The Doctrine Of Demons

The doctrines of demons range from very subtle to quite obvious, all being equally dangerous. It includes anything that contradicts scripture, and is the basis for most if not all non-Christian religions, and the pseudo-Christian cult religions as well. In fact I would say that each side is a part of the same strategy to lead people away from God. The non-Christian religions and paganism to keep people away and lead them into deeper evils, and the pseudo-Christian cult religions to trick Christians away from God while still allowing them to believe that they are with God.
Identifying these signs is important for all people, but especially so for church leaders because that is who the people come to for spiritual guidance. We have a significant responsibility to teach and guide people. To spread awareness. To take the devil's dirty secrets and make them public, so to speak. Of course the individual will choose to believe or not, but the responsibility is to make sure they get to make an informed decision, knowing the facts, the truth, and the consequences.

Biblical evidence of demons:
Matthew 12:22-27 Is a case where Jesus heals a possessed man. In this case the demons caused the man to be blind and mute, and the ailments left along with the demons.
Mark 5:1-16 Is possibly the best example in the New Testament, describing the casting out of a legion of demons from one man. It may also be the most well known scripture about possession as well. The possessed man had been living in a graveyard, cutting himself and shouting. He broke chains when people bound him. I imagine after that they were afraid of him and just let him live in the tombs.
The scripture is very clear in both of these cases that Jesus was dealing with demons, and that the demons were evil spiritual beings.

Equating the truth with mythology is a doctrine of demons
One good example going around these days is the idea that in the ancient Egyptian paganism there was a story about some of their gods that is similar to the story of Jesus in the Bible. Of course one is an ancient myth that is conveniently missing parts so pagan or atheist historians can make stuff up to fill in the gaps, and the other is verified both biblically and through secular historians that report dozens and in some cases hundreds of eyewitnesses. The demons want people to believe one of two things in this case. Either the Egyptian paganism is more correct because it is older and tells a similar story (ergo the origin of the story) OR that both the pagan story and the Bible are mythology. In both of these scenarios the demons win, because they distort the truth and lead people away from God.
I think that the origin of the Mormon cult is another good example. A demon appeared to Joseph Smith, and appeared as an angel of light. It used Joseph to create a false Christianity, with a false Jesus, and a false Bible, and dress it all up as "just another denomination of Christianity". I have debated Mormons online on several occasions, and they will stubbornly hold to their belief that we follow the same Jesus, completely blind to anything I tell them. My wife and her sister were Mormons at one time, but they de-converted and became Christian. Now the struggle is trying to get their family out of the cult. And it is quite a difficult struggle, mainly because they believe the lie that they already are Christian.
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Yes, I have, Jim.

How so....????<br />
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How can we be in judgment… we don’t have the right?<br />
Who deems what domination of church is the right one to go to?<br />
Who deems what a another person should follow?<br />
The only view is the deeds - The deeds of the person<br />
The deeds of the whole group?<br />
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Only the Lord's of Karma have been appointed to deem another wrong?????<br />
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So only you have the right doctrine????<br />
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How so?

Want to know about judgement? Read my story "absolute truth and judgement"... We do have the right. Actually all your questions are answered in my various other stories.

At this point I feel that prayer is my only option for them. And hope.....