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Am I An Earth Angel? Why Is My Heart Telling Me Yes But My Mind Is Teling Me No?

Wow where do i even begin....first I want to say that I am trying to find others that are like myself either well past finding themselves or on their way as myself or on the cusp of awakening....My whole life ive felt diffrent, like i never belonged here out of i grew older into my adult years i still felt the same way but a little more fit into the society that we are in now. But now with a heavy feeling that I am supposed to be doing something that i had a mission or a big purpose for being here. things here in my life started not to matter, i went to diffrent school and changed diffrent majors cuz i didnt know what i wanted to do but everything i tried i didnt like. On Janurary of 2011 which i call my awakening, everything in my life changed out of the blue i started on some obssesed search on the internet for answers that i had no idea what the questions where. One Day a GF at the time gave me a book about Pleadians and i started to read out of knowwhere a switch came on like i sudden wave of remembering certain things that i was reading and conferming other things i thought in my mind about life, about this world, and all of us in it. So then i found the Galactic Federation of light a dn so on and so forth...then just recently i came upon a video about Earht Angels, or Incernated Angels....then i saw a video of 10 ways or symptoms to tell if your an Earth angel.....lo and behold every one of the symptons was me to a T, it was like this person was describing me in order and knew me better than anyone ever would. I started to get happy at first cuz i knew...i alwasy knew there was somehting byond to what This form is, I always felt that there was more to me than this and that there was somehting that made me diffrent from so many......but then "reality hit" Now of course I began to doubt any of this cuz I watch way to many movies and was into comic book heros and all that kind of stuff, plus not to mention i have a very creative inmagination and i am always coming up with ideas, stories, and charachters.I told a friend about this he knows me better than anyone on the planet. He watched the video and was not convinced yeah neither was I i mean it could be a coincidence....Then a few days later i found a web page article that had a listings of lightworkers, starseeds, earth angels and other beings and ways to tell if you are any of them.....and guess what Danny was 10 for 10 again and these were even more descriptive than that video i saw.....this is insane these peopl eknew my inner thoughts n feelings and thigs that have happened in my life....this cant be a coincidence.....still nto convinced even as i write this ut i am starting to look back at my life and realizing the life i lived and the beliefs i had and how i choose to live my life.....Ever since i could remember LOVE was the most important thing to me...........and as i began to grow into a teenager i felt like i was waiting or searching for someone, and even to this Day i am seaching for this someone..this has been an exhausting and frustrating search. Ive been hurt many times, mainly for being in bad relationships or staying in them when i should have left but never could. But to me nothing is more important than love and was always so confused as to why so many poeple dnt feel thatway...To me all i wanted to do was love and give love to others and help others, give others peace and happiness...but most of all i wanted my soulmate, the one i have been looking for for so long......The one that i i feel will make me whole cuz this whole time i have felt incomplete and lost...or left behind.....upon doing some more reaserch i learned about Twin flames and their connection to the Angels and more and more my actions my feelings and beliefs are starting to make sense......More and more htings are pointing to his direction but i cant tell if its cuz its real or im trying to make it real.....i alwasy loved the hero in movies, or shows, and my fav were the comic book heros i was in awe at these charachters not just cuz of their abilities but just for what they stood for, there moral charachter and selflessness to give to others....and sometimes the burden and weight that comes with it...I realted to them and decided i wanted to a live a life like them and follow the Heros Code....I also had such a fascination even to this Day about Jesus and wanted to give and hold love in my heart as he for most of my life that is how i decided to live....and to me there was nothing ore important than love still till this day and till the day i i hit puberty i saw boys were more caught up with more of the sexual while i stll looked for romance and sweet gentle love growing crushes on girls and doing sweet tings like leaving them candy at their desk or leaving them secret admirere letters.... And still till this day i havent changed and have been made fun of by many of my male frinds for how i dont just go out and have unemotional sex .......thats another thing ...i dont have sex unless im in love.....I guess i hsould say i dont have sex I only make Love.....I also started to look and realize the impressions i have made o fpoeles lives and hwta i have done for them with the love i have given them and more and more all this makes sense.....then why cant i believe it still.....why do i feel like i am unworthy when i am probably very....Why do i feel like ther is no way but at the same time i feel i can stand tall and say What I am......Im loosing touch with REality cuz all that i thought to be real is not.....Im torn between two worlds.....and all i can do is think to where is my other half, is she feeling the same she looking for me and feeling the weight of this world as i do.....Im tired of seeing people suffer, im tired of seeing and feeling pain.......Why are there people starving, Why are people full of hate and so many who care not for LOVE....Ive gotten to the point were anger consumes me cuz i feel like i cant take it anymore...i feel i dont do enough and there is more i shoudl be doing....All i want is the truth, i dont want no more games and lies.....TELLL ME DAMMIT AM I AN ANGEL OR AM I JUST SOME CRAZY GUY THAT LOST HIS MIND : (...I want the one i have been searching for for GOD knows how long......When will i find her, when will i have all that i dreamed of but have yet to feel......I dont know what to do but all i will do is what i have alwasy done....and thats is to give love to all i meet and to somehow get them to do that as well onto trying to start a domino effect.....But i feel what i do is not enough......i just ned to know the truth  dont need anymore signs that i get....i need it in writing right in front of sorry for ranting but this has been so heavy on me and i just have noeone to talk to about this......why cant i just find her....why cant i help all of those that suffer and why am i the onle so blessed to not be in such misery while others are....thgs arent fair and i dont understand why : ( . there is so much more i want to say but righ now this has just turned into an emotional rant.....i know im not the only one going through this i just need an idea of what am i supposed to do.......and If i am an angel im def not your ordinary one lol cuz i cus like a sailor and am not as gentle as the ones on the christmas cards...but my heart is as pure as virgin beaches......I hope to hear from a Brother or Sister soon....thankyou for reading this if you haveand i wish you luck on your journey...Light and Love....carry that with you always and pass the torch so that they may do the same. Thank you again
dancruz931 dancruz931 31-35 42 Responses Nov 17, 2011

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I understand you completly I am going through the same stuff. When i was young i complety understanstood who i was but people around me said i had too be in the real world not fantasise. I was devastated very down for a long time. The "normal" world never felt good or complete. I had been in other realms.

You will find your twin soul. I felt exactly like you for over 20 years. And only until now God sent my partner for life. God is allowing you to experience life lessons as a training for "her"... Trust me!
He is listening to you, I promise. The person God will send will be the women that is right and just match perfectly for you. Jus remember your lesson and be patient with yourself and her. She may come as the perfect women for you...but relationships still take work, so don't forget there would still be ups and downs.
So if she was already sent to you enjoy her love n take care of her, if not be patient keep in training n never give up on love.
Your earth angel sister in Christ

i am a scorpio earth angel ( male 31 yrs old) that just discovered it for sure about 2 weeks ago. i always knew i was different and very unique . even since youth i have been supernaturally wise even compared to elderly people, especially about unknown hidden wisdom and the spiritual realm. i have had hundreds of intentional and accidental astro projections and deja vu occurrences . my vision is static like, despite my half white half black ethnicity i have very distinct green , gold, and torquois eyes and golden body hair all year long and gold in my brown head hair in summer. i have not aged since 16 and my physical capabilities remain the same also. there is no doubt who i am and when the woman god and his spirits( i verbally requested her from the bottom of my heart a month prior to us meeting) brought my other half to me 6 months ago i knew she was the one i had went celibut and chemical free preparing myself for years before, i discovered who i truly was when i started getting a series of the number 4 all in one day . 4 sneezes between my woman and i , an old man out of no where gave me 4 dollars, i was assigned the computer number 4 even though i should have been placed on no. 3. i looked up the meaning of seeing a series 444's and it lead me to telling my love and she discovered that i was an authentic earth angel for sure. basically if you see repeating double and triple numbers on the clock and almost everywhere you look, on top of always just "knowing" you are different , out of place, and special and you meet all the symptoms then you are an earth angel and you should be strong and except it and embrace it . do not let fear hold you back or stay in denial when your intuition is repeatedly nudging you that you are definitely one of us incarnate earth angels. as soon as i heard the words your an earth angel i knew for sure that it was true. if you have alot of doubt just know that only the fixed astrological signs of aquarius, taurus, leo , and scorpio , can be an earth angel so if your are not one of these signs then your not an earth angel just an old soul who has learned that love is the best way to go and are evolved past selfishness and evil destructive unhappy ways of living.

im very much the same and have been told now by 3 different mediums that i have been here so many times has my daughter we are both old souls..i feel so connected to nature & animals..and people always come to me for help or told i have healing energy but i have no idea what to do with it..ive done all the earth angel tests and almost every answer is me..but i still am not sure what my purpose is

hey now dear one dont be so sad. ur heart is in the right place. U are an angel and so am i. we are here to help heal the hurt and those who suffer are in need of our love. gather ur strength brother and hang on tight to ur faith. God will guide us as he has guided his children here on earth.

I have always felt this way. Lately I have been feeling like I am searching for my soul mate. I have been feeling there is something more. Something I have to do. I've always looked for the good in people and to help others. To make them happy. I've been hurt many times, when all I ever wanted was to love and be loved. I feel like I could fix the world. I believe in angels and I could relate to what you wrote. I always felt I was something different and I honestly think that I could be an angel.

Hi, My name is Michael. I would like to converse with you on this topic. I have some interesting things I would like to share with you about what you have gone through as well as what I have experienced and continue to experience. Email me at your earliest convienece if you would like to converse on this matter. Thank you for your time.

Be Blessed!
Michael Young
Three7checksout at

I believe I am an Earth Angel...I'd love any guidance or feedback you could give me:-)

my name is daniel and i can give you guidance and advice and feedback and whatever else i can help with. i am an earth angel .

Hello, and hello all, the paths you've been chosen for will come when they are needed. Try to be calm, find peace and patience in the knowledge you know what you have and are blessed with. You are not perfect or you would not be able to understand or feel the hardships of those or person/s you have been "partnered with". Do the most you can when you can, but remember you are most of this world and have to keep yourself safe, strong and secure in order to complete your journey. Ask for guidance, not answers in your thoughts and prayers. Michael.

you're not alone. My mind and Heart tell me I'm an Angel kinda like yours I'm. Samuel a.k.a. Angel Of Death

Also sometimes I feel pains on the shoulders (where angels wings are) and sometimes I feel flashes. Of heat surge my body

And one day I saw an angel in my dream telling me that I am special and I have a high purpose and that I will save many people

I feel the same way! Like I am on Earth for a special 'undercover' mission to explore. and when i feel angry, i feel very revengeful, i just couldnt bring myself for a revenge on the person i hate or something like that. i can stay awake for hours and im super hyper literally. I am also very obsessed with angels and elves. It some how triggered something too. My father's cousin (still very young, 5 yo), told her parents that she was in heaven and she slowly searched for the right parents... I was kinda freaked out by that... OMG...

It's been a while since you posted this. I do understand where you are coming from. I have made friends with others like ourselves and we have all shared experiences like your. My awakening was when I was 10, my mother had passed away and I felt heavy, I kept having DREAMS of flying, fire, guilt and anger. I always felt trapped, and that I had to protect anyone close to me. I would purposely put myself in danger to protect those around me. My family HA always been special, I come from a long line of sensitive females. My family's specialty was angels, I can still remember my grandmother tellin me that my angels were strong, that I will soon awaken an be as strong as them and that she feared that day. I never understood why. I can still remember that feeling of pressure on my back exactly where my wings are. I even fidget in my sleep to keep from "laying on them", I feel them constantly and can even feel them "move". Those of us who are earth angels are all gifted, I can bring the truth out of others, feel where demons are present and am a natural protector. I was a guardian angel, lowest on the totem pole but I feel as if I had fought in a great war and that I will again soon. I have dreams that are not my own of rage and sorrow, fighting to protect others, causing fire to erupt around me at my will. I never did research on this, and I've always been afraid of this side of me, especially since I black out from anger. If you recognize any of this I could use your assistance. My name is Alessandra. It means defender of mankind, and that's exactly what I did. Please help me.

And wait for your gifts, all of us angels have them.

there's somethings same with the act of out of place and i felt I'm not belong to this earth..I want only love and I;m fully sensitive of..I don't want to reject by someone.. I'm so curious to those people who are acting like so damn..making ***** and saying bad words..I just want to make some good..I'm also creative and love some anime characters..I love animals than people who are beside me..I felt like I'm in home..I felt my heart need peace and quiet place..just like you,I feel what you feel..i'm such nervous when I read your story..thanks for those people like me and I feel I'm not alone .

hi my name is daniel and i am a real earth angel. if you truly feel and believe your an earth angel then you probably are one. your not alone. embrace who you are with full strength and glory because your very special and have a great purpose.

Wow I feel the exact same way as you do. I thought I was the only one

wow I feel like you are talking about me,i have also felt this way my whole life,my heart clearly tells me every day that this is true but than my mind takes over and says"who the hevk do you think you are "since I was little ive always been extremely sensitive and easily hurt,through the years searching for the perfect love I have been hurt so deeply that I built up a wall that protects me,although I am no where near perfect,and have made choices in my life that have hurt many on the inside I have always been very loyal to God and I truly hurt and repent for all my sins.there is so much I wanna say but I hate to going on about my self because I kno that most people rather here about themselves,and I know the typical reaction is "who does she think she is"anyways ive never really talked about this but im glad tha there are others who feel the same as I do....Thank you

please e-mail me at, I would really love to talk to you. please.

I feel the same way.omg reading this scared me a bit. It sounds as though you are more intune to your feelings of this. I have always felt that I am some sort of an angel brought to earth. I feel somewhere in my soul that God wanted me here but I put up one hell of a fight to try and stay in heaven but he was like no I need you to go to earth. I have always been very sensitive in a way to the world. You know how people always have an agenda? Well I don't I have always just wanted to see others happy and be happy without hurting anyone. I don't get any pleasure out of any kind of human suffering even if it means my pain. I have always just felt like I am in between two worlds. I think the best way to describe it is I feel like my soul is in more than 1 place at the same time. It is as though my soul is in heaven and in earth. I feel the struggle. I think this is why I don't live my life the conventional way. I do what feels right which can be seen as weird by others who don't get me. I don't too much believe in a lot of things people believe in. I have like this bonding with my soul which leads me a lot more than the expectations of the world. You sound a lot like me. It really was cool reading about your story. I am a 32 year old female in the US. Maybe we are angels. I wouldn't be surprised if God put some on earth to keep things balanced and going all to hell. I have a unique perspective on life that I know could only be given by God. It is a blessing because I see a lot that people don't see. And I can deal with a lot as well because I see the real truth. And I know I have a much bigger purpose and sometimes that can be a burden but then I realize it is God I must live for.

I know how u feel I've always felt like I don't belong. I'm only 13 so it could just be me. But I always say how if I was the richest person in the world I would help the homeless people and starving people around the world and if I were the queen of the world I would make sure there was peace because I never believed in war. I think it's ridiculous how people can be so evil. I've always been obsessed with otherworldly things. And I've always had this instinct to help people and animals cuz I want to be a vet. Usually when my friends get into fights I'm usually the first person to solve there problem and I rarely share secrets unless it involves hurting themselves or other people. When my bestfriend cut herself, tried to kill herself and was having unprotected sex at a young age i was the fist person she came to when she figure out what to do. I personally have never been in a relationship but I do have friends who are addicts and alcohol abusers but I'm still their friend cuz I want to help them.

You know your physical body is only an on loan shell, that is way you will not par take in a sexual nature with out your heart and soul, for you that is when all feelings are!! And not in your genitals ! I don't think you crazy( that just my opinion) I think your torn by the indifference, you question yourself in comparison to others of basic thought and conception , why? Be grateful you are not shallow of basic needs, but who you are embrace your difference it is you that will make a difference , walk you path in life , do not question the road just the direction 😘

hey... i m speechless.. it was as if u were discribing me n my pain.. i dnt knw y bt i was crying so hard at d end dat i was shaking literally..maybe it was releif dat m nt alone other people also feel dis way.. maybe we all r mad n crazy.. bt i really wanted to share all this to sme1 i was in hell for 3 yrs..i hd suffered so much pain in past just bcz i see god in every being i trust dem i cant resist myself frm helping them even if dey dnt deserve it in first place.. i ruined me n my powers in d process.. i was so lost and numb frm pain dat i could barely act.. n i alsohad dese tests bcz i was nt fitting anywhere my thinking was different my beleifs were different i was different n i didnt knw who m i?? i called for help everyday to angels to god.. to just end this suffering nd throw me back frm where i come or juss explain if i really am mad? n i was so obsessed wid knowing wat i had to knw i feel like i can not move on wid my life widout knwing my true identity n my truth i had 2 out of body experiences till now both were so intense it brought tears to my eyes.. in first one talked to my deceased brother in second my half body was flying above bed...i dnt even knw if second one was really OBE atall or i m coming to my powers bcz my eyes were open n i was moving.. i didnt leave my body i was f*** flying..surely it means smething n i m nt totally mad... i juss feel so right talking abt dis bcz i wanted to share it wid sme1 thanks for reading i hope i didn bored u...

I've had three out of body experiences and it freaked the u kno wat out of me. I always thought I was dreaming I never consider it flying

I feel the same, but I'm confused and don't have any one to talk to about it either… I have a few friends that know more about it, but we never have the chance to talk about it and I feel a bit embarrassed to ask. 0_0

Heey @dancruz931 i feel exactly like you, all my life love is the most important for me and i always give it to everyone and try to help everyone i can, also i can't accept how society is, i feel like i don't belong here and that this world is one big idiot place, i can't see how other people are so blind and stupid and who are in control of the people, i despise that they just can go their way without the great public seeing what is really going on. Also i find myself at the same state within relationships and i also desperatly look for that one, i don't belong in this world i know that. And i try to wake up as many people as possible to make them aware of what really matters, and i hope as much people as possible will love the way as we do

We need to talk

dear @dancruz931,
my name is lauren and there are a few things I felt the urge to respond with.
1. you are not alone. i felt alone my entire life. i admit sometimes i still feel alone even after my "awakening" which happened the 3rd of this month (2 days ago) .
2. i guarantee you.. after you stop searching for your soulmate.. and focus your energy on something else... right when you LEAST expect it you will meet the love of your life (if you haven't already). and don't ever doubt that because you WILL find that person who was meant for you... believe that!
3. if you truly believe with all that you have in you that you ARE an earth angel, then don't doubt yourself and be happy because you were born different and you see things on a level not everyone can. i see it as an honor regardless of the pain and suffering we have been through. you were born unique, sensitive, compassionate, loving, clever, creative, and most of all close to God. please don't ever forget that.

I know....I feel the exact way..I've seen things that has happened right in front of me...I wish I could talk to you in person but I can feel it you are reading your post made me sad like I wanted to reach out to you..I feel like I am you it's strange..I've known all my life in the back of my mind but Wow things changed out starting seeing things with my own eyes..I don't know when you made this post but I wanna offer you my number 843 291 2093 my name is Candice...when you read this post you will know it's safe and I'm for real..

I feel the exact same way like an Angel living in the garden of evil. It's such a blessing yet such a misery, torn between two different worlds. I only want to give light to others

Hello. I just had my "awakening" last night. I have no doubt what we are Danny. Be strong and I pray more of us come together to help support each other in these trying times. Thank you for your article it was so helpful.

Hey. so glad i found all of you i had my awakening 2 days ago.

May the angels protect you and heaven accepts you, when it's time to go home.

Memory cannot be induced by someone else. Live as an angel and your rewards will be great after this life.

But I'm not a good person. I sin alot. So I think I'm just mentally ill XD

I know how you feel. You're describing me. I feel that my main purpose here on earth is to make everyone happy and to protect everyone including the one I don't know....