I Have A Secret,,,by TheWingedOne,(aka-Kartion)

Friends are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.

 Incarnated angels are spirits of the angelic realm who incarnate as humans to help people learn something very specific. Angel Incarnates usually have a very short life span; die in pregnancy, infant hood, or as children. Although some live to adulthood if the lesson they need to teach is to happen during that timein their life. They rarely marry, or marry late in life, although that's not a given either. Some live longer to experience love, marriage and parenting.Angels who incarnate as human beings may be here just for a short time with a specific mission or purpose. Awakened angels are here is to experience being human, a human body, to feel pain, joy, vulnerability, and helplessness. Angels are not superior to humans or another life form. They are just that, another life form.These people still retain a great deal of their angelic power, assuming they can learn how to access it, and often maintain a close relationship with deity and divinity. Many incarnated angels are also walk ins,Meaning they may not have been born as angel, but one walked in to their body when the time was right.Most incarnated angel walk ins are aware of their multiple souls.Because angelics are so close spiritually to the creator, then tend to be very creative as people. Communication is often hard for them, so they communicate through music, art or writing. Many angelics are sensitive to light, sound and touch and may also be classified as crystal children.Many angel incarnates remember or feel the presence of etheric wings, kind of like a phantom pain that someone who has lost a limb feels. They can see or sense the size, shape, and color of what their wings look or feel like. As far as halo, well, everyone has one of those. It's the crown chakra just above the top of your head. Angelics tend to have a stronger or overactive crown and third eye chakra and may have weak or underactive base and sacral chakras.Angelics may also feel confined in their human body, which is one of the lessons they incarnate to learnabout. Because of this, their dreams may very often be out of body experiences to ease that restriction.Angels frequently appear in parallel universes. Our energetic frequency is slightly different, we tend to literally have one foot in two worlds (or more).Stories of angels appear in just about every religion. And many of those religions will insist that angels will never incarnate. But this isn't true. We have incarnated to teach and learn since the beginning of time, not only on this planet but many other worlds as well. Some think that angel incarnates are the so-called fallen angels. Again, this isn't true. In the spiritual world there is no concept of good or bad.Evil is only in the mind of humankind, and one of the many lessons to learn to overcome. And one of the lessons angels incarnate to learn to understand.Duties of angel incarnates can include being a teacher, healer, counselor, watcher, guardian or guide.Most angelics have a strong connection to one or more of the known archangels.We are literally spiritual beings striving for an earthly experience.

                But how do you know if you are an Earth Angel? Some of the characteristics are listed below
                  Feeling different,separate or disconnected from others.
                    Sensitivity to people, chemicals or violence
                      A strong sense of purpose
                        Problems with manifesting abundance or relationships.
                          Looking younger than your chronological years.
                            A ringing sound in one ear (which is high level communication that is
                              "unintelligibe Strangers telling you their problems.
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