My Name Is Akaia.

I walk this world with depression burning inside me, depression that my "twin soul," so he would be referred as by most, is not in this form with me. I have seen people try to claim him as their own, and it infuriates me. I have memories of times i have spent with him. I can see through people's false claims. The memories my friends have gained have backed this up. This is not relevant at this time.
What is relevant. I doubt many things. I have seen someone claim to know what awaits the angels and the fallen angels after the final battle.  I do not see How this is true. Only God knows truly how things will play out in the end. I have seen the final battle in a vision, but no farther. I know which side I will stand on, but that's it. I type this in fury, fury of untrue things that I have seen, false claims. I know many of you tell the truth, but ever so often I come across claims that make no sense to me. 
There is so much I want from this life that I cannot have. Being haunted by demons, such as the one I just recently saw downstairs at my home, seeing things I can not understand, and so much more. I feel so alone.... Even on here, I feel alone..

...sorry, just need to talk to someone. 
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Ah, the subject of "twin flames." It can be delicate and hard to understand, but there are reasons that your twin is not in physical form with you.

I am very curious about what you think of this "Final Battle." Do you mind messaging me with some of the details? Also, are you an incarnated angel--if so, do you know much about yourself?

I want to hear your side on the final battle have talk to my spirit guide lol and he or she both lol said the battle is here on earth....I was just wondering sorry I can't really talk on here that great and i would love to become friends with you!!! If it's all right with you of course!!

Good =] And Akaia897 would probably know that better than I would ;]

@Mydarkbrneyes - Some know, and some don't... They do have gifts such as the ones listed in the bible, but then most people do... And twin flames are very rare, but when they do find each other on this plane, sometimes they know it, and sometimes they don't. It really depends on the people and their own situation. I hope I at least assisted in clearing some of your questions up =]

I understand how you feel, and I have had some similar experiences. If you need someone to talk to, feel free to send me a message. I might not always respond right away, but I will always respond. =] Good luck with everything. <3

What a beautiful story! Know that you are never alone ,should you ever need someone to talk to or vent yourself out drop me an email or whiteboard message !

-- MIGHTY921 <br />
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I agree with you, I was merely frustrated when I said the previous statement. I just don't understand why someone would sit here and bash someone else because they're so firm in their beliefs. I don't mind others opinions, but I wish they wouldn't force their beliefs on someone else. You can give all the advice you want, but in the end, what we as individuals believe in, is our belief. Whether that belief is right or wrong, it is up to us and not others to tell us what to think. That is why we have free will.

you need to understand that people are like that.....sometimes it's in mere rudeness and sometimes out of ignorance and sometimes people don't know and can't see what they are intentionally doing and what wrong they are really causing. :)

You are who you are regardless of what anybody thinks. The truth is found within and not from others. <br />
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as for my truth, incarnated angels, spiritual beings or whatever... angels do not talk trash regardless of what someone may say. angels do not judge or insult. angels do not create negative energy. <br />
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I ask for all those who believe they are angels, to walk the path of angels. <br />
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we are all connected. We are all in one circle. God is seen through everyone's eyes. To claim that we are seperate, that we are detached from eachother, is saying we are detached from god. Then you would be a void, an empty whole where nothing lives or nothing creates.

You know it really amazes me how people are so open to judge before they really get to know someone. I despise hypocrites, and those who would rather stick to their own minds than to be open to other beliefs. You say you are not trying to force someone to believe your beliefs but you are so down hearted to make sure we all follow you and bash those who have other opinions about how things are. We are individuals, and we have the right to believe whatever the hell we want to. So MysticRage, thank you for opening MY path to tell you we don't give a **** what you think. You've had your say and now we will continue on with our lives.

The only thing I see is a hypocritical person trying to tell everyone else that they are wrong. So what if he's wrong about who exactly he is. We are following a path. We may not be sure of a lot of things about ourselves, but at least we are determined to go forward and keep ourselves from doubting who we are. We were not placed here to meet your ideals mystikRage. Do you think your thoughts are the only correct ones. I am tired of your comments on here. You take a a mole hill and make it a mountain, so to speak. I do not know if anyone else has said this to you, but I believe it needed to be said. If you're gonna keep commenting negatively on everything I and the others who have posted on my story have to say, then maybe you might as well delete me from your circle.

@Akaia897; I feel your pain, I know it is deep. I have alienated and hurt a very close and dear soul mate. But what keeps me going is knowing that I have many more soul mates out there, and that her soul is telling me that now is not the time to mend that relationship between us in this life. It tears me up inside not being in a position to do anything as well; I just let go. If your feeling for this is deep, maybe your twin soul will soon join you by inhabiting a human form through a soul exchange. The only thing you can do is prepare for it.<br />
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You mention standing on a side in the final battle. I think something here is skewed as Gaia is moving into the age of light very rapidly, warriors are putting away their swords as they are just not needed anymore. There is no need to stand on one side, as both sides are part of the same coin. Standing and taking sides is slowly disappearing as we integrate our polarity and heal our differences through compassion. I believe..<br />
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@Uriel777; I would not be surprised if you are a walk-in or maybe have multiple souls inhabiting the body.

Yes, that is partly it mystikRage, but there is much more to do with it.

I don't understand your question.

I just used that term because it seemed just a few comments before that someone did not realize what I meant by him being my twin flame.

You know I am here for you. I cannot stand people that make false claims. It's called check your research and get the freakin' facts straight. A true soul mate is yours and yours alone. It's common knowledge, or should be to others who make these false statements. -Sigh- sorry ranting I know, lol. But I'm always here for you my friend! -hugs- ^.^

Mighty921---<br />
I've seen it, if I lose my soulmate under any circumstance, the future I have seen will change, and I will fall. The fact that someone would try and edge in on my soulmate under the false pretense that they could have him as their own infuriates me.

what are emotions? Why are you furious?<br />
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When someone ends a relationship, the other party usually feels broken. Why? Fear of being alone. Fear of never seeing that person again. As time goes on, people get tired of holding that emotion because it is exhausting*. So they let it go. So people choose to be heart broken. People choose to live in survival mode; thus, creating the fear of being alone. Time is only a perception here in the 3d world. <br />
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So you see... things happen for a reason. Let people think or feel whatever they want about anyone. Jealously is an emotion of fear. <br />
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No need to get depressed. You are choosing to be depressed. Everything is happening for a reason, but you must go with the flow and put all fear ba<x>sed emotions to the side and enjoy the ride. :)

Nice to make your acquaintance, Akaia. I entirely agree with you, on every point made here. Just know that you are not alone, and people like myself and the darling above me will always be here for you if you need us. <br />
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