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Outlook Of Life

My outlook, the open window
To turn the handle door and step through
To be the eyes so creation can look at itself

To be in the splendour of the moment
To be the cosmic child
Flying through space
Evolving into the star seed
Smiling with grace

To balance and be as one
My humble self
My magic dance
O Holy Father/Mother
Your soft handed embrace

The angels in disguise you placed along the way
Helped me to open doors
Helped the choice’s
Opened the mind to see beyond

Thanks for the books you gave me to expand my outlook in life
The tress, the pages, the sacrifice to give life
My eyes are yours to see the beauty you created

My Father My Mothers
My life

O What an outlook

Wise Ones:
The grandfathers and the grandmothers are in the children teach them well : Ojikwa Proverb
1UNITY 1UNITY 56-60, F 3 Responses Feb 3, 2012

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I feel a very strong connection with what you have written here. Thank you for recognizing the beauty in the world, and sharing your outlook with us.

To connect with you is the reason to be here. Thanks

Evolving into the star seed"Alien likes"

That is so beautiful, vivid and heart warming !