The Connection Between New Age And Satanism

The new age movement is the most deceptive and damaging philosophy around today. It is entwined not only in witchcraft and satanism, it is prevalent in all denominations of what the world calls Christianity. The belief system is deeply rooted in Eastern Mysticism and the Occult. Followers are told to awaken their God consciousness thru Transcendental Meditation, Yoga, Hypnosis, visualization etc.. What most do not understand is, this is the same thing Satan said in the garden of Eden to Eve. "You will be as Gods" (Genesis 3:4,5). No one is a god.

What is the "New Age Movement"? Is it a world beast power in the making? Briefly, the New Age Movement is not a new cult or an organization but a philosophical direction which blends ideas from many Eastern cults and religions with ancient pagan backgrounds. New Ageism is a major thrust in the developing "one world religion." The power and prevalence of New Age ideas permeate the world, including Christianity and most other religions. Few in the religious scene have understood what New Age ideas are about, and how widespread they really are. What are New Age doctrines? How and why are they contrary to Biblical beliefs?

History of the New Age Movement

The present "New Age Movement" may be traced back to Helena Blavatsky, who founded the Theosophical Society in 1875. From 1867 to her death in 1891, she was said to have received telepathic instruction from "Masters", spirit beings or humans who had died and evolved into a "higher plane", such as Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Confucius, etc. Along with evolution, she taught that all religions have common truths, especially the eastern Indian religion. Her central theme was that man can save himself because he is a god.

Communism, Nazism, secular humanism, Perestroika and many other modern movements all have common ground with Madam Blavatsky. Marilyn Ferguson's The Aquarian Conspiracy is considered the "Bible" of the New Age Movement. Actress Shirley McLain is one of its chief ministers. Other prominent "New Age" writers are Alice Bailey, Benjamin Creme, David Spangler and Ruth Montgomery. Ex-Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev could be considered a "high priest" of the movement.

Religion of the Bible: Supernaturalism, Monotheism

based on objective Criteria, true religion is based on faith, and backed up by evidence. The Bible reveals God's doctrines which we must live by.

I will compare new age beliefs to Christianity:

A. The Nature of God

1. Naturalism
Nature came about by some impersonal force, and you should seek to learn the secret of controlling and using nature for your own purposes.

We are awed by nature and seek to know the Creator in order to worship Him

2. All is God (Pantheism)
The common creed of all pagan religions and the occult is that there is a "higher power" of which all things are a part, which influences human destiny. The motto of the New Age is: "All is one, all is God, and we are God." God is not personal, but a force, which does not judge you or hassle you with morals. You can manipulate the force and become master of the universe.

God is One
God is the supreme power. We are apart from God but can join His divine family. His laws are absolute, and if broken will surely exact a penalty. In the words of Yul Brenner in the movie "The Commandments": "His god is God!" There is only one God. Judgment will fall on those who fail to distinguish between the Creator and His Creation, Romans 1:18-32 and especially those who claim to be God, Isaiah 47:8-10.

3. The Force
The purpose of Satanic rituals is to invoke and/or manipulate the natural "Force" or "collective unconsciousness" of the cosmos to selfishly achieve health, wealth, success, or curse one's enemies. Satan is not a personality. Spirit mediums consistently teach that demons do not exist. Since the Force is in everything, it's in you and me and we won't die, we just get recycled.

God is Ruler
God is Supreme Ruler, but has allowed Satan sway over mankind for 6,000 years. Satan is a personality, and is "The Force" contrary to God's Laws. We should surrender to God and seek Him through prayer. The purpose of true worship is to learn more about God and His ways, praise and thank Him for His blessings, confess our sins, increase our love for others, and build outgoing concern.

4. Man is God
You create your own reality, you are God. You can elevate yourself to the god status by tapping into the force. Sun Myung Moon: "Man is incarnate God", Yogi: "Be still and know you are God." Satanist Michael Aquino says, "We are not servants of some God, we are our own gods!" Shirley MacLaine shouts, "I am God! I am God! I am God!"

Only God IS God
Only God is God, there is none else, Isaiah 40:13-31, 45:5-19. God reproves those who aspire to take over His place, Ezekiel 28:2.

5. Jesus is not THE Savior
He was merely a highly evolved man, He was another guru teaching the same as all the rest, studying in India to prepare for his mission. This New Age teaching clearly marks its adherents as part of the anti-Christ, I John 4:1-3.

Jesus is THE Savior
Jesus is the Son of God, He lived a perfect life, died for our sins, was resurrected from the dead and He is alive for evermore. Gurus deny the existence of sin, while Christ condemns sin and calls sinner to repentance, and died for the sins of the world. Gurus are vegetarians, whereas Jesus was not. Gurus teach there are many ways to God, but Jesus says He is the way the truth and the life, the only way to the Father.

6. Sorcery
Sorcery is the key to a magical solution for all your problems. However, there are no divine miracles from an Almighty God, only natural events.

No Magic
Overcoming is not magic but building character by the Holy Spirit, learning faith and patience through overcoming trials and tests. God's power supersedes the laws of nature.

B. The Nature of Man

1. Human Potential.
Achieve your own infinite potential through psychology, developing your own inherent goodness through an "Altered State of Consciousness", or ASC.

Child of God
We can become a child of God through accepting God's gift of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for our sins, changing our natural, carnal mind through the power of the Holy Spirit. Paradise will be restored by the return of the Savior to rule all nations with a rod of iron.

2. Mind Changing
Altered States of Consciousness, Transcendental Meditation, and other techniques are more powerful than drugs. Their purpose is to experience spirit possession, to meet and listen to your "Inner Guide", the "god within" each of you. Hindus claim the universe is a mental illusion, and the only reality is an ASC. You can change your world by changing your thoughts.

Listen to God
The truth is, that ASC is more dangerous than cocaine or LSD. The "inner guide" is the voice of Satan and his demons. Our natural mind is enmity to God's Laws, and results in misery and unhappiness. God's Spirit does not coerce, it leads us to do good. We must yield ourselves to God, resisting Satan the Devil. While in an "altered state", group leaders are able to implant new ideas and alter the thinking processes of their followers. Don't let others do your thinking for you! The battle for the mind can be won through Christ. Man cannot find the way to peace, which can only come through obedience to the Law of God. Listen to God and His Word, the Bible. Choose life.

3. All is part of nature, of the universal "Collective Unconsciousness."
Peace can come if the whole world meditates for peace, taps the Universal Mind. Humanity's crises rise from ignorance of man's divinity and oneness with all things.

God is a personality
God is separate from nature which He created. He is a personality. Each human being is a distinct responsible person. There is no salvation apart from the Savior, Acts 4:12.

4. Self-realization
You are a part of nature and can "realize" your own godhood and create your own reality. Through self-realization, mind power, you can manipulate nature, and control it through occult power. There's nothing wrong with you, it's just the way you think. Get in touch with yourself and look within, finding out who you are, and then you will be able to realize the infinite human potential that resides in each of us.

God is source of our power
We have no inherent power to live beyond our few years of physical life. God is the source of all power, who may be petitioned through prayer, but cannot be made to conform to our will.

5. Self Love
Nature and man are god. You need to have more love of yourself, self- esteem, self-worth. The self is the hope of humanity, of man's salvation. Anton LaVey, Satanist priest, says: "The highest of all holidays in Satanism is the date of one's own birth, for we worship the individual and celebrate self-love."

We are to love God
Men shall be lovers of their own selves, denying God. He who loves his own life more than God shall lose it. We are nothing, but through God's love, we become His children and will inherit all things.

6. Openness to Everything (Universalism).
Psychiatry, psychology and humanism, communism, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc., all have a common theme, and are all equally valid. They all take you to the same place. The only enemy is the man not open to everything. You cannot criticize Satanists even though they offer human sacrifices; they are just acting out their "karma" (determined by what they did in previous lives). It doesn't matter what you believe as long as you are sincere.

One Faith
There is only one true religion. All others are false, and take you to one place--the lake of fire.

C. Sin

1. Sin
Humans are without sin and guilt, merely programmed to do the things they do. Lame excuse: "the devil (whom I don't believe in) made me do it!" Nobody is guilty, there isn't any right or wrong, I have my truth and you have your truth. There is no sin, for the world is holy, nature is holy, the body is holy, sex is holy, the mind is holy, the imagination is holy, for we are all part of god.

Sin is the transgression of God's Law
We are responsible for our sins and cannot use the pitiful excuse, "the Devil made me do it!" Forgiveness from God through Christ's blood is the only way to get rid of guilt. Only God is holy, and only He can clean up our vile imaginations and evil deeds.

2. Amoral
Nature has no morals. There is no such thing as justice, mercy, liberty or fairness, right or wrong. You should reject the concept of sin and judgment. Hitler, Stalin and Mao TseTung were not evil.

God has laws.
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn says the "self-deification of man as supreme" has led to a decline of Western morals. God has laws for our own good, He is a God of mercy, justice, equity. God's laws demand justice. His mercy is available through Jesus, but He will execute judgment on those who refuse to repent.

3. Rebellion against Universal Law, War Against God's People
Glorification of the ugly and perverted; brutal assault on decency and morality. Anti-Christ. The God of the Bible is not to be tolerated.

Satan is active.
The Bible prophesies of the "spirit of disobedience" in the last days, the "man of lawlessness" who will declare he is God, II Thessalonians 2. The Beast will persecute true believers. Christians are enemies of the New Age Movement because they cannot accept religious leaders other than Jesus of Nazareth. We must be separate from the one world religious system. Keeping the Sabbath and Holy Days, and not keeping the pagan celebrations keeps us apart from the world, and makes the world hate us.

4. Anti-Christian religion
Freud: Religion is the obsessional neurosis of humanity. Marx: the opiate of the masses. The only enemy is the man not open to everything. Those who say there is no right or wrong, nevertheless condemn as evil those who disagree with them. Except for Christians, "We're all taking different roads to get to the same place." Christianity is opposed because it claims to be right and the only way.

God's way or eternal death.
The fool has said in his heart there is no God. There are two ways: eternal life and eternal death. God's one way of life as described in Bible is the only way to participation in the Family of God.

D. Destiny of Man

1. Evolution
Nature came about by some impersonal force. You should seek to learn the secret of controlling and using this force for your own benefit. Man is a product of nature, therefore all he does, even war, is natural, and is not "right" or "wrong." Evolution makes reincarnation seem credible, for there is no point in being reincarnated numerous times unless one is evolving ever higher. Evolution has been the core belief of occultism for thousands of years. Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, etc., all agree we came from amoeba and are moving upwards to Godhood. Lord Maitreya: "Man is an emerging God."

God is Creator.
Some are willingly ignorant of the many proofs of creation. Even agnostics are debunking the theory of evolution, showing it to be unscientific and unsupported by the evidence. We seek to know the Creator in order to worship and obey Him. Man was created by God with free moral agency, the ability to choose right or wrong. "From slime to divine" makes man an animal and God a human. There is a contradiction in evolution: man is supposed to be the "highest form" of life, but has "lost" his survival instincts and threatens to destroy all life on the planet. Man is devolving downward, not upward.

2. Survival of the fittest
Compassion is contrary to nature, which is harsh. We should eliminate the "undesirable elements" of society and preserve and maintain a class of elite supermen.

Mercy, Love and Compassion
We should have mercy, love and compassion. Take care of the poor, needy, blind, deaf, crippled. All are equal in the sight of God. A mentally retarded person is no less precious in God's sight than a gifted intellectual.

3. Secrecy and the Elite Class
Only those who know the secrets can wield occult power. The rest are "dumb sheep". The "ascended masters" are those who have mastered occult powers and are "the Christ" who have and will lead the world.

Salvation to all.
Salvation is open to all whom God calls and who truly seek Him.

4. Absolute Obedience
Nazism, Hinduism, New Age beliefs demand absolute obedience to the guru leader. Followers must abandon reason and follow their exalted superior leaders.

God can be talked to
"Come let us reason together." Paul reasoned with them out of the scriptures. Follow no man.

5. Reincarnation
Man is evolving higher and higher up to Godhood. If a husband beats his wife, the law of karma says he must be reincarnated as a wife beaten by her husband. Reincarnation perpetuates evil. Freud says the present is determined by the prior years of one's life. Reincarnation says the present is determined by one's prior lives. Man doesn't die, he just gets recycled and incarnated again. At death, the individual's consciousness joins the pool of universal consciousness.

One chance at salvation.
Reincarnation is amoral, senseless and hopeless. Under God's Law, each has one chance to receive salvation. Few are being called in this age. Most will have their only chance during the Great White Throne Judgment. The second death in the lake of fire is a final and total cessation of one's consciousness for all eternity.

6. Communication with the dead
Channeling, receiving power from those long dead.

Dead are DEAD.
The dead know not anything. The Bible condemns mediums and those involved in necromancy. Those who attempt contact with the spirit world are seeking demons. Without repentance, they will reap the death penalty.

New Age Movement Infiltrates Church of God

It is shocking how many tenets of the New Age Movement have sprung up in the Church of God. Modern religious groups have helped pave the way for the New Age. In an effort to gain membership, some are convinced the good news should be presented without any negative aspects, rather than thundering calls for repentance and denunciations of sin as the prophets of old.

Although they once knew the truth, I know of a church organization that now preaches a pabulum gospel, extolling the virtues of the "vast human potential", and avowedly is working for world peace. Their new "apostle" jets around the world speaking nice things to world leaders. Their leading scholar goes to Tibet and has cordial relationships with Buddhist monks, and believes in "pre-Adamic man" ideas, co-existing with evolutionary theory. This church ridicules "anti-Catholic" books such as Hislop's The Two Babylon's as being divisive.

They have few miracles because medical science is lauded above the healing power of the Almighty. There is a veil of secrecy as the "dumb sheep" of the lay people are kept in the dark as to the real inner workings of the church. Those who can manipulate the system can work their way up into positions of power in the church and become an elite class above the common herd. There is an amoral double standard, as the elite church leaders can lie, steal, commit adultery and live in luxury while the lay people are subjected to an authoritarian, compassionless church government. Their leaders claim to be "above the Law" of God, worshipped by the membership.

The New Age Movement has virtually taken over some Sabbath-keeping churches of God!

Where Persecution Will Come From

Satan and his followers hate true Bible believers. They say the Christian age (so-called Age of Pisces) will soon be replaced by the enlightened Age of Aquarius. New Agers are open to everything. Everything, that is, except Bible believers, whom they sneeringly call "fundamentalists." New Agers will not tolerate those who believe the Bible and the absolute necessity of following the Eternals Law.

Why do followers of the New Age hate us? Because they want freedom from judgment and freedom from the conviction of their sins. New Agers are unwilling to accept their guilt; they want to do their own thing. Even without uttering a word, the true follower of Jesus of Nazareth is a living light, showing the New Ager that sin is real and that God hates sin, that there is a real personal Eternal who will judge every man for his deeds. Moreover, the true believer will not give an inch and grant that non-believers' views are equally valid. This drives the naturalistic pantheists wild with rage.

This is why New Age writing is full of bitter language against Christians. Bible followers are called parasites which must be exterminated. New Agers claim all religions except the Bible lead to godhood. All of the world's problems are said to be caused by bigoted fundamentalists. Christians are held to be primitive, stupid, and interfering with intelligence, creativity, joy and having a good time. Those who criticize witchcraft and the occult are said to be against social progress.

So-called Christians who willingly accept New Age doctrines will be spared. But New Agers say those who stubbornly stick to their "erroneous" belief that Yahshua is the only Messiah, and His way is the only way will have to be put to death. According to New Age belief, such staunch Christians are the only evil there is.

What a tragedy that many so-called Christian fundamentalists are indeed bigoted, narrow minded, rejecting the very Bibles they thump. They fuel the New Age fire sweeping the world.

We need to understand where persecution will come from, and why. After reading Texe Marr's book, Mystery Mark of the New Age, I can understand why people today, as men of old, extol the "noble" traditions of the Greeks who practiced infanticide and rampant homosexuality, the Babylonians and Canaanites who had human sacrifices and threw their children into fires to appease their gods, the temple prostitution of Rome, Pergamos and Corinth. I can now understand why New Agers today hate "obstinate" Bible believers. It goes all the way back to the Garden of Eden and Cain and Abel.

New Age Movement Prophesied

What we see today in the New Age Movement is a direct fulfillment of Bible prophecy.

Isaiah 2 is an end time prophecy. Verses 1-5 describe the establishment of the Kingdom of God on this earth, with its capital at Jerusalem. Verses 6-22 prophesies of the events just prior to the kingdom age. The "house of Jacob", i.e., modern Israel, will be forsaken by the Eternal. Why? Isaiah 2:6,

"because they be replenished from the east, and are soothsayers like the Philistines, and they please themselves in the children of strangers."

Or, as the Amplified Bible has it,

"they are filled with customs from the east."

Verses 7-9 describe the end time idolatry: great wealth and materialism, which is idolatry. Modern Israel, the Anglo-Saxon peoples and others in Northwestern Europe, have long observed pagan holidays and customs. But in the last days, the Eternal says they will become literally saturated with eastern religions. Every one of the New Age ideas come from the east, particularly India, home of the world's pagan religions.

Notice also Isaiah 2:10-22. At Messiah's return, He will humble proud and lofty men who claim "all is God, we are God."

In Hosea 12:1, Ephraim, one of the leading tribes of Israel (identified by some as the British Commonwealth, by others as the United States) follows after "east wind." Now "wind" is used in scripture as a symbol of false doctrine, Ephesians 4:14. False religious doctrines from the East will corrupt modern Israel during the last days.

II Timothy 3:1-7 adds that in the last days, men will be lovers of their own selves. Man has not always been this way. Self-sacrificing pioneers have colonized new territories, made great technical achievements for the progress of mankind, often with little recognition or remuneration. But in the last days, "love thyself" becomes the great commandment for reprobate man.

It is interesting to note that the Beast will honor the "god of forces", Daniel 11:38. All these scriptures cannot be mere coincidence. They are "dead ringers" for what is going on today.

Bible Condemns Occult, Witchcraft, New Age Movement

It is not difficult to discover what the Creator thinks of the "New Age" movement and similar paganistic, occult Satanic cults. The Bible lambastes such practices.

Sorcery, wizardry, witchcraft, enchantments, charms, clairvoyance, soothsaying, fortune telling, divination, prognostication spirit channeling, necromancy, mediums, spiritualism, astrology, star gazing and the like are thoroughly condemned in the Bible.

Here's some of the many scriptures that cover this topic:

Exodus 22:18~~~~ 2nd Kings 17:17 also 21:6~~~~Jeremiah 27:8-9~~~~Leviticus 18:21 also 19:26 & 31~~~~!st Chronicles 10:13-14~~~~Micah 5:12-15~~~~Deuteronomy 12:30-32 also 17:2-5 also 18:9-12 also 18:20-22~~~~2nd Chronicles 33:6~~~~Acts 16:16-18~~~~1st Samuel 15:23 also 28:1-25~~~~Isaiah 8:19 and 19:3 and 47:8-15~~~~Galatians 5:19-21~~~~Revelation 21:8

Naturalism or Supernaturalism?

Why is the Western world rejecting its Biblical roots? Because churches, supposedly Bible-based, have rejected God's word. Look at the demise of religion, the Jim Bakkers, Jimmy Swaggerts, Armstrongs, etc. No wonder thinking people are looking elsewhere for answers to life's questions. One of the five reasons for the decline and fall of the Roman Empire was the decay of religion, faith fading into mere form, losing touch with life, losing power to guide the people. Franz Cumont's Astrology and Religion Among the Greeks and Romans describes the crumbling classical world in "New Age" terms:

"In the declining days of antiquity the common creed of all pagans came to be a scientific pantheism, in which the infinite power of the divinity that pervaded the universe was revealed by all the elements of nature."

Hunt & McMahon show that the Bible is the basis of true faith, which grows out of a relationship of obedience to God, when we become an instrument of His will rather than making Him the instrument of our wills. We need to abdicate the throne of our lives to God. Only He has right solutions. Christians should not look to themselves for the answers, or let a religious guru do their thinking for them. We cannot exercise free choice if we don't really understand what we believe, I John 5:20. Therefore, we must get our noses in the Bible!

Spirit "entities" contacted by New Agers in their spiritual encounters endlessly repeat the three-fold lie of Satan: There is no death, man is God, knowledge of the self leads to one's own divinity, transformation, salvation and power.

There is nothing "new" about New Age ideas. The movement is merely a re- hash of Satan's twisted concepts. Individually we must fight back and win our personal battles against the devil. There are only two religions: naturalism or supernaturalism. Which one will you choose?

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There is only One True God. Only through his son Jesus we are saved. People must read Exhodus 20. People who keep Sunday as the Sabath are committing an abomination against our Creator because they are worshiping the sun as God. Very clear we can read in the book of Genesis that the 7th day is was blessed by our Creator.

Thank you for posting this. I have a better insight now of what I have been going through the past year living with twin brothers who believe this crap. I came to find out they were fourth generation satanists and born into it. The one that was my boyfriend told me he remembered being split in the womb. Or rather his demon told me. Long story short. I belong to Jesus and was baptized at 7 but got stranded and stuck out in the country where they llived. I had communion with them and unknowingly made a few covenants with them. I knew I didn't believe what they believed but still didn't feel in danger. Until a year later they asked me to join them and my boyfriend revealed a lot. I met his demon and he asked me to join them basically and we kind of did a marriage covenant. He had a ring and said all I had to do was to admit I believed his truth which I did not but ended up lying after two days and told him what he wanted to hear. Little did I know. The agreements I made with them gave them power to attack me spiritually when I would not join them. I told them what I had told them from the beginning. I belong to Jesus, there is no way I can join you. Well my boyfriends demon in his body put his hands on me and I could physically feel him taking my soul out of me. Also the whole time during the two day discussions my mind was being attacked the whole time so I was suffering in pain, confused and disoriented. I finally decided I must leave and started to go for the door. My boyfriend/demon said something in Hebrew and then I heard him say finish her! Apparently God intervened because he fleed in fear while I was walking out the gate. I was barely able to start walking down the road but I did. I was near giving up and thought I was gonna die on the side of the road walking to town. I called a friend to pick me up. She finally came as I was walking down the road. I actually saw my boyfriend pass me in his friends vehicle trying to avoid me by taking a different street. So here I am robbed of my soul, mind damaged. I felt like a shell of a person. I felt if I was dead it would feel better than how I felt. I then became desperate to find a solution on how to fix my problem. At my friends I started googling stuff and came to the conclusion that I needed to break any covenants I had made with them. After two days and very desperate I finally was able to contact two elderly strong Christians I had went to bible study with prior to ever meeting the twins. I had my breaking evil covenant prayers picked out. I found them on google and it had covered everything. I asked the Christians to lay hands on me while I said the prayers because I needed they're strong faith for it to work. My boyfriend demon had taken all I had inside me, even my faith. It was like all I had was my knowledge and memory of it. So in a state of despair I prayed while they layed hands on me. The Christian man anointed my head with oil first and then we proceeded. It did work. They were broken. But I am still not the same. It was like my soul was wrang out then put back. It was still better thenthe state I WAS in. Ever since I have been in the word everyday but I have a long way to go to undo the damage they did and basically I allowed because of ignorance to their evil world. They used mind control and basically I was their project for that whole year without realizing it at the time. The reason I was of any value to them was because my soul belonged to Jesus & the holy spirit. They spoke Hebrew to each other all the time. Even to me my boyfriend did at times which I now believe were curses. The communion I took with them in the beginning to be a family I thought was all spoken in Hebrew and I was told to repeat in Hebrew what was said. All I remember is the last word ending with Ashim. I just remember before repeating it asking Jesus to protect me since I didn't know what I was repeating. I also trusted my boyfriend at the time that he wouldn't allow his brother to have me repeat anything bad. After repeating whatever was said I physically felt what i imagined to be God's hand wrapped around my heart for a second to protect it from what was being said & done. Now however I worry that feeling may have been my covenant with God being broken. I honestly don't know for sure. The main reason I am sharing what happen here is to ask for help on me getting my life back and to continue to get rid or fix anything else they did that remains. Thank you.

Hi There,

I agree with Ew573.

I am a yoga instructor and agree that there is alot of corruption in new age teaching, since it is in the interest of our oppressors to control and destroy what is useful to us (often they use the divide and conquer strategy). e.g. in Music, Movies, Food, Products, etc.

Yoga is very useful in it's pure form.

The tenants of yoga are very simple And I will outline them here, the order is very important in the success of yoga.

The 8 limbs of Pantanjali's Yoga

1. Yamas (moral restraints)
a) ahimsa - non-violence (because we are all one [what we do unto our neighbor we do onto ourselves]; the first step toward liberation from suffering is to do no harm, be kind and love thy neighbor; for the subconscious mind does not differentiate between self and other)
b) satya - truthfullness - be honest and open and do not waste your energy.
c) asteya - non-stealing
d) brahmacarya - moderation (similar to buddha's middle way between austerity and decadance - adhering to one's dharma - duty to self and others, by taking care of the body, mind and soul; and dropping anything that is not needed).
e) aparigraha - nonhoarding, self-reliance and generosity

2. Niyams (The Five Oberservances)
a) sauca - purity - cleanliness (maintain health of body, mind and soul) - through meditation you can create space and stop reacting to negative compulsions, causing them to go dormant, and begin thinking the opposite of such things, cultivating positive thought, feeling and action.
b) Santos - contentment - gratitude, being grateful for what you already have, cultivating and helping it grow, rather than seeking more.
c) Tapas - Zeal, austerity, self-discipline (Self-improvement) Ghandi says be the change you wish to see in the world, Jesus says before you blame another for the splinter in their eye, become aware of the log in your own eye.
d) Svadhyaya - self-study, study of texts (study of the bible, and sacred texts; the Gita, Upunishads, etc), come to know God, your real self behind the mind, body, ego, separate self; the core of existance, what we are all made of, what we come from, the spirit, pure consciousness.
e) Isvara-pranidhana - devotion to a higher power - surrender - Isvara means God - do not think yourself god, nor any of the works that you do, think of them as God's works, Jesus says I do nothing of myself, all of these works come from God.

3. Asana - Positions of the body, with involvement of the mind and spirit to create strength, flexibility, balance and focus (this is an excercise of awareness, recognizing your individual body and what it can do, unconcerned with what others can do - you need not be a pretzel to do yoga, if you can stand comfortably on your own two feet, or sit on the floor and be steady and comfortable, you have succeeded) another key to success that I have learned, is that the body needs love, just like a small child or animal, it needs love first in order to heal and grow; then an apetite for food and play will come and bolster the vitality of the body.

4. Pranayama - Mindful Breathing - Expansion of vital energy or life force through control of the breath.

5. Pratyahara - Turning Inward - withdrawal of the senses to the mind

6. Dharana - Concentration - Focusing, Attention (4 concentrations = a meditation) so that the mind can be steadied upon an object of concetration (e.g God)

7. Dhyana - Meditation - Reflection, Observation (This allows one to step back from the mind and personality and purify it)

8. Samadhi - Uion of the Self with Object of Meditation - Tranquility, Fulfillment, Spiritual Illumination, the seeker becomes the Seer, the practicioner comes to know God within himself. Realizing that the human body is the temple of God, and yoga is preparation to receive him, just as Jesus did.

Hope that is useful for clearing things up. The Christian monks used the same process to reach God, as did the many respected Saints and Sages, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Babaji, Saint Germaine +++. We are all capable of finding God.

Jesus is a beautiful example to follow.



I see Satanic New Agers have found this article as well. Cameron, you are part of the problem. Yoga is fine up until it's no longer just stretching, and no Christian should be doing beyond that.

"Notice also Isaiah 2:10-22. At Messiah's return, He will humble proud and lofty men who claim "all is God, we are God." (Quoting from this article) Just wondering where that last bit came from? I looked the verse up and it doesn't mention men who claim "all is God, we are God." Thanks.

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This is from the emerald tablets of Thoth . The new age Is not new. As Christianity and other religions it has been misused .

Three are the qualities of God in his Light-home:
Infinite power, Infinite Wisdom, Infinite Love.

Three are the powers given to the Masters:
To transmute evil, assist good, use discrimination.

Three are the things inevitable for God to perform:
Manifest power, wisdom and love.

Three are the powers creating all things:
Divine Love possessed of perfect knowledge,
Divine Wisdom knowing all possible means,
Divine Power possessed by the joint will of
Divine Love and Wisdom.

Three are the circles (states) of existence:
The circle of Light where dwells nothing but God,
and only God can traverse it;
the circle of Chaos where all things
by nature arise from death;
the Circle of awareness where
all things spring from life.

Amen. All the New Age does is lull people to sleep with flattering words and empty promises to keep people in sin. As a former New Ager turned to Christ, I believe I have the right to say, anyone who believes in the New Age is a fool, and loves their sin more than God. Keep flattering your ears with lies from the pit of hell people. Keep believing your God on earth. When we reach the other side we'll see who bows to whom.

You do not have to write a book to just say that they are all full of shittt do not listen to a word they say

If you know the prophecies of Buddha, he talks of one who comes who is greater than he is. He calls him the Maitreya. Not that I'm buddhist, but in my opinion, Buddhists who release from attachments and flesh are more in alignment with Christs teachings than materialistic and worldly christians are. St Francis carried this theme as well but directed it toward devotion to Christ. Sacrificing the material. Want to beat the devil? Stop watching tv, stop conforming to the world, stop being a consumer (your money, taxes buys what feeds and supports the beast), go off-grid, form communities that detach from governmental control (power companies etc) and are eco-friendly (respecting Gods creation and creating good fruits), get away from all the industries that support the beast. Make your robes white, become pure.

Easier said than done

I think the satanic thread is materialism, which the first beast of revelations is the papacy. Satanists worship materialism and idols. Christians and new agers both worship idols and rituals as well. What else is a necklace with a cross on it? You will know the true prophet from the false from its fruits. Catholics killed people in the name of Christ all throughout history (thats blasphemy). Materialism is whats destroying the world and the worship of idols that cannot see or hear or walk or talk. Nature (God's creation) is destroyed, sacredness (the holy spirit) not cherished anywhere. Anyone who is under the law of men is not free (read Galatians). Anyone who has actually read the dhammapada by Buddha will see that it is almost identical to the true message of Christ. it talks about how to recognize the true prophet in similar fashion (go by the fruits etc. While Christians believe in the devil, Buddha called it Mara. Both have similar qualities, they seduce you into attachments and materialism. You cannot worship both money and God type thing. The important thing is to place spirit before the material. Be a friend to the world and you can't be a friend to spirit because the two go against one another. You become under the law, under rituals and sucked into worldly belief systems and obsessing on making money, having, wanting and flesh. It is important before the approach of Christ that we release our material obsessions. Those with material addictions will be staying behind. Those who inadvertantly or advertantly cause false fruits (destruction of the environment) through their lifestyles and beliefs will have to reap what they have sown.

you're absolutely right! new age is satanic and it leads to falling away from religion. i've been trying to warn people who believe new age but they were lie : you need to stop talking about religion and Bible, religion is evil, spirituality of new age is great! i am goddess, blah blah blah... no, we are all sinners and we need mercy from God! <3

You might be on to something if those were the only important things in life. Sadly, they are not.

um -- i thought the subject of conversation was the paths people choose and that's what i was addressing. i guess that i was mistaken about the subject matter?

"By their fruits ye shall know them" <br />
<br />
When I find someone who demonstrates love and joy and peace I become very interested in the path he has been following. <br />
<br />
When I find someone who does not demonstrate these things I have no interest in learning about whence he came or how.

That is about what I expect from a liberal, itsGilly. Have fun with that.

Which part?


mhowa021:<br />
I have great empathy for people's.... plight. But I must answer your demand / request with a very firm NO.

My point is that they are not all wise just because they are quotes. I would rather not pick apart what is wrong with the ones I don't like, because I do not want to offend you.

"Wise sayings often fall on barren ground, but a kind word is never thrown away."

I don't get the point of the quotes? Some of them are okay, and others are flat wrong. If that is how you choose to see the world, then I pity you.

I wanted to say alot of things after reading this but i would of said alot of things out of anger and somethings would just fall on deaf ears..somethings you say i believe others i dont. so i found some quotes that hold some of my thoughts...<br />
<br />
"There will be no end to the troubles of states, or of humanity itself, till philosophers become kings in this world, or till those we now call kings and rulers really and truly become philosophers, and political power and philosophy thus come into the same hands." <br />
<br />
"Common sense is the genius of humanity."<br />
<br />
"There are matters in the Bible, said to be done by the express commandment of God, that are shocking to humanity and to every idea we have of moral justice"<br />
<br />
"You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty"<br />
<br />
"The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases."<br />
<br />
"We need to give each other the space to grow, to be ourselves, to exercise our diversity. We need to give each other space so that we may both give and receive such beautiful things as ideas, openness, dignity, joy, healing, and inclusion"<br />
<br />
"When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, 'I used everything you gave me"<br />
<br />
"I cannot imagine a God who rewards and punishes the ob<x>jects of his creation and is but a reflection of human frailty."<br />
<br />
"God may be subtle, but he isn't plain mean"<br />
<br />
"I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use"<br />
<br />
"I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ."<br />
<br />
<br />
"If a man would follow, today, the teachings of the Old Testament, he would be a criminal."<br />
<br />
"It is wonderful how much time good people spend fighting the devil. If they would only expend the same amount of energy loving their fellow men, the devil would die in his own tracks of ennui."<br />
<br />
"Do all things with love"<br />
<br />
"At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet"<br />
<br />
"I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love." <br />
Mother Teresa <br />
<br />
"Always keep an open mind and a compassionate heart."<br />
<br />
"Don't follow any advice, no matter how good, until you feel as deeply in your spirit as you think in your mind that the counsel is wise"<br />
<br />
"I'd rather regret the things I've done than regret the things I haven't done"<br />
<br />
<br />
"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see"<br />
<br />
sorry this is so long lol

New age is wicca....pagans or druids like in olden's a belief in everything everything around them from the trees to god to everything basically.


Michael820 I really dont see any insult in this, everyone has their own view on this, I would agree there is probable a few things I dont agree w/ but that is life. Religion really not to effend anyone is just another war that has everyone almost at each others throats. But as it is said good really cant lie w/out evil and evil can live w/out good. It would be boring if one side did not exist I guess.

I would like to live without evil....

Religion was meant to be a guideline...boundaries and/or rules to guide people to live life the way it was meant to be lived with love respect and no hate but instead people made a book and tons of religions that people screwed up and drove people away from the point...people thinking that their religion is better when god is all god....buddha....allah.....god is everything.....ONE IS ALL AND ALL IS ONE!