The Concern For The Groups

Let me say this, 'Where there is light, there will be dark.' Balance is how you see it and how you perceive it. In the very core of your being, YOU, that is each person here, takes with them what they have learned in this lifetime whether it maybe nonsense or otherwise thoughtful words of inspiration and love .

This group has had ... many 'battles'... I would say. There are so many here that have very vibrant hearts, extremely strong energy and others ... with such disdain and negativity. Do you know how many people really come into this group whether to prove or disprove their thoughts on the subject of, "I am an incarnated Angel". Do you truly know how many people come in search of something where there is something lacking in their hearts. ... So many on here whether they wish to take a side or not only come in search for answers where their life, no matter how small, has taken a turn for the best or the worst. Answers are what this group is meant for, to share experiences and learn whether the light is vibrant or otherwise repulsive in nature.

Such is the belief that their thoughts and their words portray in this world. Know and understand that each are different. Each person is a different unique being no matter what or whom they are. This group and some of the people that have posted on here are very very wise, those that rarely post a story here but have words that inspire are beacons of light to those that truly search for them or drawn to them. ... Such is the fight with ... as many say ... light and dark. What a few or well the majority understand is that there is not just black and white ... you must search for the colors and ... the shades of gray. Where do you stand in the thick of these groups whether you are new or have withstood the cycles of changes that have been going on with not only this group but all groups that have in some way been impacted by thoughts that are said here. Such groups exist ... ie: Demon Hunters Group, Astral Resistance Group, Ghost hunt groups, paranormal groups, ... Those Archangel Joph... groups (yes I included it), Indigo Children Group, Dragon, wolf, light worker, and even those, 'I am a warrior spirit' groups and so many more. Every group has many people that search for answers that take a side and even put themselves out there in order to teach others their thoughts whether they maybe right ... or wrong. Let me say that it is YOUR thoughts and perspective to be that beacon of light. Why try hard to satisfy those that come in with such innocent hearts, those that are ... awakening, and those that simply exist to make trouble or in turmoil in their hearts.

Understand this if anything, those you are meant to help will be drawn to you. They will be persistent and the calling will be on either side. Each are at different levels of their learning. Each needs a different version, a different thought and perspective in order for them to learn. Know that all of this is only a part of the greater thought in which we find what we seek or seek to understand what we do not know or can't grasp.

This group maybe filled with negativity and spam but it doesn't stop the countless people from searching. If someone finds that the words and thoughts here in this group is negative, they will search elsewhere. Till they find what they seek or it is shown to them whether coincidence or otherwise will eventually find its way to them. In my heart I know who some of the people on here are. In light I know that there are many accounts on here that are from the same person. One only needs to understand and read their stories ... feel ... understand ... and grasp them as the human they truly are.

Do not be distraught of the negativity that has been emerging more and more. Be strong in your belief and only help where you believe it is necessary. If words are swayed and or are untrue, give your thoughts and opinions regarding it and be on your way. You have done your job if at least one person understands you and takes your comment or story wholeheartedly. Do not be dismayed by negativity. Negativity is a part of the cycle, we all face it in our lives whether online or otherwise. It is a test for you to persevere or otherwise ... a test to learn from the anger and sorrow you feel towards others. Each person will learn no matter how negative or positive the circumstances will be. Have faith that they will find their way in this life.

... Notice, I did not say, 'God' or 'ArchAngel' or any of the powers'. One does not need to say these words in order for others to learn or grasp what is needed to be said.


~In memory of those that have sense come and gone in ALL these groups. Each has taught others so much ... even blasphemy teaches the faithful, challenges warriors, and is a learning process for those in search for ..... answers.~
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............Please remember that FALSE positivity,

And hypocrisy under the banner of "love and light"....

Is a mass cloud of negativity in disguise.

Some people are so good at lying to themselves and others about being happy, and there are others that live in denial of their own negativity, hatred and bitterness just like them, and they usually falter before the same lies to run from who they really are!

In this group I have learned that those who run around throwing around the words "peace, light aand love" the most, are of the most saddest creatures on the face of this earth... And they hide it well, and get cheered on by those who live in denial of their own problems under the "love and light" signature too.

As you said there is no light without darkness, hence in this group there is NO PURE LIGHT!

Dear one,

Who is to say one fly's under one signature nor banner when there are different banners and signatures everywhere your eyes can see. Titles change as do signatures. You either move up in the world or move down but it doesn't change the fact that your existing in life. Banners and signatures only are temporary place holders. What truly matters is what resides within the person. Take a closer look in reality as we also embark and take an even deeper look at what is far beyond imagination. We are all from different walks of life, there is no light without darkness and darkness without light. Pure light is what you make of it and how you see it.

A soul and a person my dear, may become weary in this life and require even a glimmer of light if not only to enlighten them but bring them a measure of understanding as well as a means to learn and keep moving. This group is filled with so many words, it does not remain constant in nature. It is like life is, ever changing.

Nothing is true and when the truth comes, at times it blesses you for it is benevolent in nature to how you see it at that current moment and in that current time. Rarely is truth given to foreshadow less there is a greater reason.

It is clear that everyone faces light and darkness everyday. One simply has to turn on the news, and for a select few... go outside and see it first hand.

Much is written in the form if imagery, but deep within, one can see the perfection and imperfection of the heart and soul. That is all that counts and what matters. Each has their own path and this forum, this group, this site only facilitates the change that is necessary for them to continue on their path. Proof will not be in how dismal or how a group or multiple groups lack the light or the darkness (yes dear one, there are places where its one in the same context) but its in how information is given to them that matters.

Just as a newborn is taught how to walk, the hands that lift it and guide it, there will always be that same path in their independent lives.

Therefore I can't dismiss your nice warning and it is respectable in nature for the mature of hearts and minds. Just take note that there are multiple walks of life and multiple facets of personalities coupled with a variety of changes.

That is life...

^_^ Besides, Virus scanners at times always have false positives. It frustrates the heck out of people that know that because they have to go about saving the file or update to keep themselves safe. That's technology for you.

Namaste, <----- Notice its similarities to "love and light" but ... different. ;)


This may have been the kindest story I've read so far. :) Good looking out.

Wow, you have grown sooooooo much Iri. Wayyy beyond what I used to know. You are amazing my brother!! Me <3 you :D lol couldnt have said it better. :)

“ 'Where there is light, there will be dark.' Balance is how you see it and how you perceive it.”<br />
<br />
An ob<x>ject that emanates light does not cast a shadow to itself…<br />
<br />
… but only to those that do not emanate. This is not a process of balance but one of awareness, as the darkness will never cast a shadow.<br />
<br />
Fear is born out of these shadows; from the ob<x>ject awareness of the shadow existence, from this change of condition, from the unknown of what changes are to follow…<br />
<br />
Do not combat those that are releasing their fears, their anger, their frustration… as this is only a manifestation of their process of awareness.<br />
<br />
However, do enlighten them, ever so slightly that their shadow is not as deep, as dark and as big... so that you empower them to reflect the light on to their own shadows.

wise friend well said!

Couldn't have said it better myself, my friend. You have grown so much in your beliefs and understanding. Sending love and light you're way Iri. (lol at calling you that when i want to call you by your normal name from me) :]<br />
<br />
With love in my heart and faith for a better tomorrow, <br />

Its alright, by now many probably know my name. It can't be helped and I don't mind as much I guess. Although, if YOU call me that other name on here, then that means I can call you the nickname I gave you. XD

Lol. Awe, come on (my phone tried to autocorrect awe to sewer. Hahah)

Just a perfect post. <br />
<br />
We are at any given time in a place that we may find support here to move ahead on.<br />
<br />
Thanks and peace

get on down! what a day this is... full of others wisdom coming out on the pages of EP! Happy day, thank you for a loving post... yes, you are totally correct.

When I read your comment for the first time, the first image in my head was a theme park and those game booths. ^_^. Hope you have a good week!