I Am An Incarnated Angel Part 2

No I am not one of these..
I am simply adding a part2 to this line  so that anyone who wants to comment may do so.
The reason for this is that the author of many other posts on this line will not allow comments
that are not as she wants them to be. She will delete and or block comments that are not in
agreemnet with her view.
There are many who believe they are or simply believe in angels. I have read many and I
do enjoy thier comments. Yet.. depending on the author.. these people fall silent, most likely
not by their choice.

All comments welcome
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haha I like it! real catchy! You have a good name, with good meaning!


Hello Sisters and Brothers,,,I have read all of your comments here and I have something to share,,,,First if any of you have not read some of my crazy mind stuff,,,let me introduce myself,,,,I am Mary,,,The Queen of heaven,,,Queen Omega,,,,and believe me when I say that the darkness was here first,,,so all humans come into this plain of reality in darkness,,,,I always say that I had to know who I was not,,,, before I could know who I am,,,,and trust me I did not believe I was Mary for a long time,,,,But God,,,or whatever you want to call the creater of everything,,,,does not stop until each of us is awake,,,and knows who and what they are,,,,,and only those who are meant to care who each of us is,,,,,well I have been on this trip of mine for many moons,,,,and I know what I know,,,and what is real in this world is not real in my world,,,,and that can only be known by those who rasie their vibrations to see what I see,,,,but my world is not self absorbed with stupid titles everyone is a piece to the wholeness of creation,,,My Beloved and I are the lasts messengers,,,Love and Light incarntent and it maters not who believes or who does not believe,,,The fate of all will soon be made visable and what each holds true within is what will be revieled to all,,,,Love and Light Mary

WARNING, Angels of good are causing as much trouble as bad is. They are changing peoples faces just to balance them from bein a pla<x>yer, which would cause them to look like a monster. They are protecting us, but they change our personalities to their own likings. They protect us and use us, but they don't save us from our own mistakes. They interfere in our lives because they are paranoid and doubtful, so we miss an opportunity or a loved one because we are guys, and to the women, is because women are too showy. Some angels are like this, and some aern't. Some like to punish a life, because they think we can't see them, but they can see us. Angels are just modern day psychics/mediums/clairvoyants. They like to give us personalities that block our potential, that interfere with our natural thinking. They like to mess with our conversations, but when they mess up, they don't show theirselves to take the blame and protect and let us understand. They love to play as match maker and mess up true love, thinking they know more. They like to test us and make everything worse. They like to pan our lives, so they can study everything around us and what you would do.. they waste our lives just so they can study something, which isn't necessary, without our permission, as if we were lab projects . They mess with our emotions and don't fix it.

@Mary Wow... How absurd... Only you and your creation's can see what you see... Because they are thing's created by your head.. Your world is your's.. The family of Light are gifted with such.. My world is mine.. To say you are the last messenger's.. I may be reading wrong.. But there are many messenger's in this topic alone.. A message can not be spread by one.. Not effectively anyway.. I have read some of your stories.. A woman like Mariam.. Would not present herself in such a way.. You say you do not want to be recognized as a savior but a friend, But you talk like a savior in your topic's.. You introduce yourself like a higher being, whether you said brother and sister's.. You use manipulation tactic's... Bad one's at that.. You present yourself lower at first.. Then claim your power and status among the God's.. You didn't come here for the topic at hand.. You saw people who are capable of believing you.. And took the chance to try and make believer's.. Haha Im starting to feel like Mystic Here.. But.. I know a fake when I see them.. Now.. I dont doubt you may be gifted... But from the look's of all the writing's I have read.. You are a hypocrite.. You dont want to be known as the savior.. But you preach it.. In multiple stories.. I am the queen! blah blah.. Im sure of one thing.. A God' Goddess. queen... whatever would not waste their time on experience project trying to prove themselves.. a real one would do it in the street's and prove so effectively.. So I have just read your a rainbow child.. And you have been to many rainbow gathering's.. I do understand, the use of Certain drug's can help you see thing's but can also distort and fool you.. Fry your brain and lead you wrong.. As you claim to be queen of the heaven's.. you are claiming to be my goddess.. Quite Frankly Insulting... My Goddess is too important to waste her time down here, as for My God's.. They are Mother and Father.. Much too busy Nurturing their children... Not trying to prove themselves down on earth.. and horribly at that.. I know I am being Insulting.. But you are more insulting..

I am a different gifted person as well, I once was lost and dead in my transgressions with the lable of schizoaffective meaning I heard voices and was bipolar. BUT... God gave me many gifts to give me life and guide me out of the darkness, the first one was the living water which quenches my thirst and cleanses me of my sin, the second was a vision of the cross which was loud and clear like the sound of rocks splitting it caused me not only to start believing in Jesus but brought me peace in that moment and gave me life. Christ gives life to the dead. This life was a fragrance that of which is acceptable to God I am to speak it sincerely as someone sent by God 2 Corinthians 2:14. Then came the hand of the Lord which is there to bless me and to keep me from harm. Then the Holy Spirit would pour over me enabling me to prophecy and for God to make movies of my life Acts chapter 2 that is when the darkness fled in a billow of smoke and the light came in like a white cloud and all of the demons faded away!

ummm... A little off topic.. But, that is a statement only believed by those who trust the bible.. I am not one of them..

In my opinion, the bible is not a book you should live by. It has little, to no truth in it. It was a way for people back in that time period to explain things. Things that they could not understand, and wouldn't now. I don't take the bible too seriously, because internally, we all know mankinds history, as it was born with us like generations of knowledge has been passed down in other species.

Dear ShallowDreamers I am sorry if I have insulted you that was not my intent at all, nor was I trying to get anyone to believe in my reality,,,anyone can be as low as a roach and as high as the queen of heaven,,,my point if there was one was light and dark are in everyone,,,,and as far as the last God said that and God is the one that told me I was mary,,,and sorry I am not a fake,,,,and I do not have to convence anyone that I am what God says I am,,,not what man nor woman says,,,,not even my own head has a say in that matter,,,,God has never lied ,,,and as far as why I am here to be the fool,,,the clown hang around trying to get her creation some what perpared for what is to come,,,but don't believe me,,,one day computers and other man made things will not work,,,and as far as me being in the street,,,I was there but now I give my time to my mother,,,,she needs me,,,yes I know the world needs me too,,,but I will be back in the streets soon,,,,The rainbow is full of people who have lied to me,,,and I will take my message to those who are prepared for me for real,,,,Schizoaffective so what do you know about that disorder mister shadowman,,,,you are not a seer for if you were than you would see more of me than you do,,,,Love and Light

Btw concrete angel or seraphcherubsolange knows she is not Mary so back off Mystik

I don't have to be a seer to see truth.. You state the truth yourself.. You kind of give yourself up.. I'm going to address one issue.. and drop the rest of the topic.. God has never Lied.. Well.. he actually did... Many time's... I am not against him, that is not what I am saying.. God is not perfect.. If you believe in the bible.. It state's that we were created in his Image.. He is much like us.. God Lied to us about the great flood, He said, something along the line's, that He would not kill man again.. I don't remember the exact quote.. But He did, Sodom and Gomorrah.. I find this next statement as a sense of a lie.. The Original Ten commandment's were stated differently than what they changed them to.. It went from I will not kill.. To Thou Shall not kill.. As God said, I will not kill, speaking of himself.. and man.. He broke his own law's, multiple time's.. A lie.. There are many other lie's, not on my mind at the moment..

First you again twist my words, I said God has never lied to me. Love and Light Mary

With all this talk of god and angels.. I do not know which god you are all talking about.. is it the same one or maybe the difficulty is that you are each talking of a different one..<br />
Does each god have an army of angels or just a few?<br />
<br />
@ Mystik,<br />
You again have not answered the simple question about your guy.. is he a CIA or a minister?<br />
<br />
@Teniel,<br />
You are so wise for your years..

ummm do you guys get that this is a scam? this guy is messing with you and by your participating and responding you lose so much good energy. <br />
This person is lost and sucks the light out of people who are open and vulnerable.<br />
Hello? look at his AV a ship about to wreck at sea. <br />
This really kills me that people who genuinely want to connect with like minds have to be tormented and tricked. Best advice- don't share personal things with people you meet on-line!!!!!!!!!<br />
There was a time you could do this but the world is much different now. Learn about grounding yourself. Meditation. These things will help you much more than dealing with such energy drains.

@elementale<br />
Well, I do not know about many others, but I, in this world feel very alone. It is here where I discovered others like myself, where I learned who I am. Would you say that is a mistake? Would you have rather me wandered along looking but not knowing what I was looking for? Forever living behind the veil I am meant to see through? Also, please do not judge our dear Lou. He has earned the trust of many of us. It is true that there are dangers online. We just must use common knowledge to avoid them though.<br />
<br />
With love in my heart and faith for a better tomorrow, <br />