Time Collapsing Irony.

Maybe its that but i guess that would make all of you happy, especially some fallen angels, so one Mary might be a guy. You know when all the wars are fought destroy Mary to make her a guy.
Xachael Xachael 16-17, F 3 Responses May 28, 2012

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btw my picture is a picture of me a couple of months ago, bye bye. *whew.

No man, let me educate you. I was here before and i was a female, my name is Remiel, Kayralae and Israfel, i'm the only male who is a female, so your mistaken, you'll see.

War makes room for growth…

We are both male and female…. No need to change sex?

It is the GRACE this is missing from both male and female

When we let go of all our maleness… then the softness (grace) in life will prevail

If you alter your attitude now, it will have a flow on effect on all your life times.

There is no time.... but only NOW.

But first purity is needed so that negativity will never return again when expelled or interfere.