How I Feel

When i pour out my heart, don't laugh at me. When i save you, don't try to kill me. When i interrupt you, don't be rude, when i fall in love with you...... don't hate me.

Pls. All i ask for a little understanding sometimes.

Well Akaia897...... just tell me yes, if you know what i mean......

Can we go drink cocktails at bootleggers..? whenever you ready my beautiful darling.


Don't worry i'll be a perfect gentleman.. your an Arc.. so we must get along.
plus you'll have your special forces and police officers watching me.

i'll be on Confessions a little later, right?

Xachael Xachael 16-17, F 1 Response May 25, 2012

Your Response


Dear Xachel

Why do you post here? Is it to add more confusion to your own confusion?

Why do you target out people? Like Anachel and Akaia

We are happy to help you if that is your intention.

Or is just a case that you want allot of attention.

Help me out here… is it attention you seek only?