Sylphs ( The Thunderbirds Of Earth ) And Chemtrails


Air elemental beings identified by the ancient Greeks (& Paracelsus) as SYLPHS are very worried about the CHEMTRAILS

Sylphs have been known to generate rain from air masses that have no moisture. Native Raindances can create heavy rain within hours inside a stagnant dry high pressure zone. Meteorologists state that there is zero percent chance of precipitation in such weather systems, yet an inch or more of rain can fall from dry air. A number of dowsers have done the same thing.

Sylphs are transmuting air into water. Neon gas conversion to water is simple, as only two protons need to be drawn off the nucleus and chemically recombined with the remaining oxygen. The sylphs appear to be able to pull off neutrons, contain them with their magnetic fields, and use the hydrogen atom which is spontaneously generated a split second later when the neutron divides into a proton, electron and subquently emits a neutrino.

With such flexibility, a sylph can create water from atmospheric oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide. Atmospheric dust, which is mainly silica, can also be converted to air and water. The sprayed aluminum particles can also be converted to air and water. The process is more involved with any number of intermediatary steps depending on the end product. The large cometary sylphs and now THE SYLPH GIANTS of Jupiter and Saturn are doing the same work.

Legions of huge air elemental beings called "Sylphs" by ancient Greeks made their presence known by assuming cloud shapes that often look like wispy winged angels or animal forms who set about "cleaning up" the skies of chemtrail toxins by engulfing and transmuting chemtrail toxins into non-toxic substances.

There have been a number of photographs of a very large sylph totally enveloping Mount Shasta, Mauna Kea and Mount Fuji.

These are sacred mountains that have had pictures taken of halo or lenticular clouds sitting on their peaks.

Since these clouds look like UFO, they have also been called "cloud-ships".

In this crazy world, myth carries more truth than the six o'clock news.


A supernatural creature prominent in Northwest Coast Indian myths.

Thunder and lightning are attributed to the thunderbird, which produces thunder by flapping its wings and lightning by opening and closing its eyes. The Thunderbird is said to hunt whales, using its wings to shoot arrows. Among some Plains First Nations, thunderstorms are a contest between the Thunderbird and a huge rattlesnake. Individuals who had been struck by lightning and survived often became Shamans, for they had received the power of the monster bird...

The Thunderbirds in native "myth" are the large Sylphs whose heat signatures in the infrared are measured in miles. The huge rattlesnake is the jetstream in the stratosphere. Sylphs use the jetstream to move around quickly. They also use energy from the jetstream in the creation of thunderstorms. There is a huge orgone energy component running parallel above the physical jetstream. Native shamans travelling out of the body see the orgone jetstream moving like a sidewinder rattlesnake across the sky.

In 1899 Tesla guessed that there was a lot of energy in the high atmosphere. 

As there are underwater Sylphs called Undines who frolic with whales, I would guess that the arrows flying from the thunderbird would be smaller Sylphs diving into the water to play with their cousins. I sincerely doubt that thunderbirds would hurt whales. In the rare event of an actual thunderstorm over a pod of whales, there is only an average of five days each year of Pacific Coast thunderstorms, smaller Sylphs would warn the whales away from the area where the lightning could strike.

Undines guide whale and fish migration. There is a remarkable video of a school of herring attacked by sharks off the coast of South Africa. The herring went into a defensive ball which confused the sharks. You could see the outlines of the protective Undine guiding the herring.

The large Sylphs are extremely wise. They have techniques of avoiding by creating destructive thunderstorms. Most thunderstorms are short lived, six to ten hours. When the storm appears to be becoming too large, they withdraw and the storm collapses. In some cases a piece of crystalized orgone has become fixed over a town, a threat to the health of the region, drastic measures are required to break it up. In a calculated move, the Sylph brings as much wind, rain, lightning and thunder to disperse the problem, as the area can bear. Often, it takes a repetition of thunderstorms.  Lightning and thunder shatters crystalizations, wind and rain scatters and splatters the negative orgone.


 What kind of sociopaths have we created through our educational process ?

These are scientists purposefully toxifying the atmosphere and of in effect water and earth.

This isn't just killing the human population on the planet today, but killing animal, plant life and all possibility of any kind of healthy life for all the rest of eternity!

How has  this become institutionalized?

Don't they value even their own lives or those of their children!?

Insanity reigns!

Are you​ and your family also on the "useless eaters" elimination list ?

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