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Symbols to clam my soul…….

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POSTED: Jacket for Peace

Posted October 10th, 2011 at 6:26PM
I am honored to wear the jacket for peace.
The beauty to smile to a stranger and pass on peace is an honor.
I wear this jacket as a symbol of my goal to bring little pockets of peace as my little steps will take me.
The peace journey started inward…..then slowly the layers of the past lost their grip.
Peace becomes possible when peace reins from within.

As John Lennon sings……”Imagine” PEACE

Now with my little steps and with his words we take flight into the imagination for PEACE

Cosmic Vibrations into Cosmic Peace

"Imagine PEACE"

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1 Response Nov 19, 2011

AND how do you presume you bring PEACE TO OTHERS? it is to CARE ENOUGH TO REACH OUT TO THEM to correct their faults... AND then only by their own recognition of their faults can they REALLY CHANGE themselves... no one can CHANGE FOR YOU, you must do it yourself, but you can't do it if you are not willing to FACE THE UGLINESS of your personality.<br />
<br />
IT IS HARD to even recognize the FAINTEST or smallest fault in those imbued with pride and ego... they are unwilling to humble themselves TO THEMSELVES to TRANSFORM themselves into better people.<br />
<br />
Unfortunately the majority of people in this group GOES AROUND with EYES WIDE SHUT... unable because they are unwilling to see themselves IN ANOTHER.<br />
<br />
Each us are a different CARD each day to another CONVEYING A DIFFERENT MESSAGE TO EACH OTHER... for that is about SEEING ANOTHER AS YOURSELF, acknowledging the MIRROR of SPIRIT IN ALL.<br />
<br />
But I am terribly shocked at the immaturity spiritually wise in this group filled with people that are supposed to have this knowledge.<br />
<br />
Instead of wanting to learn or to acknowledge another, they will slander each other.... JUST BECAUSE OF FEAR - - TO NOT SEE what those person came to bring for you to see TO IMPROVE YOURSELF AS PERSON.<br />
<br />
... it is very sad to see how many of them DO NOT WANT TO IMPROVE.<br />
<br />
For the best way to find yourself is in others.<br />
<br />
If you boo or shoo another then you are REJECTING the SPIRIT within that person... saying "I AM NOT ONE WITH YOU, therefore I won't acknowledge you"... it is indeed sad to see how many DO NOT PRACTICE WHAT THEY PREACH... but is also GOOD NEWS to be on weary of such people.