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The Off Ramp.....................

That is my exit ahead, so I will exit this thread now.
My intent in joining this thread was, from the start one of learning. I do this with as many different or diverse topics I become aware of.
The idea that someone would imagine themselves as an angel, incarnate or otherwise simply interested me to the pint I just had to learn as much as I could.
My reason for this interest is that by the shear weight of evidence, there is more to what we call our existence than what is so apparent. There is more to us than the life of experiences  that are our daily lives. What remains beyond the experiences of life is the mystery and this mystery is not.within the boundaries of the physical world we live. For the very existence of our physical world has been called my many, simply an illusion... and I must agree.

If you choose to believe there is a power that created our world and universe, then this power could be given a name that also suits your belief. Be it god, the great spirit or Guaumatz as in the Maya tradition... it really doesn't matter. Creation has been ongoing from that time to now and we, that is all of us are but a part of this. As we grew and evolved or even if your belief has us all instantly appear, the result is the same... we are here and living as we do. From a place within us there is a urgency that many call a voice, a voice that whispers to us that there is more to us than what is so apparent. In response to this, we as mankind have constructed a number of belief systems that seem to satisfy this voice. All well within the boundaries and limits of our physical world.

Our lives are lived within these boundaries together with everything else in this physical world as it must. So I, as the rest of us live what I call "a scientific life", it is a life that obeys the laws of physics. This not a choice it is something we all must do and have done though it has become so automatic it is seldom considered.  Yet as we satisfied by what we have created that inner voice remains with its ever constant message... there is more to us. But we seem then overwhelmed by what our life's experiences are and it seems that we have done all we can to satisfy that inner voice that insists there is more. Foe indeed, there is more, much more.

To look at what creation has brought we must look at all of Creation and our physical world is such a small part of the whole. The rest that lies beyond remains a mystery, as mysterious as our original interpretation that brought about the creation of the many belief systems we hold so dear. 

To solve this mystery we must examine the many clues which are all around us with the critical eye of science. This is not as lofty a task as it may sound. It is a task that has been done, over and again by those before us, long before there was an an educational system. To do as they did, one must observe what is there before us, for that alone is pure science.

So the questions then begin.. questions that can only be answered by what is called creation or nature. The answer is always a simple one, as simple as the one Confucius gave to his students when asked :

..............." If we are to do the work our master asks, how will we know if he will not speak.
You ask if god speaks? Then let me ask you,  does god speak? Does not the bird sing its song? Does the river flow and the stars shine and sun roise each day?
So let me ask you all again, does god speak?

The answer of course is that god spoke.. he spoke and creation began. There is no need for him to speak again for his wish, his command is ongoing and its splendor is all about us for us to see and examine. Within his creation are the laws we must all obey. It is not a choice for his command, his creation will not allow anything but strict obedience of his law. And still there is more.. for we call our universe is but an illusion, an illusion that includes our own beliefs. We and our illusions are but a fraction of the whole of creation, a creation that includes the mystery that remains.

But for now, I must move on to what is next for me. I have met so many  who I would enjoy a continuing connection. There is so much to learn and we each provide another piece of the grand puzzle not only to each other, but to ourselves.

................................................................................................................ Lou2012
Lou2012 Lou2012 66-70, M 8 Responses May 6, 2011

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Hello Lou,

WOW I just read this again......WOW WOW WOW

Love Ya DoodSkat

@ Whym,<br />
<br />
I had forgotten this post.. and now I must do as I said and not comment further on this thread. It will be difficult for I have found so many who visit this thread to be warm caring people. And as we all live this life we will at some time realize that finding a warm caring heart has made our lives worth the effort.<br />
I count you as one.<br />
<br />
As for the beliefs exressed here.. in time we will also find that they must change, not only change but in their time, set aside. We exist only because the laws of creation allows it. For within creation itself are the comandments we all must obey. <br />
<br />
Yet, it is clear that we are much more than what is so apparent. We have the freedom to express and create, and we have done this beyond the boundries of the laws of creation. We have built temples that have no foundtion and belief systems that are equally built.<br />
<br />
Though it has been proved time and again, it seems we have not gotten the message, the single warning within these laws<br />
.. adapt or perish. <br />
<br />
This and other clues are all about for us to examine.. but seldom adheard to.<br />
.................................................................. Lou

This is a well written, beautifully articulated post Lou. I'm sorry for the things you encountered here, but your composure and compassion come through loud and clear. <br />
Much enjoyed. :) xx

@ Taniel,<br />
<br />
You have been missed.. I know I have.<br />
I'm so glad to hear form you and thank you for your comment.<br />
<br />
.............................................................................. Lou

@ Mystik,<br />
<br />
On this and any other story that might place here on EP, I will not block or delete any comments made. For for it is my view that to do so is an act somewhere between childish or cowardly.<br />
<br />
That said, I will also not entertain or respond to or on comments that carry the tone such as you only seem to know or understand. You are so uninformed in so many ways that you can only act in the manner of what is understood as gutter language.<br />
<br />
If you wish to disagree and offer a view that is in the vain of courtesy and respect for the views of others, then please do. For myself, should what you offer be misguided or misinformed as so many of your stories and comments, I will continue to address them as I have along with what corrections I am aware of. <br />
<br />
Otherwise I will not address or comment on what you do say as in the comment you have made here. I will simply ignore it as you have to my past corrections on your stories or comments.<br />
<br />
If you wish to live in the gutter and only parrot what others have written or said.. then that is you choice as well as your limitation. It is always sad to me to see some one with some potential waste away in the litter and garbage they have chosen as a life style.. it is sad.<br />
<br />
..................................................................... Lou

Wonderful Words Lou. =)

doodskat, Ana,<br />
<br />
Thank you both for the nourishment you have provided me with, it remains in me as part of my ever growing strength.<br />
I do hope we continue as friends, for in this we simply widen our area of search and knowledge. Our beliefs, be they different or not, cannot be allowed to stop and cause us to become distant. There are more who may wish to join us and I would welcome each with the vigor I have with you.<br />
<br />
Others who will mock us and want us to change our path, we can only allow them to be as they choose to be. Our strength and our voice is not to be used on them but saved for our journey as we shed more of what holds us in place. Each step along the path can only be taken as we shed the beliefs we now hold. There is no need to declare what is shed to anyone, we as well as they will know we have by the simply being allowed to take that next step.<br />
<br />
................................................................... Lou

Dear Lou,<br />
<br />
A beautiful soul has just spoken words of very wise wisdom. <br />
You are the embodiment of the master within.<br />
<br />
I am so pleased that you wrote this. <br />
It so stands out and speaks so much. It comes so deep from your soul.<br />
<br />
I am so proud to have to read this. <br />
<br />
You flow with the water of life!<br />
<br />
You live….. The purpose of why we are here.<br />
<br />
<br />
To Life!<br />
<br />
You are a beautiful soul upon the waves. <br />
<br />
You soar into the heavens! <br />
<br />