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Um u guys seem to have problems and i'm having problems. please try to fix this please for Acireale's sake.. pls..
Xachael Xachael 16-17, F 3 Responses Apr 23, 2012

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Something puzzles me... called Acireale. Where does it come from? In my thoughts ... it is not a name of the town/place but a name of something else.... Yet I seem to be curious as to what or whom the name refers too. It appears to be significant in some way but ... it appears I'm not meant to know at this point.

Greetings Ellie3, my apologies for ... sounding harsh. Yes to the degree I will apologies for my actions but you must understand that this person within this account is not... a lady but a man. There is a hint ... or rather a vibrant vibration that links words to a person just as a mothers voice is automatically known by the mothers own child. There have been two accounts that have been more than noticeable within this group and one particularly that has alarmed a few. This person shares the same vibration and distinct words that are very very similar if not THE words of someone that use to be on this network. Yet ... as many here know, there is always second chances .. and third chances apparently. Many of the accounts that have been here for some time know of this person but since most have moved on.... I like many will leave it to you to see for yourself dear friend. You are correct that as of late my words have been harsh and I do apologize. However, the ideas... the thoughts and words that this... person chooses to say whether it maybe melancholy or otherwise confusing are words that have the potential to harm and be harsh. BUT, by all means, I shall open the floor to Xachiel and let ... you see what so many already have known.. her words and actions. Blessings - Skies

you are from Arcireale Italy? <br />
First if you want us guys to help you deal with your problems, you should be more specific and describe your problems in an comprehensible way, then we could come with an anwser that makes sense, and concrete solutions for you...<br />
Like Jim said, for now we are not very wanting to help you, cause you posted death treath and nonesense stuff... If you want help, start proving that you are worth it. Start proving that you are not just nonesense, and then maybe you will find people wanting to invest time on you...<br />
<br />
Right now you do not seem a very good investment of our time...<br />
fix your attitude first, cause otherwise we can't help you.

Wha--? Who? I don't need help!