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Who Am I? What Is My Past? What Is My Present? When Will The Future Be Mine?

I'm not allowed to know anything about myself or my life/lives. I feel like it's because I'm bound by lineage to be a certain way. I don't know what's so important about my past or life that The Angels cannot tell me. Please ask around if you would. I want to know what's so important about my past, present, and future. Because honestly I don't care too much for it anymore no matter how hard I try.

The name The Lord gave to me is Ezekiel. Please do ask about me. But I think I already know the answer. I'm supposed to live a mundane life. That's not what I wanted as a child or as an adult. Don't know when or where the proccesses of who and what I'm supposed to be got messed up. Or why I cannot choose my own life. Maybe it's because I'm not trying hard enough. Maybe it's because I'm in deceit. Maybe I'm not truthful about who I am. Hell I try to fit G-d's image, but there's some really deep reason why it doesn't work out and why I wanted and want so much to change.

Thanks alot!
Blessed Be.
WhoisChaff WhoisChaff 26-30 Dec 21, 2011

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