A Speech That Can Speak To Us All

For lack of a better place to post this, I post it here. We search to hard for that which lies before us, our gaze blind to it because we cannot understand. Speak for yourself, stand up for yourself, have faith in yourself, and you will go far in life.

With love in my heart and faith for a better tomorrow,
akaia akaia
22-25, F
3 Responses Oct 3, 2011

Do you know a budgie bird? Even the bird with the most crooked voice has a song to sing and a message to deliver...there is a place for all, no matter how crooked the being, its very existence tells a tale...what it means is - that no matter how dumb or stupid a person is, you can still learn from them...those who THINK they are wise (yet not necessarily ARE), do have a wise meaning to derive...

The Garden of Eden lies within the core of who you are. Let the garden grow strong, your own path will be the fertilizer that fuels that growth. <br />
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Trust your inner being, that all-knowing-guidance from within. <br />
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@Akaia ...................Thanks for being the being of you. <br />
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-Hugs-<br />
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You always find the most interesting and the deepest messages that many here need. Thank you for sharing.<br />
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Blessings,<br />