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The Messenger

I do not know why but I am compelled to post a song on this page as of late. Maybe its a remembrance of someone that was on here. In some way through it all I still have a heart to forgive and never forget. I know that I have not been on as much to know the full complexity of the stories that have unfolded here or the drama that has or had been created but in my heart I simply wish to express this song. To what end does it become a remembrance, I do not know. To what end can it be called a dedication, I do not know as well. I can simply say its born from intuition.

-Rainbow Boy. ^_^


When you feel you're alone
Cut off from this cruel world
Your instincts telling you to run
Listen to your heart
Those angel voices
They'll sing to you
They'll be your guide back home

When life leaves us blind
Love keeps us kind
It keeps us kind

When you've suffered enough
And your spirit is breaking
Your growing desperate from the fight
Remember you're loved
And you always will be
This melody will bring you right back home

When life leaves us blind
Love keeps us kind
When life leaves us blind
Love keeps us kind

-Linkin Park

IridescentSkies IridescentSkies 26-30, M 1 Response Jun 30, 2011

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nice song, I'll have to check out the new album as well.<br />
<br />
<br />
Keep spreading the love and kindness that everyone needs.<br />
<br />