Ia's And "children"

First off, please keep an open mind about this, this is what I believe, and I could be wrong and I could be right. Who knows for now, but I just felt like sharing this with people who want to listen and keep an open mind. If people start to say nasty things, I WILL delete this post and report people. That is NOT what this site is meant for.

I have a small group of friends that I have met here on EP, and one night, me and of the my group members were talking about IA's and if they can have offspring. I said I didn't know for sure, then she went on to tell me that she has seen visions of the past, and there was little boy. She told me her heart melted every time she saw him.

Well tonight, I was meditating/talking with a arch Angels, when suddenly I started getting visions of my group members and their true forms children. I believe these children are not born in the same way humans are, but, like Angels and other beings, created from the love and protect of the parents, along with the permission/promise of God/the higher power (however you see it). These children are meant to symbolize the love and passion each set of TF's have.

I was talking about this with of my group members that I saw of her little boy. And she said she didn't think it as possible, because she was here on earth, and if she had a son, she would never leave him. But our mission that we are sent here to do, is even more important the our "personal lives in our true form". I also had a discussion with one professor that I had who is also very spiritual, and he was letting about this "waiting room" idea, of when a person dies, they go into limbo until Christ comes back to pick them up. But time really has no meaning in "limbo" that in human years, it could thousands of years, but in limbo, it would only feel like mere minutes.
I believe that "heaven"/where our true lives come from is like. Time really doesn't have a meaning, and what meaning it has, goes by really slow.

Another of my group members believes she has been through many life times, in order to complete her mission, and feels like she hasn't been "home" it thousands of years. This very well could be the truth. But for her children back "home" it might only feel like weeks.
"Mommy has a really important trip that she has to make, and might gone for some time, but will be back"

That's about all I have to say on this topic for now. I don't know if ALL angels/beings have "give birth", but none the less, its an interesting topic to think about.
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Funny thing is, in the past being my careless, unawakened self, i should have a few children by now, but its never happened, i always said i guess she wasnt the right one to myself, or it wasnt Gods plan or time. I dont think much about it. I love kids though. Maybe his plan for me here on earth doesnt involve me having kids. But whatever it may be doesnt affect me negatively. Everything is in his hands.

Well, when I wrote this story, I really meant that we could have children "back home" . In the heavenly realm. I only know this, because I have seen mine, and few of other IA friends' little ones. After I told my other close IA friends, they thought about it, did some meditations and saw their little ones for themselves! One of them even learned of her little's name!

You are a human while you are on earth. You most certainly CAN have children. I have 4.

I had a dream I was my tf...I wasn't sure intercourse was possible but because of a comment he made I started to wonder more about it and whether they could have children

Interesting :D