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I live in chicago. its really hard to just let the words flow because I really dont share my life with others. Most are average and the average I know will never understand. But here im presented to people who live through Yahweh as well. I come into alot of ppls lives you kno, I always help with something and then I just disappear. well not like poof! Or anything (smiles;)).. But after I help, I just never talk to them again. Ppl think im phony because of it but they dont realize, ive been doin this all my life, Yahweh sends me to them and I help, once I help im on to my next assignment. And the ones that I never left, I never left for a reason. Because I need them just as much as they need me.

I have these dreams, that always seem to come true. The only thing is that some parts in my dream are the same but different. Meaning that when it actually happens, then I can make more sense out of it.

Butterflies follow me where ever I go. When they fly past im usually contemplating something. But the second they past, I always say "ok". When they past, they tell me "dont worry, its ok".

Those are just acouple things about me. I really hope some of you can relate. I need someone like me. Just so I kno im not alone. Ppl that I help are assignments from the great I AM. I need to understand more and complete more so I can become ready for my MISSION. one day us Angels will find eachother. We are here for an ultimate reason.
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^_^ I live in the chicagoland area too! ^_^ More like the naval ba<x>se north of chicago though >_>. O_o I'm surprised you haven't experienced anything predominant around Chicago... Then again who knows, you may simply be coming to awareness of things. <br />
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O_o How does one live by their angelic nature? o_O ... They just live? The thought here is that each has their path, whether brought together by coincidence or otherwise fated to meet or fated to happen. The simplest way to answer this question is to stop where your at and look around you. One moment you can be standing looking at the great silver bean in Chicago and the next moment you can feel someone bumping into you or notice other people staring at you. No matter where you walk or what you do, things are contiuously moving ... progressing... One does not need to be proud that they are angelic. One only needs to do what they need to do for others and keep moving. Each has their own mission ... tests are large or small... but in all reality each lives the way they choose to live no matter what their nature is or how it is portrayed.<br />
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The information your presenting is vague though sadly speaking. Ive been around chicago, I'm curious as to how your unable to pick up on .... others when so many, not just angelics walk and even stand next to you if your walking down state street alone.<br />
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... To me this seems like a question and answer thing for an essay or a term paper. ^_^ hehe. Just my thought.<br />
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^_^ Have a good day!-bows-<br />
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PS: -scratches head- Interesting. I have yet to come across the word "yahweh" mentioned here. Yet what interests me the most ... is the quantity of responses this story has brought. I am only here to write what I feel but yet I have yet to be compelled to write to this story as well. O_o