I Finally Feel I Belong

I recently discovered that I am an Incarnated Angel (like 1 week ago). I am 24 years old and like most of you have felt "different" my whole life; until I met my husband. Since I was a child, I have always been the "random" kid in the family. I could never relate to my cousins and tried a lot in school as well to blend. Often I was willing to help others and been "abused" of my kindness. Even until today I feel like "friends" only know me when they need me. But I try hard to be used but yet be helpful.
I have always been intuitive since I was a child.I get a lot of premonitions through dreams or I would just get a thought about something about to happen.
I am a pharmacist and love helping others. 
Learning about being an incarnated angel was a bit of a revelation to be but yet not. 
Since I have met my husband, I realised that I fit "in" as he also knew of the "weird" things that I have been denying for a long time. Since we have been together,I have started listening to my intuitions and here I am.
I met this one lady and she mentioned something to me about being able to read minds and I tried to ignore her but could not. That was before I realised i was an IA.
Also, I feel the presence of spirits. Very recent revelation to me. I had moved in this new flat and always would feel that someone was going to pull me underneath the bed. I knew what I was feeling and knew that I was not going crazy as well. I would feel it when I would be alone and not when my husband would be with me. When I had mentioned this to the lady who told me i can read minds, she told me I am not going crazy and it is most likely that there is a bad spirit there. The day she was supposed to come was not nice for me. I was feeling very uncomfortable and may be the spirit knew it was going to be banished. i could feel it and then the radio just started playing on its own and that freaked me out. that was all before i found out i was an IA.
The lady did a cleansing session in my apartment and now I feel better being alone and no awkward feeling about being pulled underneath my bed. 

As I read this website and many of your stories, I feel so much better about who I am and my nature. I want to embrace this knowledge and help others. 

Also, I feel energies of people. I once had this flatmate who was very very negative. It was so bad that I could "smell" it. I even eventually had to tell her about it and she must do something about it and go do yoga. Erm, she did not take that very well. Lately, I have been avoiding a girl that I know as I feel she drains all my energy when I meet her and feel very negative after meeting her. I recently read about shielding, so may be i will be brave and go meet her and shield myself prior to going.

What else can I share?

In the past, I would not like to look at myself in the mirror as  I would stare back at myself.Always feel like I do not belong in this body when I look into my eyes. And now makes better sense.

Funny enough now that I think about it, I always like my back being scratched. I would tell my husband, please scratch by my shoulder blades (using anatomical terms!) and he would say OK i will scratch by your wings. and he would use that always, even before i realised i am an IA. 

So please provide any input my dear incarnated angels! I am SO HAPPY to have found a place that i know that i have "siblings" like me.Thanks.
Looking forward to reading your posts.
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I just had the very same experience. I am 24 years old and I just found out I am an incarnated angel as well. I have all the characterisitics including endometreoisis, fibroid cysts always feeling drained of energy. I have been classified as being very co-dependent and all the relationships that i have wether it is with family and friends are all people with addictions or problems that I want to help. I love being around people and helping them. I am studying to be a life coach as we speak. I always knew I was intuitive somehow and just over the last year I really started discovering my true self. I am an empath which means I take on the feelings of others, i can feel how they feel. I also can sense evil presence alot more easily and have battled a lot with spiritual warefare. I am pretty taken back by all this information and would like to learn more.

Can I ask when did you realize you were an Angel Incarnated? I have to say I don't really believe in Incarnated Angels. I believe in the end we are all the same. Sure some people may be more "spiritual" , "evolved" "psychic" or "sensitive" even. But they are still human in my book.<br />
<br />
So when did you know these psychic abilities were different as to other people who have these abilities? When and how did you came to know you are an IA?

Hi Abyss24
(1) I realised that I am an IA when I was reading Doreen Virtue's book and took the quiz. I instantly associated myself with the description she was giving. My husband had showed me the book many months before and it had just been lying there and I finally decided to check the book out.

I understand when you say you do not believe in IA as myself used to be skeptical about angels. For me it was initially difficult to accept that there are other beings than humans as I consider myself to be a scientist at heart. But yet has always been interested by metaphysics and realised after many many thoughts about it that it is highly likely there are other beings that exist. When my husband used to talk about guardian angels and guides, I would be thinking he is weird (back in the dating days). But the more he would talk about these beings, the more I would be intrigued, despite my initial "non-believer" attitude.

We all come from the same source and at the end will go back to the same source. In my opinion, I have always considered my self more spiritual than religious. I have always considered going to go help others be more meaningful than going to pray in a sacred place.
I have met other people with the qualities that you describe and have always considered them weird. And never probed into asking them what they consider themselves to be. But for me, I am as human as anyone else.I look after myself, gym, have an education, basically the whole process that everyone else go through except in my heart I feel that I have a greater purpose to serve. Before I even realise I am an IA, I wrote my mission statement as " to perform to the best of my abilities in the tasks that i undertake, to explore my God-given talents to serve society" . so if i can put if that way i do feel a call to helping others.
(2) i actually do not know if my psychic abilities are different as to the other people who have them. i was just describing myself and acknowledging what I have been denying for long. May be there are many people out there who possess the same psychic abilities than me but yet are not IA. It would be actually nice to discuss with those people.

(3) About a week or so ago and through doing the quiz in Doreen Virtue's book.

Thank You for replying. I am not necessary skeptical about other beings, I just feel that essentially we are all the same. I guess I just have a problem with the word angel. It would somehow suggest that angels are "better" than other humans and that other humans could never become what the angel is, could never be "as good". I Don't believe that. I do believe you may be more tuned in to your spirituality and your "purpose" in life, which is great. And if you want to call it being an angel, than thats ok.

I guess this is all new for you right? Do you already know what you will do in your life? how you will fulfill your purpose and help others?