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My awakening has been happening for a long time, but very sudden at the same time. I had always known that I was different, and that I didn't really seem to belong. And then one day, I was looking up different stories on elements for my senior film in college, when I came across this website. And more over, this post, that my now new and amazing friend posted about being an elemental. That got me REALLY wanting to talk to her. I just had this feeling that I needed to talk to her, that it would help me find some answers. And boy have I ever! Not only have I gotten some answers, it has made me ask even more questions. It has also given me 3 new amazing friends, and helped me connect even more with my boyfriends mom. At first I didn't know what I was, just that I was different. My new friends helped start my research and about learning all sorts of different things. It wasn't until I was reading on a web page about angels when I realized I had wings. It started on my right side, where I kept getting this weird, heavy, itchy yet tickle-ish area right on my shoulder blades. As I kept reading and time passed, the feeling slowly started to move over to the left side as well. And I just knew that I had wings. I know that just because I have wings, does not mean I am IA. So I just kept reading any other things and learning more and more. Learning about myself and my friends. I just kept having this feeling that I kept getting closer and closer to find my true self. Well, today, I was looking at this website, that I had already kind of looked over, seeing if anything jumped out at me. I still couldn't find anything, but I knew I would find answers on that site. I got so frustrated that I hit the wheel on my mouse and it scrolled all the way to the bottom of the page, where the name of my stone jumped out at me. That's when I went back up to where the info about the angel regarding my stone was. And as I started reading, my heart started to pound, I feel it and hear it. Then I started to get this odd warm feeling, almost as if my whole body was on fire, but it wasn't painful. Not totally pleasant, but not alarming. As I kept reading, I just had this feeling of... I'm not even sure how to explain it... just this over powerful pressure or something come over me. Then I started to tear up, and if I hadn't been in class, I would have just burst out into tears. And I knew I had found my true self. It was a wonderful feeling to finally have answers, but I still have a lot more to learn, but am more then willing and eager to learn! I need to get over my fear of mediation, because that the next step into finding the answers to my new questions. I don't know if this will anyone, but I felt like I needed to share this wonderful thing that has happened to me. And my God bless you all, and help you find your way in your current life and many others! ~Tears07
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I enjoyed reading your story as well Tears :). Angels DO have wings. I have never physically felt mine, but I have felt their presence. I have noticed that at times I am interacting with others that they can sense their presence also. Being humble and asking the creator many questions is far more effective than trying to "figure it out" on our own. He made us, and knows our purpose, so it only makes sense to ask Him about things we do not understand. How effective could we be without Him, compared to what we can be with His assistance? A very large part of our experience here is to realize that this is all a team effort, and He is the team leader. We're all more effective with help from each other, and most of all from Him! He is the only one with all the answers we seek. Thank you for writing about this. Coming to an awareness that we have a special purpose and are called to serve is something very awesome indeed!

Thanks for sharing your awaking to your true self ……it is like going home. <br />
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In peace and light....