Failed To See

I hold a metal rod in the storm of the Enemy, I will not be struck down

I used to be full of pride and wore the enemy's crown, Not knowing I serve the enemy

And serving myself, My master struck me down, I still lived to serve me

I failed to see, to be happy with what I was given to me,

I was angry At God for what I did not have, and failed to see The blessings served to me, I failed to see through all the troubles, That me fighting against my lord made them double

It took my own life.. Twice.. To realize, That My God wanted me alive.I was in rage, in a cage, failing to understand God's ways

Death Is merely 1 percent of my life, and the rest of my life lays after

I'm in my next chapter,I hated your name, and the game I thought you played

I stayed hidden, Forbidden to even find the truth of you,

In my search to destroy your name, I found the truth, oh so plain

Despite my hate for you, You loved me, when down you hugged me

If I were you, I would have shoved me, Finally, Im able to stand back up,I realized I'm Just a Beta Pup

And your the Alpha Wolf

The Omega, that took my pain for no Gain

I was insane, to think my brain had what it takes to contain heavens Reign

I was weak and lame, Now i'm strong and Tame

I broke the ultimate sin, And I will pay it back and serve you till the end

Not only my God, But a loyal friend

Now I live to mend the hearts of men And use you as an example to them

Despite my Horrible sin, I feel you have forgiven me

I am honored to be your servant

Yahweh, I will have it your way

Lead my life, so One day

I will convince my enemy's to stay

I pray you will grant me wisdom from your very Kingdom

So I may help bring man to true freedom

To plan a seed for those in need

I'm a recruiter for God

For a war is coming, Many will keep running from enemy's gunning

But I will stand my ground, knowing Bullets will not harm the soul

Their Goal is to strike us down, But they will fail, For I stand on firm ground

On this mound I stand I defend, using my sword, Gods brand

They will demand, we stand down,And God's true soldiers will stand back up, The fake's will remove their make up

Thank you for showing me light, So I may fight when the world comes to a never ending night..
ShallowDreamers ShallowDreamers 18-21, M 2 Responses Jan 20, 2012

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I'm not going to hell just because I Don't believe: and I know that, because of astral projection.

I astral travel while I sleep every night, And know that our universe is a big place, The Planes are seemingly endless, and you have seen everywhere there is possibly to see? Or You have seen everything?

I believe we are in hell.

we know from astral experience the truth, that the dark ones are out there and so are the "Advanced souls" that want to help humanity, but in no way does astral projection confirm the christian version of reality. As someone that's BEEN out there, I Can tell you you will experience according to your own true belief systems. This is because the spiritual realms are completely subjective and operate almost entirely on what belief systems the person ascribes to. That is to say if you are a christian, and you astral project, you will see these advanced spirits as angels, and in the "filter" you apply to the reality you interept think that these are "Gods forces" or "Yahwehs forces" -they are just servents of the light. the picture is MUCH more complicated than that.