My Dream:

I've had it more than once... It is a very bizarre dream because I can never remember the context around the key moment, it's all so vague. Except for the main point, it rings and replays itself in my mind all day after I have the dream. For being such a vague dream, the key point is SO vivid and SO real each time:
I am wearing brown leather armor of sorts, intricately engraved and imbued with bronze accents. I have at my side a sword and upon my back a round polished-silver shield. I am storming away from a tall man with long hair and a thick beard, almost resembling a "Christ-like" figure but I know it isn't Christ wearing a long grey robe. I storm away from him like we just had an arguement (but I never remember the arguement) and he shouts to me, GABRIEL, STOP!!!"
I always freeze and turn slowly toward him. "What did you call me?"
But he remains silent and does not answer.
"What did you call me???"I I shout. "Who am I?!?!?"
::end scene::
There is always more to the dream before and after this, but I NEVER remember anything else except this part. Is it just a dream? Or a vision perhaps? I do not know, but I wish I did.
All of this right now is so frustrating, yet so enlightening...
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Jul 4, 2012