an example of what my reaction would be above stupid fascist, attacking all people outside of your category, cause I am sick of this category stuff and rebel against it.

Oh what's the matter? This is a free country, got a problem with freedom of speech?

I was referring to the technology and military power and all people under 1 banner and no categories.

Just watch some documentaries on TV or on youtube or read the book called Stranger Than Science.

Oh and weird how the cold war and Stalin's atheist extremism is neve or harslyr taught in schools.

Just cause I am bad at using symbolism doesnt mean I am something else.

More evidence is that true Christians are extremely rarely affected by immorality and are the most well behaved, immune to immorality and never take drugs, this can be seen at schools.

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There is an entire mountain of evidence that the bible and torah really are God/Yahweh's word and snowcrystal is either possessed by thousands of demons or her brain has problems and needs a transplant or something.

If you are quick to sound accusing than the rest of what you say will be questioned regardless of the truth. We are called to stand upright and to ensure our tongues are not loose so that slander will not be cast at the Lord because of our own lack of grace in our speech. I would advise you to be careful in how you word things because, speech that sounds spiteful or can be interpreted as such will be rejected. It is godly to speak the truth about demonic influence, but not to throw direct accusation at people when you do not know. If you want to dispute what someone says do not target them, but speak truth and the truth will stand for itself. We do not fight against people, but principalities, concepts, lies, and unhealth. Do not be hasty to say that someone is possessed, and even if someone is mislead it does not mean their intentions are bad. The enemy always trojans lies with partial truth, and when one is deceived they do not realize it. We speak from personal experience and live by example. One who attempts to stand for God but pushes others away from them is doing worse than good. Is energy work and the concept of angel incarnation of demonic influence? Yes. I know because of personal experience. But those being deceived or who have not experienced it will not listen to you if your words are not right and sound, and if they perceive you as an aggressor. It does not mean stand down, but speak with dignity. The very reason it took me so long to come to Christ was because I saw hypocrisy and aggression in unsteady/ loose tongued preachers, so I keep that in mind.

P.S We must tear apart this NAM.

Be careful everyone, snowcrystal is possessed by many demons or has been driven insane by them. Snowcrystal the bible and torah are the word of God/Yahweh because he wrote on the ten commandments, this can be proven by OBEs, NDEs, Yahweh parted the ocean and led the israelites across drowning their persuers and the body of the dead pharoah is preserved by God's power without mummification as a reminder to us that the Torah and holy books are his word. This New Age Christianity of snowcrystal's is very dangerous and can open you up to demonic possession. SnowCrystal go talk to an ORTHODOX Rabbi and not a new age one.

I agree with jimditty snow is perfectly rational you are going wayyyyyyyyyyyyy toooooooo far in your crusade, beware...

be tolerant... you are casting stones everywhere, one might fall one your head

Well Hashem/Yahweh forbids psychics and mediums and him parting the red sea with forensic evidence such as the pharoah who drowned in the red sea in his failed pursuit's body did not decompose and instead his body was recovered and it was automaticly preserved by the power of Hashem/Yahweh/God as a reminder. Try reading the torah or speaking to an orthodox rabbi.

I read something up there about what is born of flesh is flesh and what is born of spirit is spirit. Wasn't that Christ talking to Nicodemus about the need to be baptized to be born again of water and spirit? I think it's John reading that baptism is more than just getting wet or am I wrong?

In the bible "flesh" refers to our natural mind, and it has been passed on to us through adam's disobedience. It is the mind we are born with. It is always opposed to the Spirit, and under its rule we cannot do the things that we please. 1 John 2:16 John refers to this mind when he talks about "the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes and the boastful pride of life." This lusting originates in our natural mind , the mind that is influenced by our emotions, will etc.

Well I terribly disagree. I believe the spirits of angels are the the same spirits that are put into human beings. All human beings. I believe some remain in Heaven while others are down here dying mortal deaths. Well not death, the soul or spirit doesn't die. Besides The Earth is just another place in Heaven, I'm standing here right now. I haven't left Heaven, nor will I die. It's just an experience. There are no superior beings. I disagree with all the stuff said about angels. I don't believe in demons either. Death is only a bodily death and I wasn't born in this body. I was created in Heaven.

I explained why it is not possible for a human to be an angel on the first page.A human being has a body and a soul he is born, grows up and dies angels do not go through the same process. They were complete at their creation. They always remain the same.

I believe that there are many beautiful angels here on this planet. I also believe that they are no more important than the other beings on this planet. God loves all of us :)

Please forgive me for not reading through all the comments, but I think quantum physics does a pretty darn good job of explaining the nature of the Universe and all its dimensions, and I can apply this knowledge to the subject matter being discussed in the above story.<br />
<br />
1.) All matter is energy.<br />
<br />
2.) All energy has a wavelength (vibration).<br />
<br />
3.) Vibration can only exist in time.<br />
<br />
4.) Everything is energy, therefore everything is a vibration.<br />
<br />
5.) Time is a function of consciousness (perception, observation). If you don't believe me, start taking note of how you feel and how fast your mind moves, and look at a clock every once in awhile. You'll notice different emotional and mental states have an effect on the way that time "flows."<br />
<br />
<br />
6.) We have more than one body. Most people are not sensitive enough to observe the workings of their other bodies because they are not physical. These bodies include the chi (qi) body, the emotional body, the astral body, the etheric body, and the causal body, among others. There are plenty of methods for developing your sensitivity. Pick the one that suits you best.<br />
<br />
7.) All energy and all matter are affected by observation alone. Proof of this can be found in the famous double-slit experiment. Look it up and you will see what I mean. The word "observation" can be taken to mean the interaction between two bodies of matter (whether physical or spiritual, as any witness to ghost activity will tell you).<br />
<br />
a.) A shift in perspective/viewpoint can change your entire life.<br />
<br />
b.) The Universe responds to thought. A belief is a thought you keep thinking over and over.<br />
<br />
c.) See for yourself. Make your own observations. Your perception will be limited by your thoughts and beliefs. The quieter your mind is, the more you will be able to see/observe.<br />
<br />
d.) No knowledge is absolute.

GOD is absolute truth.

"God" is a word, and that word means something different to everybody. What that word tries (and fails) to refer to is absolute truth (and much, much more).

God is not a a mere wprd, he is a reality."Ehieh Asher Ehieh".

That was exactly my point, hence the quotation marks around the word "God." Trying to define God makes about as much sense as dividing by 0. What the word "God" tries (and fails) to refer to is absolute truth (and much, much more).

Creation is arbitrary and knowledge and understanding are relative to experience. The closest I can get to describing God is to say that if God were a number, then God would be the number 0. 0 is the perfect number, because by its nature it is contained in every other number. It is neither positive nor negative. It cannot be divided. If it multiplies, the answer is itself. If it's added or subtracted, the sum/difference is always the number it is added to or subtracted from. The number 0 is profoundly unique.

Correct We cannot comprehend God.

Ecclesiastes 8:17 “..However much man may toil in seeking, he will not find it out. Even though a wise man claims to know, he cannot find it out.”

Instead we need to trust that despite what our eyes see, he does have our best interest in mind.

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I may be a bit late in saying this, but your entire work becomes broken at a single point. And I quote, "Angels cannot create. . . Jesus did not become an angel, Jesus became man and was born of the Virgin Mary. To say when we die, we become angels is a step down for us. This is why Lucifer rebelled against God, because Jesus did not become and angel (like Lucifer), Jesus became a human being and Lucifer could not stand playing second fiddle to human beings. That is why satan hates us. Lucifer was a seraphim, the highest of all the angels and the ones closest to God. But Lucifer rebelled against God because Jesus became a lowly human rather than an angel. Lucifer was one of the highest of angels but refused to worship the human Body of Christ." Where was your Biblical study when you wrote this? You use so many Bible quotes to attempt at the solidification of a crumbling edifice. What was the reason that the Son had come to Earth as a human? Because Lucifer had already fallen far before then in the Garden of Eden. He had instilled sin in humanity far before Christ was born human. Sir, you need to study the very basics of your subject before writing entire essays on something you believe you believe to be an expert on. Your argument has become null because of your idiocy. You also stated that Michael was merely an archangel. Do your research. Michael was both an archangel and a seraphim. I refused to continue reading at the point which I read this fallacy of both literature and Biblical content. By the way, I'm a sixteen year-old boy. I am also a seraph-incarnate, and I refuse to let someone persuade me to think that a prophet lied to me. I would be glad to get into existential debate with you, as well.

Christ preexisted before creation ,that is where you are mistaken lets start from there,
Luke 10:18 He replied, "I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven. Compare Luke 10:18 with Revelation 12:1-10 and it appears that Satan and his angels fell to the earth before the birth of Christ as A MAN. You see from this we clearly know that Jesus was the Word and was with God in the beginning. John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was god. John 1:14 The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the One and Only, Or the Only Begotten who came from the Father, full of grace and truth. I think you get the picture. You also seem to not understand the fundamental reason why Jesus became man and came into this world.The holy God cannot let sin go unpunished. To bear our own sins would be to suffer God’s judgment.He kept His promise to send and sacrifice the perfect Lamb to bear the sins of those who trust in Him. Jesus had to die because He is the only one who can pay the penalty for our sins. As to your question about Lucifer the bible states 1 John 3:8 The one who does what is sinful is of the devil, because the devil has been sinning from the beginning. The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil’s work. The main reason why Satan fell was because of pride because he wanted to be like God.I also explained that earlier. The rest was an assumption and my own thoughts not the bibles, i thought you would have been able to tell but , the fault was mine i should have stated it. The Archangel Michael is lowly in relation to Christ ,make no mistake Christ is higher than the angels. The only fallacy i see is you clearly calling yourself a seraph-incarnate.

Kohen:<br />
<br />
Ok, I have been reading some of these rather degrading comments of yours.... it is now my time to speak:<br />
<br />
Woe unto you, oh person who is blinded by books and only sees what the men in black teacheth you.<br />
<br />
I pray for you, my friend.... that you will open your heart to the Lord.... and that you will understand love... instead of chastizing those that do not believe what you do.<br />
<br />
I am by no means perfect, but I must say.... I am shedding tears for you. And I will pray for you. It is people like you that makes me cry, and pray to the Lord for your deliverance. People are too blinded by what OTHERS tell them, and are too set on the words of the Bible and their interpretation of it. They believe they KNOW the "Truth of the Lord our God..." but NO ONE BUT GOD HIMSELF knows the Truth. You are too blinded by what is written in books... and what MAN, and not God, has written. Man wrote the Bible... It was not even God or even Jesus who wrote the bible, but man's INTERPRETATION of Jesus' life, his teachings, etc. that constitute the Bible. And mind you, as others have already said there were a LOT of sc<x>riptures of still MAN'S interpretation that were NOT included.... so how can people continue to claim it as THE WORD OF GOD?? When it was not even written by God.<br />
<br />
It would be like me writing a book on my interpretation about God and Jesus' teachings, and saying "It is the word of God!!!" I would be deemed a lunatic, and probably thrown into an insane asylumn, or in olden times deemed a witch and burned at the stake. The same concept can be said for the Bible. It is a BOOK to TEACH us about the life of Jesus Christ, his teachings, etc. But it does not necessarily mean it is the word of the Lord.<br />
<br />
I, for one, do not use the Bible to dictate my beliefs or my life. Am I perfect? NO. I know I make mistakes, or other more "Christian" people may see it as "sin." But, tell me then Kohan, how am I able to perform exorcisms, if I am defied by God for what I believe?? How was I able to save my friends who were demon-inflicted if I am against God and according to you, am damned to Hell?<br />
<br />
I do not think I am a reincarnated Angel. I just so happen to come across this forum and found it interesting. I also started reading your posts... and my friend... I hope that one day you will open up your heart and see what everyone else can clearly see with your own eyes. No one can know the complete Truth... but I DO hope that one day you will learn to love ALL as Jesus did... learn to accept others for their differences, forgiveness and undertanding... as JESUS HIMSELF did... he was an example to us all.. of unconditional love and understanding.<br />
<br />
Yet instead of grasping that and learning acceptance and unconditional love, here you are sending others to damnation for THEIR beliefs, and for others who HAVE learned unconditional love and acceptance of ALL. That itself is PLAYING GOD, and if I am correct, is the worst sin possible. Jesus gave unconditional love for all: he did not chastize people who were against his beliefs, or who lived a life of prostitution... instead he understood them, cried for them... and loved them still and looked at them softly with forgiveness and understanding. Yet here you are saying it goes AGAINST his word or teachings?? Tell me, then, who the real hypocrite is?<br />
<br />
Are ye in that case, not much different from the "men in black" who delude others from the Truth and misinterpret the words of Jesus or God? And PLAYING GOD by saying you know HIS WORD when it is only GOD HIMSELF who knows the TRUTH. My fellow friend, in my eyes you are too blinded what MAN has told you.... I DO pray and hope one day you will see what we see... and open your heart to love and understanding.<br />
<br />
I am by no means chastizing what you believe. I understand... I UNDERSTAND that people want to believe what people from the "Church" tell them to be the Truth, I understand people are blinded by this (not JUST you, MANY are), and I forgive you and understand you for it.... I see you as a Brother. We are ALL "Children of God," and all of us were created in HIS image. But I DO think you need to learn acceptance, my young friend. If not, then at least leave these poor people on here in peace if you refuse to accept, and be on your merry way. Stop flaming and "casting others unto Hell," for you have NO RIGHT or place to do that. Only GOD, our Lord and savior, can cast others unto Hell and deem who is going to Heaven or Hell.<br />
<br />
I will continue to pray for you. May you have a blessed day and I hope one day you will no longer be blinded and see more than just an open book tells you....

How am i misinterpreting the words of God?i am clearly stating that a Human being cannot be an angel.The bible clearly states it and i have backed up everything apart from parts that are my own thoughts on the matter where i do not reference scripture.

I don't condemn you , your own heart does.Im just stating what the word of God says then it is up to you to decide.

the Bible is a Divine revelation and communication of God's own mind and will to men.I as a christian believe that but if your not christian then that is fine worship what you want because it is your choice.Just don't call yourself christian.

Christ himself quoted the scriptures all through his ministry and fulfilled the law.

My fine sir, i'd hate to say it, but saying God is perfect, and following the old testament in any way, is simply ridiculous.The old testament is disgrace to the fundamentals of christianity.

The New Testament is concealed in the Old while the Old is revealed in the New.

Matthew 5:17
"Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them."

John 5:46 If you believed Moses, you would believe me, for he wrote about me.

John 5:47 But since you do not believe what he wrote, how are you going to believe what I say?"

i don't think the NAM promotes the left hand path (service to self, self worship.) I'm not a christian but have a deep reverence for jesus and his teachings. However what I consider myself is a servent of the universal spirit, and that's very VERY new age. To me -everyone and everything combined- is god. the WHOLE is god. we are all like leaves of a tree, we think we are seperate and yet we are part of god, jointly. If i were to write a book about this and the cosmic joke and the cosmic egg etc and how we're all interconnected and in reality actually one It would be described as "new age" -no part of that encourages selfishness, it only adds to and reaffirms jesus's own message that the kingdom of god is within us.

What is so wrong in living comfortably? No matter what you believe i would hope that the Creator you ascribe to would, at the very least, be a benevolent and loving one.<br />
If they are, then life is a gift and something to be treasured. if you are comfortable and happy, then perhaps you are doing it right. <br />
If you spend all of your time in conflict and anger, then there appears to be something that's in direct conflict to what you stand for.<br />
You always seem to be battling and upset with the world. unless it happens to be one of those who kiss you backside and tell you how wise you are.<br />
On one thread you seem to be preaching the most fundamental of Christianity, on another you seem to be angry with God and telling how screwed up belief in God is.<br />
I'm not sure what your beliefs are, or if you simply like to pick a fight.<br />
But if you have this belief that you are in some way frightening or intimidating, you are wrong.<br />
You don't intimidate. In fact, most that i have spoken to find you either mildly annoying or one to be pitied.<br />
You should really open your heart more and, even if you don't want to believe in the beliefs of others, at least find happiness in yours.<br />
You claim to be a witch, ok. Well isn't the Wiccan Rede, if it harms none, do as you will?<br />
What these people believe harms none but themselves.<br />
While the venom and hatred that you spew harms many. If you don't want to live by others beliefs, at least live by your own

@ Leporid,<br />
<br />
This is one of those rare occasions when you actually run into some who is right. Mystik is not only sure she is right but also that you are wrong.... and there is no exit ramp on that one.<br />
<br />
At some point she learned to spell truth and it has stuck.. at the same camp meeting she learned that all of us are fools.<br />
<br />
But as a fellow fool.. I must agree with your initial comment... this is a funny post.<br />
<br />
...................................... Lou

@ MystikRage<br />
There is no TRUTH. Nothing can be proved. Life might just be a dream and nothing any more real and tangible than a thought. <br />
All of us hairless monkeys are foolish, jumping, screaking, pretending we are more than we are. If God exists He must be rolling on the floor with laughter! <br />
What does it matter what one human thinks? Let themtry to find some meaning for themselves if it gives them comfort. Far be it for me to take away or even rattle their belief. <br />
<br />
Some are SOOO sure. They are sooo convinced. <br />
<br />
Prove one thing to me. Prove that you are not a figment of my imagination,a fever dream of a god lost in sleep. If you cannot, then you cannot prove anything, know the Truth about anything. <br />
<br />
Try to find comfort, seek joy, be happy and let others have their dreams.<br />
<br />
Now you have me doing exactly what I am apposing. I applaude you if you were doing that on purpose.

Such a funny post. Like we could ever know the "TRUTH". <br />
I am always amused to find the people who are absolutely CONVINCED that they know the TRUTH. We KNOW nothing! We believe what we believe. It is not your responcibility to push your TRUTH on anyone else. That kind of **** causes wars. <br />
Let it be. Let folks believe what they want to, believe what gives them comfort or joy, believe whatever makes them feel special and beleive they have a purpose and meaning in their lives.