Seriously Guys?

The other day a friend pointed something out to me and I've been thinking long and hard about it. There is a lot of IA of here who claim to be demon hunters, huntress, those sort of things. But I want to point out something.
Demons did use to be angels of God, even if they did betray him. Which means they are our brothers and sisters, even if you who are truly IA do not like it. These demon hunters who claim to be IA? Might as well say you like to kill your siblings. Let me set an exapmle. Your country has gone to civil war, you are on the side some of your family is on, the side you have grown with. But your brother one day comes home, packs his bags, and declares he does not agree with the original. Says he wants change.
The war ends, your side wins. A group forms to kill off the rest of the revolutionist, and invite you to join. Your brother is one of the few survivors.
Are you going to go kill him? Hold a pistol to his head? Pull the trigger and let his blood stain your hands? We have no right to judge what our brothers and sisters did. Only God our Father has that right. So stop it! Quit having so much hatred towards them! Instead of wanting to kill them so much, and bring them back to the light. Why can't our fallen brothers and sisters be forgiven? Does God not forgive humans no matter the crime if they repent?
So why cannot we help our family repent as well?
I know there are those fallen who regret what they did. My Twin Flame is one of them, but he's scared. Scared he can't be forgiven. It's IA that claim to be demon hunters that scare those fallen who want forgiveness! Who want to repent! So stop it. It's not our place to pass judgement so grow up and wake up. Quit acting like ignorant little fools, running around with swords and guns hunting down your family.
I know there are also those fallen that do not want forgiveness. Than so be it! When we stand by Jesus side against the four horse men, against Lucifer, and against those who cannot see the light than we shall cut them down. That's when God will allow it, allow us to fight for him. So do not assume every fallen is some horrible being because they all are not.

Ignorance should be called a sin it's self. So do not be ignorant when it comes to your fallen brothers and sisters. Learn of them. Understand them. Help guide them back to our Father.
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Lol, ******* bansheeangel. (Yes seekingthelost, I'm creepin' all up in your stories ;) and just so you know, you'll always have my support, along with Tigirus)

Oh, didn't notice. Sorry for stirring, I just can't stand her.

umm one question do you sin?

... OF COURSE she sins, in what f..ucken world do you live in?

im just saying that angels dont sin they are holy and set apart from humans

... angels sometimes have to fight off temptations as well.

... they were created with free will just like the fallen, but their will to do GOD'S will is stronger.

yes and they do better then we do thats why they are holy

Um, incarnate angels sin, as they are not angels physically- but instead human. Along with being human in this world comes its temptations and trials. Even though we are IA mentally, we still have to fight off the needs of the physical.


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And all you people denouncing this post, Let it be known: God creates, Satan does not, god creates all things, light from dark, but did Not abolish the dark. God, alone, is the maker, the creator, and to assign the devil with the power to create is an ugly lie. To hate, to judge, to condemn the wild beautiful Deep that god made, including darkness and mischief and love and all existence, to chase and destroy, are all attributes of evil, an adversary destroys, hates, and you all of you who denounce me, this person I defend, or any of his creations guilty or not, are accountable for the liberties you are taking to claim exception from the law. God Forbade any man to slay Cain, and was he not guilty?! Because it is not up to You!!! Bow down and know the truth! That which IS will always BE, and nothing you can say ever will change the truth. talk until you are blue in the face. You have been forewarned, and therefore, assuredly responsible for the damages you cause and the actions you take that are God's alone to do. You are mere humans. Know your place.

...You speak of humans as if in the 3rd person, then what are you if not human?

I scrolled through the comments on this thread, tired, almost painful monotony read in the first sentences, so weary am I of this world and people deciding they are this, or wondering if they are that, denouncing this truth while uplifting a Lie, judging others while exalting their own chosen way. Well, you are absolutely right, and reflect in succinct summary, how I, too, feel. Purely on accident did I select your comment to expand, and now I know why. My twin soul and I started believing the same way, but he hails satan while I seek god and that which is most right, for years we went on this way until we spiraled apart, and now, sadly, though I love him more than possible, we are not physically, emotionally, or spiritually together, I left him yet I cry every day for the half that I lost. Do I judge him? No! I do not agree with hailing Satan, very possibly the spirit of ugliness that twisted men's hearts to hurt me as a child; but him, his soul, I love, parts I do not agree with, yet understand. I cannot judge him it is not mine to do, and I forgive him! And if I can forgive him, how much greater is god, who is more? I ask only that which is most right to say, and do, and be. You each should do the same, for our wayward spirits are looking for answers yet we do not be quiet to listen. Instead you glamour and wail against that which you do not understand. I don't even think there should be anyfighting. Only that which is most right to BE, because if it IS,
Then evil has no ground or triumph, and that is the only demon hunting there should be. Trading hate for love and judging for forgiveness. Forgiveness, All.
God Bless the world and All, Amen.

And I meant clamor... My bad lolz

Apparently you haven't seen any demons recently all the ones I've encountered most of the time looked like some kinda monster and have no relation to angels what's o ever. Unless angels also have claws and long teeth not to mention other things. There's actually a big difference between fallen angels and fearal demons.

... what is the difference between fallen and demons exactly?

Well let's see do angels devour the souls of other beings including humans? Do they have a bad temper and would rip someone to shreds using teeth and claws? Do some angels have tentacles with spear like ends or a reptile like head? Do angels sometimes have a armored shell? If the answer is no then those would be a few differences.

Ironically it's this attitude that made me stop following religions. I don't read the bible nor any other book which can be pacted full of lies. Everything I say is from personal experience. I have yet to see any evidence that the christain god even exists same goes for lucifer. If they do exist I highly doubt either of them are what their said to be. If the christain god exists he's probably just a forger that can create beings and worlds. From experience when ever something is created the creation see's it's creator as a almighty being but that doesn't mean it is. I prefer to use my own power rather then than of some deity.

Please refrain from putting words in my mouth I'm not forcing anything I'm just saying the truth. And considering you jumped to conclusions like that means your closed minded and are threatened by anything you don't agree with even if it's the truth.

... No I asked the difference between fallen angels and demons, not angels and demons!

Fallen or not a angel is a angel same weakness's similar attitude same appearance ect just because they become independent doesn't change what they are so I already answered the question you just failed to see it is all.

BansheeAngel, I've been waiting a long time for contact with you again.

Your constant self righteous attitude is disgusting and disturbing. You are not the end all and be all of the world and never will be. Your presence is annoying and obnoxious and you definitely live up to your screen name.

You are a banshee, screaming and wailing, without ever saying anything that truly matters. You need to learn your place or you will never grow or become better.

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I just have to say one thing,

just get your definition of love straight,
love has to do with making people face their mistakes,
helping them to become better people...
and not letting them fall back into self-destructive behaviour......

keep that in mind.

ghostwolf is wise....

but to show them light...
to make them realize the light inside themselves,
that they are too CHILDREN OF GOD,
and can be HAPPY TOO...
if they choose to see it.

many times they SLAY THEMSELVES with the evilness they get involved in... the darkness they choose to WALK IN weighs them down, they are their own worst enemies basically.

Well actually... God doesn't want us to slay demons, so I dunno what gives hunters the right to say that they are with God. and true, I agree with you, but what about the demons who don't want to follow God? I can sent them back to Hell with the Holy Trinity, but I can't turn them. I'm gifted with light and I really know some people who are going to hell for simple things, I wish they wouldn't though.

I'm back.

I like you.... maybe we could be friends? Ha ha ha, I totally agree with you. My boyfriend is a demon, and you have no idea how many of my brothers and sisters in Christ have tried to kill him. Most of the time he just comes to my place and allows himself to be 'cornered', and then I walk into the room because of the commotion and he ducks behind me, confusing his pursuer. Ha ha ha, my prayers of blessing are with you, my friend!

You want to know how to defeat a Demon? Praise God And His Son Jesus Christ right in front of them. Battle Over!


god would like you to think it's as easy as that, but it is not.

yes you are correct everything is both not just all good nor just all evil....but of both everything in this world is made up of can't be with or without the other for everything in life is balanced

the darkness is there to make us grow stronger in the light... likewise SATAN AND DEMONS ARE THERE to make us grow stronger in GOD.

I agree with most of what you said but on some things I have a very different view. Maybe that's because my view on GOD and stuff is a little bit different. I don't believe in the apocalypse as it's written in the bible and actually I don't believe in judgments or sins either. <br />
From my point of view:<br />
<br />
GOD is pure love and light. He/she judges nobody. Not one time. There is a greater wisdom behind it but it would take too long to explain it. So no judgments equals no sins that means no hell or judgement for a mistake.There is just no need for it because everything has a purpose and is part of our learning and incarnation journey on this planet. (This would take another post to explain^^) There is no 'you did it right!' or 'you did it wrong!' Everything is good the way it is.<br />
<br />
Yes, the so called 'demons' are fallen angels. But it just didn't happen on accident. When they fell it was with the greater purpose to fullfill a journey full of learning and evolvement for all: to get 'devided' from God. That's the hardest thing ever. All this pain...<br />
Everything is one. You are once with the people around you and with the demons. If you 'kill' them then you kill yourself and sooner or later the same thing is going to happen to you. That's the law of karma and attraction. <br />
So we are all brothers and sisters. And God is never going to give one of them up. How could Jesus take the sword against himself? They all know about this. <br />
<br />
So, in my opnion: no sins, no judgement, no court of justice, no killing and bloodshed. Someday they all are going to be in the light. A body isn't a whole body if you cut one or two limbs because they got injured and couldn't work properly. There is no thing as death. And how could Jesus 'kill' them and throw them into hell, where they get punished forever? How could he? We are talking about JESUS, guys! The peace and love man ;) 'thou shall not kill'<br />
<br />
People saying they are 'demon hunters'... sorry but that's totally wrong in my opinion. <br />
<br />
WE are the children of the LIGHT<br />
and so are they!<br />
WE are here to bring LOVE to earth and humanity, not war!<br />
WE are here to release the darkness from it's pain<br />
and not to punish it, because a punishment never heals a wound. (or do you think they'll start to love GODESS/GOD if he is treating them like this? Don't you think it would add to their hate ?)<br />
<br />
If a fallen one is not a terrible being, why should we ever punish ourselfs?<br />
<br />
we are talking about ourselfs guys. We are all one.

thanks &lt;3

that's your opinion of course. But I can't worship a God who kills and destroys. I'm a lightworker. In my heart in the deepest places I know the truth. It doesn't have to be your truth, too. But I feel that destruction and injuries are there to be healed and loved. and what is a 'true Christian' anyway? In my opinion Christianity was build upon Jesus words of love. "Love thy neighbour as thyself". But if we believe these words: why shouldn't the 'nephilims' we our neighbours, too? If you love someone like yourself, would you kill and destroy him? How can this be possibly a loving God, someone who gives up on his own children and destroys and kills? How does this make any sense?

I used to believe in this God, too.

Today I'm something like a spiritual neo paganist you could say. I believe in the great Godess and the great God. I believe everything is one. To me it all makes perfect sense and it explains how the world works. And these kind of so called 'new age' things help me to clean up my life from mess and to evolve. :)))

Peace and Love :)

you are wise :-) I knew it!

hahaha thanks xD very much :)

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I agree with what you have to say but I do have a feeling in the back of my gut that there probably already existed beings more demonic than fallen angels. There must be a balance. We cant have much of one side but it is wrong to hunt them down and claim to be superior than demons cuz if we do, we are as bad as demons are. Yeah, demons may not have mercy but dont sink to their level by killing them as well. There ARE other methods of self defense.

Yeah.. Um I'm not wasting my energies with you. Your not gonna listen cuz the world for you is white and black.