Angel Of Darkness

Okay. I admit it. If I was Elvish, I would have been with the Elvish who joined Sauron in search of wisdom and crafts. I think that all this enlightenment has made me more evil. *Cackles*. Okay. It's a fact. I have seen so much evil since I freed my mind. I must have taken the fall. *Still laughing*. *Still*. *Composes himself*. Hehehe. I should have been a Fae. I'm thinking of becoming more of a center rather than a good being. I really have a knack for evil. Don't be deceived. And I'll make your world mine! Wehehehe!

Okay the truth is I've been named several things. Demon, ghost, djinn, even an ancient name of evil by G-d. Vampire. I know I came from the left hand of G-d. Does this mean that I should behave evily? No. It still means I am supposed to behave righteously. Do I have too much love of the evil side? Phsst! Like I know. There's lots of fun evil out there! Okay. I do love evil things. I try for the light, but...

...the truth is I want a promotion from evil angel to terrible angel. It's true. I love G-d's Wrath and Destruction. Do I want to be a messenger of evil things? Yes. Sometimes.


Besides whenever I try for good it's always followed by a fall. I was better off being trapped in my head. Evil is in my nature. I want to be a Djinn. The Angel just told me "There is the truth." I don't expect any humans to understand evil.

Yes. It's true. I want to be an evil angel or something more evil. I don't know what it is about evil that's so good. Don't get me wrong. I still do good. I still am noble and would do good things if I could. I just love lying in evil places.

Is anyone going to accept me now? I would say some thing but I'm not going to bother it has no place here. I hope everybody accepts me. I was just born into suffering. Evil things followed me all throughout my life. I've come to accept the evil and hope to be promoted in it. I just wanted to be straight forward. I'm still a nice person. The Angels know this. But I love evil. Evil creatures are common in heaven. It has even been said that demons exist in heaven. There are terrible creatures there. Terrible in our eyes. Evil in our eyes.

All I really wanted was to escape this world using magick. But it seems G-d has other plans for me. I've tried to alter this reality and leave my body and such, but I have through suffering become addicted to this body. What a rip! Am I becoming more twisted? Tsst. A little. I hope I find peace in this new world. Do the demons crave me? Yes. Just like mankind craves me.

Why am I posting this evil post? I dunno. I was too afraid before. I thought I had to live up to everyone else's desires. But I have come to accept the darkness. Hmmm. I think people will still love me. It is a dark environment that I live in and I adapt. *Whispers:* Darkness, darkness, darkness. I'm just playing.

I know I came here starting as a positive angel and it seems my colours shine. Honesty and truth is a start. At least I can accept who I am. I really don't care about what any of you think! I'm just playing again. But I might not though. You know, if you come down on me or whatever. See evil in the works. It's the cold shoulder. Okay. Now I'm just ranting again. That's another thing about me, is I love leaving long pointless messages. That's just me sometimes.

Does anyone else here like a little evil?

Chaff The Evil Djinn.
Shh. You're doing it again!
Chaff (Fae). Could work.
If I wrote my name again it would seem as vanity would it not?
Chaff Hehehhee.
At least most people think I'm crazy. Hahahahaha!
Time to start listening to Goth again!
Enter the darkness into my life.
Yes I'm sharing.
But it's time to go.
Time to go.
See you around sometime.
I'm not going anywhere long, you see?
I'm not going anywhere far.
So right. So precious.
It is time!
Good bye!


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4 Responses Dec 30, 2011

Chaff,<br />
Our Spiritual journey is not all Rainbows and Butterfly's as some would have you beleive...When we start to face up to the darkness within, it comes out full force, and we have to move through that darkness to learn and grow and heal from it. A good picture that comes to mind is like moving through darkness, so that the darkness that is part of us can be left behind, and we emerge as a brighter more loving spirit in the End. If we do not admit our darkness, it can consume us, and then we live a life of misery, continually repeating the same situation in our life. I will pray that you receive the love and guidance you need from the angels and God.<br />
<br />
Love and Light,<br />

Thanks a lot Bradley!

couldn't have said it BEtter BRAVO!!! Wish I could put all the likes I want on this post lol!!

HI Chaff,<br />
<br />
Stepping along with your many sides… this a game?<br />
<br />
Most want to give out a hand in friendship <br />
<br />
Games played here are getting in the way of sharing causing rifts and sides to be taken IA Angels<br />
<br />
If then not …..<br />
<br />
Who are the many selves you have posted here as?<br />
<br />
(Some times some get picked on here… and have to wear a hard hat, to ward off been called many names…or some games put friend against friend just to get attention by those who don’t like to see people get along with their many mixed spiritual views)<br />
<br />
Most want to give out a hand in friendship and give a person the space to go through what they need to get through…..<br />
<br />
In Peace!

No game, just evil times. I don't see how I'm many sided. Oh ya the thing at the end. I was just being evil. I had to re-read what I posted. I shouldn't let myself post these things. I was just trying to be myself. No games to be had here. I do wish to become one of G-d's evil messengers. Like The Angels of Passover who set the Hebrews free. But a tint eviler. There are jobs for evil messengers. I hate the evil messengers in my life. But G-d needs me to see things sometimes. Peace to you as well!

well if that was the case, then i can undersand as i too was and still am to an extent, damaged by it and i allowed it to be within me. however it was never in my nature to be, what the "taint" i guess you could say, watned me to be. and i managed to realise that it wasn't in my nature to be like this, to realise that i was in fact, a good person at heart, well, i at least wanted to be one. and i was able to move beyond it. <br />
<br />
maybe thats why you should try to do. after all, you see yourself as liking evil yet doing good and would do good.

Evil and good go hand in hand. Hehehehe.

you sound conflicted to me? perhaps instead, you see yourself as this, ba<x>sed on what other people have said of you.or perhaps you are a victim of "evil" and are still unable to move beyond it? hmm. all of this would have to imply, that what you hold as real, is true. no? and if it was not, then your perceptions, would become meanignless, as they would not exist and there would be nothing, but your own nature without terms, without premade ideas. just be who you feel you want to be and in the end, you'll know your true self, perhaps it will be different with what you think now.<br />
<br />
of course, i am just rambling on now lol. good luck on your journey.

Um...I guess. I guess you are. Hehehe! I am probably damaged which is why this evil is fitting to me.