Healing Force Of Archangel Raphael And Spring

Raphael's name mean "god heals" he is the master of all healing.
He is also strongly related to spring and plants.
Spring is the time for growth and rebirth, thus the optimal time for healing.

If you want to ask Raphael's help, whisper his name, aloud or in your head, and he is there, it's that simple.
But to be able to feel his prescence your heart must be open... cause Raphael will send you healing LOVE!

Raphael will Heal physical illness, psychological, emotional, social, psychic, and all kinds of illness
He will heal people, animals, plants, and all living beings.

There are exception when Raphael won't heal you Its when the illness is part of a bigger plan, or when your time as really come to pass to the other side...He will let you know.

When Raphael works with you, his green emerald healing energy will surrond you, many have compared this to wings surronding you..
its not like birds wings, what we are feeling is a strong energy field around us.
When Raphael is there you will feel surronded by an immense feeling of love.

The following image figures well how Raphael works. Notice the hands of the woman near her heart chakra, and notice Raphael's hand in a corresponding position. Notice the energy flowing upward in spiral, and downward in ripples...
Notice the halo around both the woman and Raphael's head...
(Remember Archangels are not human-like and don't have bird wings, its just the artist's view, but the energy in this image is very accurate)

When Raphael heals you, don't forget to be grateful, for archangels, like humans, appreciate genuine gratefullness.

Honesty is the key to working with him cause he can see right through you.

Raphael can also make a strong shield around you, almost instantly, if you are ready for it, if your heart is open.

It is a shield made of love, unconditional love.
It is not a shield for battle.
It is a peace shield.
Its a shield that will be powered from your hearth.

It is usefull on everyday life to be untouched by stress, others peoples emotions, and more
When in this shield you will have deep love for all the universe
When in this shield you understand that everything is there for a reason

This energy shield can be useful when dealing with non-organic entities of bad energy, like those we call demons, ghosts and more...
This energy is the most powerful love that is.... So any entity will only be able to reach you through love now...

For those who are so low in vibrations (like so called demons) it is impossible to touch you now, cause love is a burning fire for them.
When you are in this shield you loose the will to fight and destroy demons, you leave them in the hands of god...

There is something that tells me that it is very rare that it is the purpose of humans to destroy demons... best thing humans have to do is to shield themselves, shield others, shield the earth.

When all the earth will be surronded with an immensse shield of shinning love, no demons can touch the earth at all. All negative entities without any recovery possible will be sent back to the source and nothing is lost.
This is the LONG TERM solution for so called demons and negatives entities.

When a negative entity is destroyed or melted down to the source, it is the will of this entity, its is final relief, its the only peace possible for it.
All those that CAN be healed, WILL  be.

Fighting the dark entities is only temporary relief, cause another entity can come back.
The long term solution is the total love shield of all the earth.
Total healing, be it!

Following are some texts that I found on the internet about Raphael :

This is  sample text from the page :

The name Raphael means “God cures” and Raphael is the Archangel of both healing and vegetation,

The task of springtime is to open the heart.
 Ask Raphael to help you with healing the wounds within your own heart and to help to heal the wounded heart of the world.
Ask Raphael to guide you to golden opportunities to heal yourself and others during this season of resurrection and new life.

“It is the Archangel Raphael who reigns over spring,Omraam explains.
“This archangel has command of a myriad of spirits who work under his supervision on the regeneration and growth of vegetation.
So at the beginning of spring you must establish a bond with the Archangel Raphael.
Ask him to make you receptive to the virtues hidden in trees, grasses and flowers, so that this new life penetrates you as well.”

When asked for healing assistance, Raphael surrounds and nurtures people with the emerald green light of his halo. Green is the color of healing and clairvoyant people may see emerald green sparkles when Raphael is around.

This comes from the page :

Archangel Raphael Invocation
“The Universe has an abundance of health, joy, laughter and prosperity to give to me and in vast amounts of abundant supply, and is ready and willing to send it all to me as I AM a child of God and my body is God’s Divine perfection.
I forgive myself and let go of any and all actions, feelings or thoughts that have created this condition.
I Am a Master in All that I Am and call upon Raphael to invoke the Divine Blueprint and Perfection of my true Divine Self, God’s perfection.
I am ready to live my fullest potential. I am ready to be a Light in this world. I am ready to fulfill my mission here on Earth.
I am ready to let go of that which has investments in my remaining in an unhealed state as it no longer works for the Master of Life that I AM.
I choose Life and the dissolving all my illusions. I retain the original blueprint of my Divine Perfection that our Creator intended for me.

I choose Health. I choose Abundance. I choose to fully participate in life. I choose love.
Archangel Raphael, heal me in every way that is needed and anything for which you know needs to be healed at this time.
And so it is, already done. Thank you. Amen.”

I will finish with a beautiful healing mandala
mandala reprensents, in an artistic way, the form of an healty energy field

this fractal mandala is from the page


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Beautiful graphic's I love the colours. Can I ask a question please? I've been receiving very strong spiritual experiences all year. For the last year I have been seeing little white lights dancing around me, (my eyesight is perfect, got it checked). Now I am seeing a white light mist forming around me, its almost like dry ice smoke. This is happening through out the day and night, do you have any suggestions?

that is interesting but i don't know what it may mean.. Sorry if i have any idea i will let you know!

Light, I think I can help you. I am going to send you a sample from a book now to your EP mail. That book actually describes that "mist" you talk about.
Light, what do you FEEL when you see that white mist / smoke ?

I accept it as part of me, I also sometimes say hello, but I always acknowledge it. from what I have been receiving so far, I see this as just another gift from the heavens. Could it possible, I am starting to see the true me for the first time? This is something I have been asking for on my new journey

I forget to say on my last post, while I was reading you message, 2 white birds kept dancing around my window. They left when I stopped reading. How weird?

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I love every bit of this story. Thank you. I just posted something thought provoking, here is the link : EP Link

All the best.

I just finished reading Lorna Byrne's books (Angels in
my Hair, Stairway to Heaven), It is amazing. Worth reading. You may have a look at some of her posts on:

You can download the first chapter of her first book free of charge on

I am this kinda person, I do not necesserely believe in everything I read, but I try to keep my mind open

Thank you i will check that... Me too i do not belive in everything i read but i keep my mind open aswell

Beautiful mandala. Thank you for the information. Not all capricorns are so grounded that they are stuck! Sending love to you.

Thank you! How do you know i am a capricorn?

Says so on your profile! My birthday is dec 29.

I don't want to put you down but I just don't get it? Why do you believe this stuff? It doesn't make any logical sense at all to me. Why do you believe this stuff. With out any prof at all I just don't get it? Why do people believe in something that doesn't make any sense and if I speak out that there are no such thing as god angles or any other fairy tale charicters I'm the bad guy when I'm not at all I'm a good person people trust me I go out of my way to help. I just don't get it religion is going to destroy this world it's sad something that isn't real can do so much bad.

The fact that we are alive and here to ponder questions as these, is already such a surprising fact.
Can Luck create intelligence and highly complex and organized structures?
Put all the separate pieces of a computer let's say on the moon. And let it there 14 billions years... Will it organize itself into a working computer? Not without some inteligent help. Is it possible that the atoms of living beings, let say the first form of life on earth, bacteria, already incredibly more complex than a computer, assemble themselves by mere luck?
There are processes in the universe, and mostly within organized lifeforms that cannot appear without a form of intelligence as first cause. Evolution seams to be guided by intelligence. Some scientific even say that conciousness may be present in the fabric of the cosmos itself. Interwinded within spacetime, the source of life is everywhere.
Now there are many things our eyes cannot see like dark matter and the wifi that brings information to your ipod.
Is it that much impossible that there could be concious beings that our eyes cannot see? Why not after all?
Here for me angels can be such beings and in this case archangels could be compared to intelligent supercomputers whose conciousness reaches incredibly more far than ours.
Here raphael can be described as a conciousness working for healing.

I am not pretending to have all anwsers, all i wanted to do here was to put togheter some info i found on the net about this archangel that inspired many people.

That was really nice, Archangel Raphael heals me when I am in need...he continues to be ever present in my life and I am so thankful for that.
Love and light

thank you for your nice comment! have a blessed day!

thank you for this beautiful post :) I work with archangel Raphael every day and I love him!

you work with him everyday! that is awesome tell me more about the work you do with him if you will?

Yes, I do :) I am an energy healer (I practice Pranic Healing) and I always invoke Archangel Raphael before I do a healing session for someone. I can feel that my healings are clearly more efficient ever since I have started asking him for help. Sometimes, I even feel his arm and hand penetrating mine to help me with a difficult patient. He's amazing!

Wow thanx!!!

I asked archangel Raphael to heal me today from a pain I've been battling. Not just the symptoms but the actual cause of the problem. I asked GOD to send him down to heal me, under my prayer and meditation I felt the pain release. Best experience of my life...... Well atleast one of them :-)


Wow that is awesome!

lovely post:

I known about the power of Archangels for a long time, but I am pretty new in connecting with this energy. I have being attracted in more recent days and I have being reading a book from Doreen Virtue- beautiful information. I have a friend who lost a very important legal document that can cost her her career as a lawyer, any angelical force that could help her finding what she lost?, any particular prayer- love to see read your Ideas or suggestions. Thanks so much

I am sorry I myself cannot help you find what she lost...
I have a friend that is psychic... I would not call her an angelic force... but she is quite amazing, if you want more info about her send me a p.m.

I am the archangel you speak of. Hello <3

Thank you for your lovely post!

I have been helped by the angels a lot recently, especially Archangel Michael who has brought me much strength and healing. Today I was thinking about Raphael and looked for an online image using google. Out of all the pictures the one you posted above jumped out at me (as you say because of the energy), and led me to this interesting site - which I had never heard of - and your inspiring post.

The mandala is beautiful too.

thank you! so welcome on ep!

Many helpers are there for us to be healed.

Yes, the best healing is the free healing form our Father/Mother God if we be open to the healing at hand…….

Thank you for the POST….

Can he heal society? Please?

anything is possible, it might just take alot of time ! but if everyone heals himself, then society can be heal, but I belive it all starts within ourselves!

I believe that evil people are giving birth to more evil people and it only takes a little bit of evil to create evil in someone. But, yes all choice starts with self, though there's that weird feeling like being lost in the ocean that errr listen to me go on..