My Spiritual Awakening

I am in the process of a spiritual awakening. During my awakening process, I noticed that I too had "wings." But, unlike most of you, I did not feel "angelic." I literally felt like a HUMAN SPIRIT WITH WINGS. My wings were gorgeous, nonetheless. They glistened with some sort of what appears to be gold Glitter (but it is not glitter) that seems to radiate in the sun with a brilliant Golden Glow. Underneath the "glitter," the wings are white.... and the shading in between the "feathers" (they are not really feathers but I do not know what else to call them?) is a shade of blue, that appears as a blue-green due to the coloration from the golden glisten on the wings.

I shook my head, thinking I must be delusional. But the wings were indeed there. And today, I felt the WEIGHT of them.

Does it make me an angel? No. And even if I was, honestly I do not really care. :)

I am in the brink of a true SPIRITUAL AWAKENING.

During my awakening, I feel more at PEACE with everything.... with Life, with God... and nothing seems to bother me anymore. I feel the "weight of the world and its Earthly burdens" slowly lifting off of my shoulders. I feel at PEACE, and I feel nothing but Love, Light, and Tranquility enter my Soul. I feel HIS love at its finest, coursing through me as a radiant beam, as His love fill me with joy and happiness. Never have I felt closer to God than I do now, and I just look forward to what more lies ahead. :) I feel the Lord in my life life, as He fills me with the Light of the World. I feel nothing but Love For All, and no longer do I feel the burdens of my past upon me.

I am slowily and rapidly awakening to my TRUE, SPIRITUAL SELF. Whether it is angelic or not does NOT MATTER. What matters is the Oneness we feel as we awaken and become closer to God, and becoming One with all of creation. :) The wings represent my rising higher and becoming One with God and the Heavens. I too have my wings, but I do not claim to be an angel. I am just me, and I am happy with that. Angel, human, or whatever, I am just happy I am born and here to celebrate life, and meet many wonderous people.

I do not care whether I am human, angel, cat or dog, or what have you. For me, it does not really matter. Knowing that we have an Almighty Power who LOVES us SO MUCH to grant us the gift of life for me, is enough. :) Knowing that He created me and EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US in His likeness is the Greatest Gift for me. I am happy to just BE HERE, and spread my love, light, and the Light and Love of our Father to everyone. :D

This is my spiritual awakening. I felt my wings, whether or not they were real or just a representation of my spiritual true self. I am happy to know that I am drawing closer to God. :)
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Wings have nothing to do with spirituality. Unless you are contemplating birds or the like, which can be a spiritual experience.

You are an "earth angel"! <3 have you ever checked out Doreen Virtue's book on earth angels? So awesome you are going through a spiritual awakening! I am as well.

Hey Solfeggio, are you a earth angel ? If so how did you find out and what experiences have you had so far ?

I think I am based on the criteria in Virtue's book. I didn't know about the concept before reading it. My mom is as well (although she derailed and doesn't want to be) and my grandma was also. I think more people are who would never think so. As far as experiences, they are so subtle and can't be pinned down in words. ;)

I am also a incarnated angel....was looking for someone like me to connect with :)

Awesome! Feel free to tell me more, how you found out, how it affects your life. I've never encountered anyone who wants to talk about it, but am curious and very interested.

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I was reading about the glitter on your wings and I think I know what you are trying to say. It sounds as though your wings are actually speckled with gold. I haven't seen my wings yet but look forward to one day.

Do you think of this as like a spiritual vision? or something that is physical and real? what faith do you come from?

Good question. I follow no one religion. Because no one religion can define what I have learned nor my love of God. The amount of love I have for my Father cannot be defined or set in stone by one religious theology.

I also see it as a spiritual vision.

You are so lucky to have such beautiful wings. After enough lifetimes my wings have been tainted black...they also...this makes me scared to admit...but...they's like a design now...but when they first was red spots all over my wings....I had no control over how this happened...but it has, and I am ashamed enough to not want to see my wings again. But hearing how beautiful your wings are, somehow it brings me somewhat more at peace with my tainted wings...I know it's weird, but it just did somehow

June is big one... I also was introduced to my angelic side. It's not easy to digest. It comes very calm and slow. Without the big "high" so many people are talking about. Going outside I see that everybody is an angel but we all forgot. We forgot so that we have to remember. Even that it sounds paradox this is what I got as explanation. My thoughts are changing. I watch into the mirror and see someone different even that I see me. I had a lot of powerful experiences with my multidimensional aspects but this one seems to integrate a lot of different incarnations into one being... I am

My experience did not happen in June. It happened last year in November.

June has also been a very out of the ordinary month for me. And a friend of mine who is very spiritual, and the only person i really knew and felt that could help me, said it sounded like june was my activation month, as i also turned 25 this month. Its been a wild past few weeks for me. but i feel better than i ever have in my life.

Mine did not happen in June. This was posted in Nov. of last year.

I just wanted to say CONGRATS! This is amazing! I too am still awakening, but it started very suddenly. I know who and what I am, and I feel so much better. I almost feel like noting can move me, as long as I keep my Faith in God, and the angels that help support him and us. I feel like I am finally starting to understand my place in this world, and glad to have many new and good friends to help along the way! Welcome and I hope we can become good friends! Us sisters and brothers have to stick together! :)

i have to post this youtube video.... but until i find it lemme say, i have occasionally thought, humans are just angels with the wings torn off; we have shoulder blades to keep cutting them off when they start to grow back. um lemme go find that video... <br />
<br /><br />
<br />
although maybe as someone posted that was from a tv show or something... blah... got my hopes up the apocalypse was upon us... i'm always up for a little adventure.

i saw my wings in meditation you are very blessed to actually FEEL them in RL it means you are on the right path. i still have alot of hurdles to overcome in my life, i keep getting angel numbers 44 and 33 -_- 44 meaning to follow my spiritual path and my life path. as in my drive and my purpose for living isn't being really fully met yet. i am very stuck and too stubborn to settle for a regular joe job with no hope of using my inner creativity that NEEDS to come out and be expressed I also see numbers(usually time but not always) that tell me to use my creativity and to do what brings me joy.

@Gothic:<br />
<br />
-facedesks- then I give up.... Gothic. I was by no means trying to judge you. I am telling you how I see it. The same way as when you told Jophiel what he was doing on my story was wrong.<br />
<br />
But what you are doing is no better than what he or I had done back then. Yes, that is over and past now, but the point being, is you are not seeing the actions you yourself are doing.<br />
<br />
I NEVER claimed to be a wolf. I did awhile ago, but as I said on numerous postings/comments and stories, I found out it was in reality a demon inside of me trying to fool me. Or as you may call it "my own inner demon or darkness." That is in the past now, and I am not claiming to be a wolf, angel, or what have you. I am what I am. I am human. I am spiritually awakening. And yes, it is only part of the way, and I may not fully "awaken" until I go onto the afterlife and into Heaven, but I am willing and wanting to spend my whole life trying to get there. :)<br />
<br />
I am not trying to judge you. But what I see is you mocking these people for what they believe, by further saying if you skinned them alive they would feel pain, then go on to laugh and say "let's throw them off a cliff and see if they fly!" I know what you are trying to get at... you want to show that what they are thinking is obsurd and wrong. But you are not going about it the right way. You are instilling fear in them, and to them, you may be seen as evil. I do not know what they think. I know a few of them have said they do not wish to associate with you from how derogatory you have been to them. But yes, a lot of them do see you as being derogatory and not helping them. Help them by loving them, show them the way if you wish... but loving and understanding them is the only way you can get through. Show them the light and correct them, but instilling fear is not going to get your message across...<br />
<br />
And you are being a bigot, by saying that I should not judge/insult you, but then you do by laughing at me and insulting me for claiming that I think I am a incarnate wolf or angel, and I am "acting like one." When, AS I STATED BEFORE, I NEVER, EVER said I was an incarnate wolf or angel, since I found out I was being fooled by demonic entities.<br />
<br />
I know your true intent, but you are going about it the wrong way. And it is just obsurd and wrong, the way you are going about it. THAT is what I am trying to say.

Snow -- A friendly admonition -- One thing to watch out for as you experience this -- never think that you have "arrived". Never think your awakening is complete. I have seen someone very dear to me get to the point where he thought he had fully awakened - he had arrived.....he had to go through some very unpleasant things in order for him to see that he had not arrived - that there is ALWAYS more growing and "awakening" to do in life.

I don't. I know I am still in the progress of spiritually awakening. In no way do I feel or think my journey is complete. My entire Life is going to be consumed with that enlightenment process. :)

Odd no wings

Hi Snow,<br />
<br />
Can also be your etheric bodies having a chance to reveal from under the heavy human brain, that were held by heavy/dark thoughts.<br />
<br />
Glad that you are on your way, to be lighter and lighten up your fellow humans you reach each day with kindness and mindfulness. <br />
<br />
Many blessings to you!