Disclosure Is Now

Hi , I just goined. My learning path of accepting I must live without freewill to learn humanities consciousness and illnesses it has been a path of horror and misunderstood by all. My horror of having my life ripped apart has left me desparate to be herd. I have learned much from the pain and am almost done.
Now I am writing a book about how I have been treated here and how it connects to ,"the ancient science of mass population mind control". When I am done ( soon) I hope to leave. I know remember I am conscious light connected to the oneness of love. I know I am piloting a physical body to type words and understand what need to be done to clear the false perceptions, egos, and fears and bring about light.
Only the heart of a child will live within that light. Thankyou. Love and light is always with you.. Aloha...A.J.
angiejuly7771 angiejuly7771
May 12, 2012