Time Collapsing Irony.

Maybe its that but i guess that would make all of you happy, especially some fallen angels, so one Mary might be a guy. You know when all the wars are fought destroy Mary to make her a guy.
Xachael Xachael
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btw my picture is a picture of me a couple of months ago, bye bye. *whew.

No man, let me educate you. I was here before and i was a female, my name is Remiel, Kayralae and Israfel, i'm the only male who is a female, so your mistaken, you'll see.

War makes room for growth…<br />
We are both male and female…. No need to change sex?<br />
It is the GRACE this is missing from both male and female<br />
When we let go of all our maleness… then the softness (grace) in life will prevail<br />
If you alter your attitude now, it will have a flow on effect on all your life times.<br />
<br />
There is no time.... but only NOW.