Has Anyone Felt Their Wings? :)

I have legit felt my wings on my back.
Have you?
If you have. . .let's talk about it.
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I'm very new to the spiritual life.. i mean it was always there. but for me that was just the natural way of seeing word. lately really unusual thinks been happening. first very loon energy, then more thinks rapidly appearing in surroundings.. past few days i feel like the wings are growing on my back.. it feels like with snake ..that i just have to rub the skin off and they will be out..i went for the massage... omg this girl was like she just know that there are wings and she has to help me to take them out.. so now i feel like they out... they massive.. i can spread them.. but still having problems with balancing..i feel like yang bird .. i love spreading them.. but find annoying going thru th door they are way bigger .. i guess there are some changes happening in my life.. I'm looking now for signs of my per pose of been what ever I'm . Love. M x

Here's my story, I ve always wanted wings ever since ive read the maximum ride series. So i would pray every night. Now... My shoulder blades hurt and feel like they are morphing even my friend said they are shaped weirdly. I can feel it. Ive also had dreams where i fly with wings.

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I am really glad i got to find this i have recenty for a few days now felt that somthing on my back near my shoulder blades was attempting to almost come out and i have known i am a earth angel (as of yet i stil cant tell witch one i think im incarnated though because i have most of there traits but odly i feel more at home in both the wind and water so idk) and just today i asked god archangel michel and archangel raphael to alow me to see y wings and the pain has bean hurting more i also am starting to feel a waight on my back (i honestly hope i get to see them soon i even did the meditation somewhat that was sugested by others) i sorta feel as if i have more than two wings i think i have either three or four idk it just feels that way.

Best wishes and love to all

I've had a similar story. I'm not exactly sure if I have "Wings" maybe I've had, but idk if I still have them. It all started when I was 5 yrs old I was living with my grandma & she had this hallway with a full size mirror in it. One night I was sleeping & I guess I slept walked my way infront of the mirror. What I saw was a little white boy about my age at the time he was on the other side of the mirror he placed his hand on his side of the mirror & so I "mirrored him" I didn't expect my hand to pass through & lock with his. He encouraged me to enter the mirror & follow him & I did so entering his world. We had to cross a bridge & all I remember was watching a play with him sitting down at a table looking at a plate of rice. Then I saw a grandfather clock I realized I had to get back to my world & so I ran back he chased after me. I didn't want him to follow me so I cut the rope the bridge that connected our world. I clearly remember sneaking back to bed to sleep. Its crazy how I still remember all of this even if it was just a dream. I'm not so sure it seemed real to a 5yr old not to mention I would draw pictures of the little boy to my mom. Few years passed at age 9 I remeber I was never able to do more then 15 situps because my back have alwats hurt when i try to. It just was to heavy for me. Even the girls who were very heavier & unfit were able to atleast do 30 Ive always thought i had a back problem. At age 10 was when i started to Have vivid dreams almost daily. In most of them i dreamed about getting out of bed & growing wings out my back ripping my cloths ready to fly out the window. Another dream i had was entering a spaceship that crashed onto earth i spoke with a higher being she asked me what i wanted. I asked for wings. She told me that i had to grow a little taller first or they will be to heavy for me. Also she asked me if thats what i really wanted. She said that i would have to give up the life i have now if i truly wished to. My dreams where everywhere, but it always somehow connected to my previous dreams it made me wonder if it was a past life memory of some sort im not sure. Ive always been to afraid to find out. l

I feel mine

Me to it kinda hurts thouh

Get out from under the ostrich , it will trample you it's not a game u know lol

I was at a church retreat and started to speak in tongues but this was a different type more of a rhythmic language and another charismatic friend came up to me and told me I am an angel. I thought, no way not me. About three weeks ago, during the rosary to the Holy Spirit I felt wing growing from my shoulder blade, I even felt my jean jacket rise as the wings grew. Finally, my third confirmation was about two weeks ago, I am now able to see Angels in the sky at all times. I didn't know my life's mission clearly but now I am a getting a sense of it more and more. I am barely 24 and glad to be on this path of truth and life.

I started to notice things in just this past week. Firstly I had really bad shoulder pain that extended down along my spine so I went to the physio because it was becoming unbearable. When I got there he felt two clusters of muscles that went under my shoulder blades and down my back that he could not explain or get rid of. So he gave me some medication for the pain and discussed surgical procedures. Later I took the medication and it made me sick (I had it before and have had no issues) so I was bed bound for a few days just sleeping. My boyfriend and I then went to his friends house, his mother is a highly spiritual person who I hadnt met (side note their house is on a portal to the afterlife) as soon as I sat down she asked me if I felt like I was being watched. I had because for the past 13 years I have had an extremely dark entity living in my house so I have always felt like I was being watched. She told me that archangel michael was standing with his hand on my back and archangel raphael had his hand on my head. She told me later to imagine being surrounded by white light but all I could imagine was a giant pair of wings wrapping around my self and my boyfriend. Later in the evening I told her about a reoccurring dream I had and could never change. It was a past life memory where I was a roman soldier and this dream was archangel Michael trying to tell me I will be one of his warriors. Other things have happened in my past as well but now I can feel the wings and see them in my minds eye and the amount of love energy I can feel radiating off my chest is almost unbearable. its been a wild week but my shoulder and back pain is gone and my back feels lighter than ever as if I am being lifted.

It sounds as if you are a Warrior for the Light possibly. If this is your contract in this life, congratulations on getting such a clear message directly from AA Michael! We are all light workers on the Planet at this time and have come here to obliterate the dark forces once and for all. It sounds like you are just awakening, and you will be Divinely directed to your mission if you stay close to your Heart. It will lead you to where you need to be.
Don't worry, you are in the exact spot you are supposed to be right now, doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing.
The world is undergoing a huge shift and transformation right now and our Higher Selves are also attempting to rejoin us so we can once more become the Divine Royal Angels we have always been, but forgot so long ago. This could explain the occurrences you are mentioning. Our 3D bodies have forgotten who We Really Are, but our Higher Selves who eternally reside in 5D energy have not. They know exactly what is going on, as do our Angels and Guides, and all we have to do is let go and trust in this process. There is a website I belong to called The Galactic Free Press, and this site is run by Mother and Father God. They are currently in Human form to assist Us all in obliterating the dark forces once and for all as I have said previously. They are also in Human form because they had to experience what we are going to be eventually going through firsthand so they could then teach the process to Us. They are working 24/7 to assist us in becoming the Royal Angels we are eventually going to be, and are there to answer any questions we may have along the way.
God Bless You Light Warrior!! Welcome Home!!!

I'm a 53 year old man and April 14 2012 I suffered cardiac arrest and was dead. This happenend twice and it was real peaceful. Last weekend I walked into a storethat sells oils and stones and different things. They also have mediums there. My daughter went to the back of the store and I went to a room up front. I Was approached by one of the mediums that was so excited to tell me that when I walked in the store she noticed I had a big pair of Angel Wings on me. She then asked if I had a. Serious illness at one time and I explained I had passed and she finished my sentence with April 15. and I told her it was the 14th. She made a lot of correct statements and explained a lot of my frustrations. Has anyone else been told this before? I had another person tell me when I walked passed by her I had a real strong good ora. The medium told me that when I transitioned to the otherlife, and then came back I cameback with angel wings. I don't know what to think but I think she's right. I would like to find a church that sees this in the bible and can get an explanation. Anyone know of any of this?

Church and the bible really have nothing to do with divine inspiration. They are just doctrines that are man made stories that have been changed so many times they hold few truths anymore. What happened to you was Divine in nature and was meant to assist you in awakening to Your true Self. Bibles and church do not teach that we are all Divine Beings who are very powerful on this planet, but rather tend to attempt to remove our power from us and therefore make us dependent on them for God's Love. I wish you could recall what happened to you when you passed on and then returned. There would be many truths revealed to your Heart and mind if that were possible. If you listen very closely to your Heart it will lead you to the truth of your experiences. Love and Light to you, and an easy and complete recovery too.

I don't know if these things could be gastro whatever, but I have been having pain in my mid back and stomach too. I think the angel wings are starting, plus the Love energies are getting stronger on this planet for sure! I have been getting more sensitive in stomach area, and have been eating smaller portions which is better anyway. What I have been feeling mostly is that I am not really from here or I would not be feeling this way at all!

I swear I'm growing wings. I have really bad stomach aches, head aches, and my back SERIOUSLY hurts. Im praying to god and doing spells, and I think they're coming in a couple days. I also want to be able control my dreams and go into them so I can do or get anything and be able to bring stuff back. But I was thinking, I saw these feathers with pictures on them, so I kinda want each of my feathers to have a memory on them, and then all of of the feathers to make a picture of my most important memory. It would be beautiful. I just want wings more beautiful than I can imagine.

Just wait a minute.... Bad stomach aches, headaches and back that hurts has never been symptoms for growing wings..sounds more like mild gastro-enteritis. Some claim here that they have \"energetic wings\" but no one here has ever grown real wings.... What i am saying is that you should take the physical symptoms of your body more seriously, take care of your body, he is telling you he needs your attention.

My first memory of being different was at the age of 3. I remember distinctly climbing up the 3rd stair and jumping off. When my mum asked what I was doing and why was I crying, my answer was "why can't I fly anymore?"
When my older sister learnt to play the piano, all I wanted was a big harp. No joke, I know it may sound cliche, and I'm sorry if it does but it's the truth.
I feel a really heavy tearing sensation in my right shoulder from time to time. And when I meditate I see one wing curled around someone protecting them. My other stretches outwards in a relaxed fashion when I do my healing work.
It's funny, it's only been in the last few days where I have found all these articles on incarnated angels. Reading them I feel so calm and its so nice to just know I'm not crazy.
I also hear my choir when I'm going to receive messages, and this experience just can not be put into words. Archangel Michael is the archangel I have worked with a few times now. He has shown me a few amazing things about myself and the world.
At night, often though not every night, instead of dreaming like others here do, I am met by my peers who talk me through some human traits I struggle to understand. I am also given advice and guidance on how best to deal with this. I can also find myself with my peers when I am going to raise a vibration in my healing work. Usually I am in white or gold light when this happens, and there is always the sweetest music, so softly in my ears.
None of us are perfect, and I can very often misjudge an outcome or someone else's behaviour because I am learning all the time and sometimes find this very difficult to cope with and read. The only things I am sure about are animals and the earth.
I do love it here, i have many blessings but it does get very intense sometimes. I cannot describe the panic and feeling of failure and lots of other stomach churning feelings if I find I have upset someone. And this goes on and on till there is a resolution. Usually on my part, within my energy.
I could go on and on, and I feel I have done a wee bit too much already. My apologies, but thank you for this experience and allowing those among us a chance to express if they want and need to. :)

When you feel the stomach churning and the like, this is something you likely need to release and let the thought forms go also that created this experience. You are an Angel of the Light and thinking negatively is not healthy for those who realize they are Divinely connected, which is what your body is attempting to tell you when this happens. Just release all that is not serving your Highest interest regardless of who you may think you are hurting. We are all Divine Beings who play roles which assist us in mostly healing and releasing that which does not serve us, so we can keep on expanding into eventual Pure consciousness energy, and in responding, we always have a choice to respond positively or negatively according to Divine Will.
You will find your balance. All you have to do is ask for all to be revealed to you, setting your intention for this to be done easily, and with Lots of Divine assistance from your Guides and Angels too.

If you are really an angel you do not have to do a spell to get that would mean they are superficial and not natural.

I've tried a wing spell maybe 3 or 4 years ago. Since then I haven't grown any wings. And I gotta say, my story will never be as amazing and frightining as MadamDemonia. Just a few weeks ago,(maybe in June) my back started to feel heavy, like something was pulling down on my shoulders, and I can still feel it to this day. I'm not sure if my wings are starting to grow or if my back is just sore. I know my story isn't really 'that' interesting,nor is it really 'that' long,but I just want to know. Is my back just sore or am I really starting to grow my very own wings? I have a dream,not every day but maybe every other day,that I could fly. It starts off with me waking up out of my bed(the dream) then walking out side to people surrounding my house. But why? Then,people shout its her its her! The winged girl! The winged girl! I look around,obviously I have no clue what the heck on Earth they're talking about, then outta no where wings emerge from my back,a few camera flashes go off and then..I wake up! What's with this dream? Why do I have it? Will I get my wings? Or is my back just sore? Why does it feel like something or someone is pulling my shoulders and shoulder blades? So many questions. You can only answer so many at a time. It's my dream to fly! I really mean it,too!! And I don't mean to fly an airplane. Can some one answer those questions? Please?

I know this sounds weird but sometimes I have weird back pains and on my shoulder blades. Like something is missing or something that's growing or trying to rip out. I really don't know how to explain it. It hurts and it feels heavy. Every time I feel this way I always think that they might be wings. Like today (right now) my back and shoulder blades hurt and they feel heavy.

oh OK, I thought I was going crazy or something.

i am a 21 year old soon to turn 22, ever since i was about 5 i have been gifted or cursed as my nana would say but for as long as i can remember i had one experience were i was resting on my bed and i get this feeling that i am rising off my bed ans i open my eye is see the ceiling fall away from me and my so called best friend ran out of the room calling me a freak, she later explained that i had rose up off my bed and was just floating there. well since then i have not been able to do that but i still get this itch that something is going to bust out from my shoulder blades and rip the skin away and other times it like an older power washes over me and i just want to rip out of my skin and take up running. I'm just wondering if anyone else feels like this from time to time and if they know a way to make this feeling pass. when ever i feel like this i become easily irritated and it puts a lot of stress and emotional problems in our house so i need help if anyone can offer any.

Call on Yeshua, Your maker, only listen to and believe what He tells you as you seek Him, only He knows. He will help you. The God of the bible is who He says He is.. Let His blood cover you by crying out to Him for it, He will wake u up and show you who you are. I have levitated by the power of God and also when demons were trying to trick me...but God shows me the truth, call on Him w out ceasing ask Him to reveal Himself, He has all of the answers and loves to share w those who seek answers from Him. Yeshua will help you understand.

I think it started when I was around 15-16 years of age. It wasn't a sudden experience like the vast majority of yours, yet they soon gained a mind of their own. I was doing a mediation i found online, and thought "Its probably one of those ones that work for some people and not for others". I was surprised when i felt this weird sensation flowing down my back in the middle of the exercise, as though they were 'unfurling'; in a sense I suppose. My back muscles started to loosen around my shoulder blades and i could feel soft feathers tickling the skin around my neck, arms and my knees (i was sitting on my bed btw). So that was the end of that, or so I thought.Then it started to happen randomly, i wasn't sure if it was trying to protect me against something or was acting on my emotions. One scenario in particular was during a religion lesson (i go to a catholic school); and we were praying for this student to get better and to survive this 7 hour long operation because she has suffered a brain haemorrhage... (she was in year 7 and ironically enough she was the girl under my locker at school). I'm currently agnostic, and while i was baptised as a Christian Catholic- i converted around this time because i didn't believe in the catholic churches principles (i found them highly sexist and degrading against women; and hadn't been modified to fit in with this century) nor did i attend church. However, i decided to pray for this one occasion because i felt 'compassion' for her- that and she has thrown up blood around my locker area and on my friend who had been that 10 seconds longer than i was at my locker and had unfortunately got some of the vomit on her skirt. But that's besides the point. While i was praying, i felt them suddenly unfurl and start to extend towards the ceiling of the classroom, spreading themselves. I started to get a little panicky because this had never happened before- and i thought someone would see them and start questioning me asking "what the hell are those!?".Other times they would unfurl would be when my friend is telling me about her traumatic life (which actually gets me very depressed, but i listen because it makes her feel better), and would actually start to flap as though it was trying to cleanse all the negative energy i was absorbing from her (i read about this while i was doing research on this subject because it sparked my curiosity). Yet, there was one experience that really freaked me out- it happened during mediation (they always seem to unfurl whenever i mediate now, or whenever i get the chance to). I was sitting on my bed, relaxed- feeling my wings unfurl when i heard them softly land on the bed- the only way i can describe it to you is by imagining a palm tree branch slowly flopping down onto a mattress. But it didn't end there, next thing i now i start hearing this flapping noise of wings getting louder in my ears. This really freaked me out, i opened my eyes and my heart was thundering in my chest. That's pretty much it, besides the time i decided to strength it (has something to do with your shoulder blade chakra which is connected to your heart chakra)... which ended up with my heart chakra exploding (i'm not joking when i say this) and forming a force shield barrier around me (i swear i'm not crazy!), it was sort of like it was coming out of me like it was some form of radiation?One last thing, I don't have the expectation of having what some people like to think of as 'angel wings', because i'm not religious and i don't like to believe i'm some incarnated angel (... i need for evidence than these experiences, golden halo thing around my head and sometimes getting stigmata pains in my hands or around my crown (like when my aunty tried to spray the room with this calming jasmine essence, which resulted in me having a pretty bad headache that went around the circumference of my head).I'm not lying or exaggerating any of these experiences- so if you don't believe me, your loss. Also, i hope i haven't bored you with these experiences of mine... I just hope there's other people out there with similar experiences to mine :).Thank you for reading.P.s. I've seen only seen my wings once, and i have to say they really freak me out... (some of the feathers have red eyes on them, and look sharp like a knife blades or something).

Hi, i am 16, It just happend, at 6:45 pm on this 5/7/13. I have just "sprouted" my wings, I know some people have small ones when it starts, but mine started at 6:45 and in about one hour they where fully grown. I feel like I am in danger, my heart won't stop pulsing, I can't sit with my back against anything, I don't know how I am going to sleep tonight. It is cold, but I keep feeling these warm "wings" pressing up against my skin even though I cannot see them, I know they are there. I don't know why, but I feel like I am going to cry, and this feeling hasn't stopped for the last couple hours. I strongly belive in god, but I feel like I am far beyond what I was not to long ago. I am going to start a journal, I will keep everyone updated.

You are coming into yourself now. We are all angels here on this planet, and some of us can feel this in more tangible ways than others. This is going to happen more and more due to Humanity awakening on this planet at this time.

I have no indication that I might be an angel, except for my caring nature that is not accepted in today's society. What I feel that brought me here is itching in the area on my back where wings might grow. I feel it usually in the evenings. I have no rash or any other reason for this itching. I have pulled "feathers" out of my breasts, or at least little hairy things that look like feathers for years. weird, eh? Anyone else have this experience?

I am a girl and i have no back problems...yesterday I felt a burning sensation on my back then I started to feel like there was something under my shoulder blades.....I dont know if I am a angel or what....The night before i prayed that god would give me wings and make me into a angel =) I dont know if im just paranoid or its true

Btw, just to ensure your safety, I would ask to be a living angel, or at least a virtues angel, because people have died doing angel spells. I just want you to be safe. I was going to start a flock because I know my wings are coming soon. I found this site called realwishesdotcom, so I was going to make a wish to be able to create and control my own worlds where you can do, be, or get anything. It would be safe from hunters. My friend also wants wings after I get mine, so if anyone wants to start a flock with me that would be great. Id just have to tell my parents eventually. But yea..., I know it\'s long, but my email is . My screen name is gonna be either tygerlily or tygerswift or sushicat ninjastar

I also feel like something is protruding from my shoulder blades. I also have a heavy feeling in my chest feel like something bad is coming or something bad is going to happen soon. I also feel that anyone else that has the same feeling is not from this world and has a part in saving or protecting it.

20 minutes ago, I just had similar filling, so I randomly ended on this page, reading all this comments where I found a lot of similarities. For some period I allways felt some kind of blokade in the back of my head, my awarness would consitly flew somewhere behind my body, defocusing me in my everyday activities. But tonight, while I was doing my meditation, I felt beautiful divine energy gently flowing throught my body, slowly relaxing centres in my brain, and than, I felt energy rising up my spine, dividing into each shoulder blade, where I felt "something" spriding, like wings. I didn't have similar expirience, but for a days I'm receving very bad vibrations, like something horrible gonna happen soon, something is comming...

What if something really was coming though? Would you be prepared for it?

And it's odd, I often get myself into a trance without having to really meditate. The wings never leave me, they just linger there. Sometimes it feels like it's about to come out, like something is ripping through my back, but then it dies down and it still stays there as it is. I wonder if this has occurred for you.

It's interesting that there are a lot of people who are feeling their wings lately, since it means that my friends and I are not the only ones! It's been happening a lot more often though, and I've been seeing a lot of the action that goes on the other side. It'd be interesting if some of us recognised each other, no? c:

I'm a 31 year old female... my blood type as a child was O- and has now switched to O+ ... I gave up meat a year ago, I don't watch TV or take part in normal society functions other than working for money to pay bills.. I have very strong vivid dreams on a daily basis...I communicate with ET in dreams, during meditation and at night while looking up at the "stars." A few months ago I started getting a tingling sensation in the center of my back where the shoulder blades meet.. its not painful but rather makes me curious as to what might eventually protrude mother and father have already passed away (my mother dec 21 2012 and father june 6 2000...lately..dreams of both of them alternately have been happening...I've been told I am a rainbow serpent but also have simian ancestry...I've heard of winged monkeys and reptilians (dragons) and believe myself to be of a hybrid mix...does anyone have anymore info on this topic?

I've been told that this feeling means the heart chakra is gearing up.

and btw i have a weird feeling that the world will end soon and this wing thingy that we feel it's like a sign that we're gonna be saved or something and we will be on God's side....and have you suddenly received some weird witchcraft knowledge?....if you did please contact me cuz i have a lot to discuss with you....have a great day

i also feel like i got wings and when i open the wide the magic starts.....for the first time i've opened them wide all the lights on the street when off....then i felt an intense energy flowing through my body making me more focused, attentive on details faster, stronger, and i could stay awake for was 3am. when happend....i was outside with my friends....and this happends whenever i open them wide....i feel like i'm invincible or something....owww and i almost forgott i can sense life force....i can't sense even a simple bug on the floor....and i don't do drugs or suffer from a mental dissorder.....i was perfectly normal till 1 week ago....

I also feel same I feel I have wings I feel like I am black angel

what if you cant see anything but you know something is there thats really painfull

This might be completely wrong but just now I was sitting listening to music and thinking about my baby nephew who has passed and then I got a weird sort of soft tingly sensation....the feeling was sort of in the shape of wings. It wasnt painful infact it was quite pleasant and it filled me with joy! hmmm very strange! x